What if I want to upgrade my Web Hosting Plan?

You can upgrade at any time to a higher-level Service Plan. Those utilizing the TurnKey Shared Hosting service can upgrade to any other service plan at any time without cost. 


Those on private dedicated TurnKey Mail servers can upgrade to higher-end dedicated servers, that provide more ram, CPU, disk space, and bandwidth (all applicable setup and service fees do apply).

Upgrade Hosting Plan


If you decide to upgrade your account to a different A Better Server hosting plan, a new setup fee will be required. Your renewal date will always stay the same.


Changing Servers


Upgrading your account will most likely require moving your account to a different server. In this case, confirm that you and your client have read the following notes carefully to upgrade your account. It will take five to six business days to become effective.


1) Moving your account to a new server will require that your domain name point to a new IP address. 


As a result, the hosting company's DNS records will need to be updated to reflect the new IP number, which will result in a propagation delay as this new information propagates across the Internet. 


To ensure a seamless transition of your site to the new server, you will need to maintain two copies of your site (one on the old server and one on the new server) for a period of approximately 5 to 6 days, or until the new DNS information is fully propagated across the Internet.


2) If you are using "hit" counters on your web pages, the counters will be reset to zero. Third-party counters may be unaffected, be sure you change the links.


3) If you are using the secure processing feature (SSL) and you do not have your own Verisign certificate, you will have to change the server number when referencing the secure server in your HTML as described in SSL instructions.

4) If you have installed any custom scripts that reference the server upon which your account currently resides, your links will need to be updated; 


please read the hosting company's support document for more information about marketing scripts server independence.


Send the above information via e-mail to the hosting company so your account will be upgraded within a short period of time.


To upgrade the Web Hosting Package of any hosting company:


1.Log into Account Manager 

2.Click on the Hosting Package that you want to upgrade


3.Click on the Upgrade Package button

4.Click on the Buy Now button under the Hosting Package to which you want to upgrade


5.Review your order, then click on the Proceed To Purchase button


6.If requested, type your credit card and billing information in the text boxes


7.Click on the link to read the Network Solutions Service Agreement and when completed, select the check box, then click on the Submit Order button


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