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If you're looking for Web Hosting information to guide you in your Web hosting choice or some help with a Web hosting problem, our easy to follow Web hosting guides are here to help.

When you create a website with several webpages, it needs to be stored somewhere on the internet so that viewers can view your website and all its internal pages. An ideal web hosting company provides various web hosting packages and services with which you can store your webpages on their servers so that internet users can access your website from any part of the world.

Whether you are looking to learn more about Web Hosting & Types, Shared Web Hosting, Dedicated Web Hosting, VPS Web Hosting, Control Panels, MS SQL, ASP.Net, ColdFusion and many Other. you are bound to find some real good reading right here.

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  • What Is A POP E-mail Account ?

      What are POP Email Accounts?   A POP Email account is simply an Email box that you can connect to using a Username and Password. This Email address would not be redirected anywhere else... Read More »

  • What Is E-mail Forwarding ?

    Email forwarding is the process of automatically forwarding mail sent to a particular email address to a different email address. You could forward mail from your domain to the email address you have... Read More »

  • Can I upgrade the hardware in my server?

    What is Server Hardware?   An enterprise server is a computer containing programs that collectively serve the needs of an enterprise rather than a single user, department, or specialized applic... Read More »

  • Can I add on more RAM/Disk/CPU without upgrading my entire plan?

    RAM   All hosted applications (Confluence, JIRA, etc.) require a certain amount of RAM. The amount of RAM used depends on a number of variable factors, which include:   1. Amount and dis... Read More »

  • Web Host - Types

    Shared Web Hosting Shared web hosting (also called virtual hosting) is the most common type of hosting service used. As the word implies, shared web hosting means that you are sharing one server (CPU... Read More »

  • Web Host - Features

    Features of Web Hosting   Hosting includes many features, which makes life easy for a site owner. Some of the important features of web hosting are as below:    Database There are... Read More »

  • Web Host - Bandwidth

    What is Bandwidth?   Bandwidth refers to how much data you can send through a network or modem connection. It is usually measured in bits per second, or "bps." You can think of bandwi... Read More »

  • Popular Web Hosting Control Panels

    cPanel or Control Panel   cPanel is the # 1 used control panel in the world. All of our Linux web hosting plans come with the latest version of cPanel.   cPanel is a hosting auto... Read More »

  • Web Host - Statistics, Know Your Website Visitors

    Knowing the who, what, where, and how about your visitors is extremely useful for getting an idea of your user base. More specifically:   Who - By using someone's IP address, it is poss... Read More »

  • Web Host - Uptime

    Web Hosting Uptime – Why Is It Important?   When you have a website and want to host it on the internet, you need a good web hosting service that will suit your website's needs. ... Read More »