What Is E-mail Forwarding ?

E-mail forwarding is the process of automatically forwarding mail sent to a particular email address to a different email address. You could forward mail from your domain to the email address you have with your current Internet access service provider. Below is an example: Lets say that you have dial in access account with an Internet service provider the email address of bill@acme.com.au. If you had a domain name of yourcompany.com.au and an email address of bill@yourcompany.com.

Email forwards enable you to have email messages redirected to a specific email account. For example, you can set up the email account sales@yourdomain.com to forward all messages to any email account, for example you@yahoo.com. These forwards can be added or deleted at any time.

Email forwarding is just like receiving mail at an old address and the mailman forwards it on to your new mailbox. You can set up email from webmaster@yoursite.com to go directly to your joe@hotmail.com account. This way you only have to check one email account (mailbox) to receive all your mail.

500 Email Forwards/Aliases

Email forwards/aliases are email addresses configured such that all incoming emails to them, are forwarded to other email address/addresses. A choice of forward/alias can be anything - corporate name, business department, additional nickname, misspellings etc. An email forward/alias can redirect all incoming emails to - one or more email accounts, mailing lists or other email forwards/aliases.

Examples :

  • One of your employees - Mr Jordan - has just left your organisation. You now want to forward all email coming to Jordan to Ms Grace. To do this you can add jordan@domain.com as an email forward/alias that redirects all incoming email to grace@yahoo.com.
  • John's primary email address is john.doe@domain.com. You want all email coming to john@domain.com to be redirected to john.doe@domain.com so that John doesn't need to check 2 different email accounts - you can just add an email forward/alias for the same.
  • You want a copy of all email coming to your sales department to go to each individual working in the sales dept i.e. Emma, Ryan and Evan of which Ryan and Evan have email accounts at gmail and hotmail. To do this you can add sales@domain.com as an email forward/alias that redirects a copy of all incoming email to emma@domain.com, ryan@gmail.com and evan@hotmail.com
  • You want to receive a copy of all emails coming to David's email address without David knowing about the same - you can add an email forward/alias to David's email account such that a copy of all emails coming to david@domain.com are also forwarded to your email address by the mail system.

You can add up to 500 such Email Forwards/Aliases using the email administrator control panel. Each of your email users can also set their own email forwarding options from their web based email interface.

Email Forwarding Features:
  • Email Forwarding from standard POP and IMAP accounts and Secure (SSL) POP and IMAP accounts.
  • Forward from AOL, YAHOO, GOOGLE MAIL, HOTMAIL, MSN etc.
  • Forward to any email address or mobile text message device such as cell phone, iPhone, pager, PDA, or Blackberry.
  • Email forwards are retained on your originating checked account. Deleting after email forward is an option.
  • Forward email from multiple accounts to multiple destinations.
  • Change your subject "4pm project meeting" to something like "WORK: 4pm project meeting" so you can determine where the forward was originally sent. This is very useful when forwarding several accounts to one place.
  • Include attachments by default or bounce the emails without the attachments.
  • Use a non-standard port for your POP or IMAP server.
  • Custom solutions are available. Not sure if we can do what you want? 
  • (IMAP Only) Mark forwarded messages as read or choose to leave them as unread.
  • (IMAP Only) Forward all messages or only messages that are unread.
Some of the other features of your Web and Email Forwarding account.
  • Modify Email Forwarding, live updates means you don't have to wait for your change to take place.
  • Forward Email from a sub-domain of your main domain.
  • When someone write to an email address at your domain, have the system send an auto-reply to that message.
  • Forward Email straight to the server bin, great for junking them spam replies from search engine submission programs.
  • Modify Web Forwarding, change where your domain name is pointing at anytime, instant updates mean your site can stay online even when you change where it's hosted.
  • One-way and Intelligent Forwarding for your main domain and sub-domains.
  • Add sub-domains to your main domain.
  • Holding Page, if you're not ready to use your domain forwarding straight away, set-up a holding page for it. You can even put up a notice to tell people when it will be online or even that this domain may be for sale.
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