Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

When you send an irrelevant email to a subscriber, there is a 60% chance that your email will get deleted immediately. A total of 27% of people will unsubscribe from your brand, and 23% mark the email as spam. So, the more irrelevant or inappropriate emails you send, the more you displease a possible customer.


If you are selling a product/service, an email campaign is an efficient part of an overall marketing strategy. Due to the constant use of the internet, email marketing has become a modern necessity for most businesses.

Email Marketing is one of the best mediums that builds stronger relationships with users.

As per the latest study by Statista, Global email users will reach up to 4.3 Billion by the year 2023 and it is one of the most important reasons to choose email marketing for any business. Also, it gives a high ROI (Return or Investment).

81% of small business owners depend on emails for acquiring new primary customers. The above statistics are evidence that a standard email marketing campaign can help your business to increase revenue.

However, many organizations make repeated email marketing mistakes that are holding back their ability to do more. Even a minor marketing mistake can create major blunders in your organization. If you are managing an email marketing campaign for your organization, then the following includes a few of the errors that you need to avoid this year in 2020.

Not Welcoming New Subscribers

Suppose, you just added a new subscriber to your email list. Since this user is a new subscriber of your brand, it would be beneficial to communicate and build trust with the new potential customer. However, you accidentally let this one slip under the cracks and do not even acknowledge this new subscriber. It is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in email marketing.

The welcome email needs to be sent after a user signs up to receive your emails. The first step is to acknowledge potential customers and bring exposure to your products or services, as it gives you the highest open rates compared to other email categories. Potential customers are easier to obtain with a personalized welcome email message.

As per the recent survey, welcome messages have 86% more clicks than other promotional emails. If you are looking for new subscribers to get engaged with your emails, the first message to your new subscribers should always be welcome.


Non-Segmentation of Email Databases

It is always found that email marketers are not making segmentation of their subscribers and relevant information.

A database is helpful in that it can segment topics, such as sorting subscribers by demographics or a particular category within an industry. It is difficult for the email marketer to send relevant content in case there is no segmentation of their subscribers.

If you send the same email in the same format to every single subscriber, then you may face an increase in unsubscription, spam report, and disengagement with your customers.

Segmentation helps you send relevant content to each of your subscribers. It also helps you to tailor an email to a specified group and deliver a personalized message, which engages additional potential customers and overall sales.

Not Integrating Social Media Buttons

It’s a clear fact that social media is a modernly effective way to attract new clients and convert them into new customers. Social media helps build up customer loyalty and brand recognition.

As per the GetResponse, emails with social media buttons had a higher click-through-rate (CTR) of 158% than emails without social media buttons.

The integration of social media buttons on your emails makes it easy for the subscriber in case they want to share your organization on their own social media channels. It is also a convenient way to communicate and get connected between the organization and the customer relationship.

Sending Too Many Emails

Sending too many emails can easily frustrate your subscribers. An average person in an organization receives around 121 emails per day. It also averages out to more than 44,000 emails in a year, where 46.4% unsubscribe due to receiving mass emails. No wonder that receiving too many emails is another big reason for your customers to unsubscribe from your email list.

A solution to this issue is to allow the subscriber to set up their preferences through a set of options. Ask them for a communication frequency weekly or daily etc, and what type of messages they prefer when they sign up.

Focusing on the Number of Subscribers

To some, it may not seem worthwhile to send email newsletters to just a handful of customers. But do your subscribers feel that they are important to your company or just a number in your sales list?

The most effective emails are those that have a personal and friendly quality. Rather than focusing on how many new subscribers you can add, take advantage of the smaller number and personal engagement. When you have a smaller audience, it is easier to compose your emails more naturally and effectively.

Emailing at Irregular Intervals

Sending emails at irregular intervals is one major mistake that many organizations must avoid preventing confusion and forgetfulness.

Make it a habit for your organization to send emails at regular intervals. An example of this could be sending newsletters once a month. Reliable email sending produces excellent open and click rates when subscribers receive your emails regularly. It also generates more chances that your subscribers will come to expect and may even look forward to your email updates.

Not Optimizing Email for Mobile Users

Did you know that 48% of people access their email account through mobile devices? If your email is not well-optimized, there is a 69% chance that your email will be deleted within three seconds.

If you have a well-managed, personalized email with an attention-getting subject line but it’s not mobile optimized, then this will be a disadvantage from receiving more subscribers.

When you send an email, make sure it’s well-optimized and mobile-friendly. Keep your message simple and content laid out in short paragraphs.

To optimize your emails for mobile keep these things in your mind.

  • Use a short subject line
  • Don’t use the call to action in the image
  • Keep your image size small
  • Use clear CTA (call to action)
  • Test on multiple mobiles before launching the campaign

Emails Not Concentrating on the Product

As being an Email Marketer, you will market your product/ services whatever your organization provides. It should thoroughly explain the details or the configuration of the product/services to your subscriber.

A well-mannered explanation is about explaining the features and characteristics. The focus should be on the product/service, which can be beneficial to the Customer.

As other email marketers give their best to increase their subscribers’ base by offering the best content in their email marketing campaign, your emails should also explain why your product/services are beneficial to your subscribers and why they should go for it.

Not Removing Inactive Subscribers

If you are part of a company with an established email marketing campaign, you are likely to have many subscribers on your subscription list. You can keep track of who opens and reads your emails, responds to follow-ups on time, and has an overall loyal and trustworthy relationship between the company and customer.

On the other hand, mixed into this list includes subscribers who do not read or open your emails, or engage with your company in any way. These subscribers may even consider you as spam, but do not use the “unsubscribe” button within these emails.

It’s better to clear out your email list and get rid of the subscribers who have no interest in engaging with your organization. It is imperative to clean your email list, as these subscribers will bring your click rates down and will affect your overall email deliverability.

Sending an Unprofessional Message

As an Email Marketer, your goal is that a subscriber lands on your website and makes a purchase, the first step is to compose a professional email for your email campaign. As an Email Marketer, a professional message reflects about you and your organization. The professional content increases your trustworthiness and loyalty with your subscribers.

Professional emails are composed for various reasons, like if you want to exchange information, important updates, or even for a letter of introduction.

So, what does a professional email look like? When you want to create a polished and professional email, you should keep the following critical points in mind. Avoid errors by using these tips. Be sure to confirm there are no errors before you hit the send button.

Tips for Professional Messages

  • No spelling or typo errors
  • Verify spelling, punctuation, word choice, etc. with editing software.
  • Proofread twice.
  • Avoid improper formatting.

It may seem time-consuming to some, but checking over your work is necessary. A company’s email content reflects on you and your organization, whether it is positive or negative. Take the extra step and ensure your work attracts customers instead of deterring them.

Not Offering an Opt-in Offer

Sign-up boxes help you convert visitors into a subscriber, but how do you keep a subscriber?

So, here is where you offer an opt-in. When a customer allows an opt-in, then you get the freedom to keep him informed about your organization, upgrades, special deals, or anything that may attract your subscribers.

When presenting an opt-in offer, always send an offer that can quickly get customers’ attention. Avoid posting content that is over-the-top or complicated. It saves time and surely it will not frustrate your subscribers.

Conclusion: Do Positive Email Marketing Practices a Priority

Email marketing should be a priority for almost any organization, as this is a modern and convenient medium to reach out to your target audience. However, email marketing is only beneficial when you compose the messages correctly and adequately.

All of these mistakes that have been mentioned are commonly made, but these are all relatively easy to correct. If you check your work, format correctly, segment your subscriber list and keep your messages relevant among the many other tips reviewed, you and your organization will see a continued increase in not only subscribers but relationship building with your customers as well.

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