301 Redirection Checker

Why use this redirect checker?

Using our redirect checker tool, you can easily troubleshoot link problems and execute intelligence like never before. Besides Troubleshooting Redirect Issues, there are numerous other features this tool brings you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Obviously, you can check any sort of affiliate links in this tool, including Amazon affiliate links. Amazon affiliate links are direct links, but it may happen that you're using somebody else's affiliate code by mistake and don't recognize it, due to which your commission directly goes to somebody else's pocket. You need to check that special code that's embedded in your affiliate link.

So, using the link checker tool is a cool idea to test Amazon affiliate links.

URL shorteners use an HTTP redirect in general, and you can use our tool that prints HTTP responses to figure out the location without actually visiting it or without doing that in a script-enabled complex browser.

Certainly, our tool is perfect for checking links in all browsers, including Chrome. However, a few broken link checker extensions are available, but why increase the load? Why not ensure perfection, as this single tool permits you not just to check the broken links in Chrome, but much more besides that, including redirects.

it depends upon the number of links, but honestly, the tool takes minimal time to check the redirected links from old domain to new, and it's much faster than the manual process.

Clicking a suspicious link is a true no-brainer, and your whole device's data may get leaked by making such a mistake. Why take the risk? However, we do feel curious to tap the link and see beyond sometimes, and we are pretty prone to make the mistake of clicking the link, which we should never. The easier way is - use the link checker tool, which lets you know where makes a particular link points without taking the risk of clicking it.