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  • Do I get email with my web hosting?

    Yes! We offer atleast one email forwarding or unlimited pop3 accounts with all our web hosting packages. Get a business email solution that's a perfect fit. Whether it's one mailbox, 100 or more, hos... Read More »

  • What Is A POP E-mail Account ?

    What are POP Email Acccounts? A POP E-mail account is simply an E-mail box that you can connect to using a Username and Password. This E-mail address would not be redirected anywhere else. POP is... Read More »

  • What Is E-mail Forwarding ?

    E-mail forwarding is the process of automatically forwarding mail sent to a particular email address to a different email address. You could forward mail from your domain to the email address you have... Read More »

  • Email Filtering in Smarter Mail

    Email Filters, known as Content Filter in Smarter Mail, are used to perform specific actions on emails that meet certain criteria. Filtering is most commonly used to remove emails which are considere... Read More »