Can I upgrade the hardware in my server?

What is Server Hardware?


An enterprise server is a computer containing programs that collectively serve the needs of an enterprise rather than a single user, department, or specialized application. Historically, mainframe-sized computers have been enterprise servers, although they were not referred to as servers until recently. 


As smaller, usually UNIX-based servers and Wintel computers have become faster and have been provided with enterprise-wide program management capabilities, they have also been referred to as enterprise servers. 


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In this usage, an enterprise server is both the computer hardware and its main software, the operating system. Examples are Sun Microsystems' computers with their UNIX-based Solaris or Linux.


You can easily upgrade the hardware in your Dedicated Server through our highly trained sales staff, which will help you get the performance boost you may need as your e-business begins to grow.


Hardware requirements


Hardware requirements for the VPS host system to a great extent depend on the number of virtual servers to be installed and on the tasks they perform.

Consider the basic configuration:


1. The basic Virtual Private Server installation (using base Linux RedHat 7.3 installations RPMs) requires ~500-550 MB of disk space. This includes a shell, cron scheduler, OpenSSH support, mounting support, random generator, Perl, and some more.


2. So if you install 10 VPSs, you need at least 5-6 GB disk space. If you use VPS for hosting and wish to install Web, FTP, DNS services, or database support, you need to reserve more disk space for this.


3. The basic VPS installation requires ~10 MB RAM. But, in fact, a virtual server usually takes less memory. Therefore, setting the system memory size, you need to consider what services would run on a particular VPS.


4. Restrictions on processor type and frequency are too approximate. Let's say PII 450MHz will be the starting point if you need to have at least 3 virtual servers, but actually, the CPU may be even less powerful.


Hardware decisions go hand in hand with operating system and application server software choices.


Companies should consider:


– Speed -- A fast server is better than a slower one


– Internal and external traffic to occur on the server


– Scalability of the server hardware


– MS Windows NT Server; MS Windows 2000 Server edition; Linux, Unix

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