Can I add on more RAM/Disk/CPU without upgrading my entire plan?


All hosted applications (Confluence, JIRA, etc) require a certain amount of RAM. The amount of RAM used depends on a number of variable factors which include:

  • Amount and distribution of content (pages, issues, attachments, etc.) stored in the application
  • The effect the of caching strategy employed within the application
  • The number of users registered with the application
  • The number of concurrent users accessing the application
  • The plugins installed
  • etc.

If you're setting up a new application, it will run in less than 300MB of RAM. The RAM consumption may vary over time - the rate and size of the variation increase depends on how quickly the factors listed above change.

Disk Space

The amount of disk space used depends on a number of factors:

  • The application being used
  • The number of retained nightly backups
  • The amount of content stored by the application
  • The number of plugins installed
  • etc.

On Shared Hosting service, disk quotas are "soft" limits which you can exceed to an extent, however if you exceed the limits too far you will have to move to a higher hosting band.

On Dedicated Hosting service, disk quotas are "hard" limits defined by the physical disk space on the server. If you find you're running out of disk space on a dedicated server, it can be increased.

You can use free Backup Manager plugin to manage the size of your backups folder and keep disk space usage down.

CPU Total

This value indicates the total CPU speed (based on number of CPUs, number/speed of cores per CPU) available for the hosting band.

It's not possible to give accurate figures for Shared Hosting bands because it depends on the number of customers on the same server and how heavily they are utilising their applications at any given time.

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Anonymous commented 5 years ago
Anonymous commented 5 years ago

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