What Is A POP E-mail Account ?


What are POP Email Accounts?


A POP Email account is simply an Email box that you can connect to using a Username and Password. This Email address would not be redirected anywhere else. POP is the abbreviation for the term "Post Office Protocol."


POP (Post Office Protocol) is a standard protocol for receiving email. POP is a client/server protocol in which email is received and held for you by your Internet server. 


Periodically, you (or your client email receiver) check your mailbox on the server and download any mail. The mail is stored on a server until you pick it up with your favorite email program (Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, etc.) 


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POP email is built into Internet products such as the Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. Microsoft Outlook Express is a popular one.


With POP email, the incoming email is stored on your virtual server until you want to retrieve it. You’d retrieve your mail by signing into your POP email account. Most web hosts will offer a webmaster@yourdomain POP account which can receive all email and control the settings for any optionally configurable POP accounts. 


If your web host offers additional POP email accounts, they can be assigned unique IDs and passwords to ensure privacy.


All hosts should provide a minimum of one POP email account. If you want to have email capabilities from your web hosts, it’s a standard feature. Most web hosts will offer a specific amount of POP email accounts with their hosting package. 


One email account is sufficient if you will only have one individual maintaining the site. You would have an email address, such as [email protected]. However, if you would like to have two people accessing email from your domain, such as [email protected] and [email protected], you will need a web host that offers two POP email accounts, etc.



What are POP and IMAP email accounts and how can you create them? 

POP & IMAP email accounts store email on the server in a mailbox. You can download your email from the server using a POP-enabled email program or read your email directly on the server using an IMAP-enabled email program or our webmail feature.


To create an email account, do the following:


  1. log in to your control panel

  2. select the domain name for the email account you want to create

  3. select “Mail.”

  4. select “Add New Mail Account.”

  5. enter desired mail name

  6. enter the desired password and confirm the password, then select “OK.”



How do you configure an email program for a POP email account? 


For your incoming server use:

server name: yourdomain.com

server type: POP3 server

username: your-username

password: your-password

port: 110

authentication: password


For your outgoing server, use your ISP’s SMTP settings. Your ISP is the company that you use to connect to the internet. While it may be possible to use Laughing Squid’s SMTP mail server, the practice could be disallowed by your ISP.


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