Do I get email with my web hosting?

Yes! Most of the hosting companies offer at least one email forwarding or unlimited pop3 accounts with all their web hosting packages.


Get a business email solution that's a perfect fit. Whether it's one mailbox, 100 or more, the hosting company guarantees secure and reliable email hosting. 


You can count on 99.99% uptime, data centers with 24/7 surveillance, biometric access, redundant networks, and power supplies, plus disaster recovery and nightly data backups. Choose from Microsoft Exchange or POP3 email only plan.


Each company provides different types of email accounts with different types of web hosting.


Some companies provide 50 or more POP3 email accounts plus SiteMail, which provides Web access to your email account. 


You also get spam and virus filters, unlimited forwarding, 250 MB or 500 MB or 1 GB, and more storage and more starting at just the cheapest rate for many accounts.


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Email Features with hosting services:


1. Number of Addresses


2. Total email storage


3. Webmail


4. POP3 / SMTP accounts


5. Unlimited monthly data transfer


6. Unlimited email forwarding


7. Unlimited aliases and autoresponders


8. 99.9% network uptime


9. spam and virus protection


Web-Based Email Features:


1. Intuitive User Interfaces

Webmail consists of "Advanced" interfaces for both IE and Mozilla/Firefox that look like traditional desktop clients and utilize the latest technologies. A light-weight "Simple" interface is also provided for access via any browser.


2. Superior Online Address Book

Need a phone number but don't have access to your computer? Store your contacts in the private online address book provided with every mailbox, and the next time you are away from your PC or PDA, you can still get access to that information via any web browser.


3. Calendar / Task List

Create and manage your appointments, tasks, birthdays, meetings, conference schedules, events, anniversaries, etc., in your own personal calendar. Set up automatic reminders for all important tasks and dates. Access this information from anywhere, anytime.


4. Unique Tab-Based Email Browsing

Email messages can be viewed using a unique tab-based interface that allows for quick and easy navigation of messages without requiring multiple windows to be open.


5. Folder Management

Messages received by webmail can be moved among folders for sorting and archiving purposes. New folders and sub-folders can be added and deleted, allowing users to categorize and organize messages. These same folders can also be accessed via IMAP and vice versa.


6. 'Drag and Drop' Messages

Unlike conventional web interfaces, you can simply 'drag and drop' messages into the desired folder to move the same.


7. Full HTML Email Support

Webmail supports HTML email messages, allowing users to receive attached pictures, multimedia content, and data contained in email messages. Users can also compose html email messages and attach files to outgoing messages.


8. Message Templates

Commonly known as "stationery." The new Message template Wizard allows users to add images and enhanced HTML formatting to outgoing messages. After generating a template, the source HTML can be edited manually.


9. Sorting & Searching

Messages contained in any folder can be sorted by Subject, Date, or Email Address. Users can also search their mailbox for messages containing matches of the user-specified string, allowing quick and easy access to stored email.

10. Mail Encryption [PGP]

Keep your mail private by enabling mail encryption. Options range from commercial to military-grade encryption (4096 bit) for outgoing email messages. Messages can be automatically signed with your public encryption key, allowing others to send encrypted messages to you.


11. Change Passwords

All users can change their own passwords using the webmail interface without getting in touch with the email administrator.


12. Email Forwarding

Each user can forward a copy of all incoming emails to one or more other email addresses.


13. Auto-Responder / Vacation Message

Each user can add, delete and modify their own auto-responder from their webmail interface. Enabling the auto-responder would result in an automatic reply being sent out by the email system as soon as an email is received for that specific email address. Auto-Responders are commonly used for the following:


  a. Vacation Messages: Notifying anyone that sends an email to this address that the user to whom this email was sent is currently out of office/town. For example - "I am currently out of the office and have limited access to email. I will be back on Friday, 5th Oct. In case of any urgent work, you may contact Mr. John Smith at (123)-123-1234 in my absence."


  b. Delivery Confirmations: Notifying anyone that sends an email to this address that their message has been received. For example, an auto-responder for a sales email address - "Thank you for your email. This is to confirm that your message has been received by us. We will be replying to you shortly."


14. Auto-Responder Features:


  a. Ability to draft the response in Plain Text or HTML


  b. Ability to attach the original mail


  c. Ability to automatically disable the auto-responder on a particular date


  d. Ability to limit the number of auto-replies sent to the same email address. This can be quite useful - for example - if you have enabled a vacation message and receive an email from Mr. X; then the email system would send back an auto-response which states that you are currently out of office. 


   If Mr. X sends you another email on the same day, there is no point sending the same auto response again as he already knows that you are out of the office.


  e. Built-in Protection against Mail Loops. Our auto-responders ensure that infinite mail loops are blocked. Mail loops could get created in cases such as an auto-responder sending a reply to another auto-responder.


  f. Automatically detects emails from mailing lists and does not send an auto-response to such mails.

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