What is the difference between a VPS server and a Dedicated Server?

Difference Between VPS Server and Dedicated Server

In the worldwide web, there are actually different types of hosting services which you can choose from. As a matter of fact, the two popular types of hosting services are the dedicated servers and VPS. Furthermore, the world of internet is already facing an issue which has something to do with dedicated servers vs. vps.

In order to see the difference between dedicated servers vs. vps, you have to know if what those servers are for. Dedicated servers are intended for clients who have huge websites which also have high traffics. This server is preferable because of its bandwidth as well as performance. In point of fact, most web hosting companies which offer dedicated server are more established and large, compared to any other hosting companies.

Dedicated Server

More Reliable
Whole Hardware is dedicated to You
No Expansion need for the long term
70-100 domains


Not as Reliable (As domains increase Reliability may take a fall)
Still sharing with up to 10 Customers. This service is good for hosting a more limited number of domains.
To Expand becomes very expensive
More scalable than a dedicated server
20-30 domains

* VPSes run based on shared hardware resources (Vs. shared web hosting where you also share software resources with everyone, meaning, software crashes caused by other clients will affect you). With a dedicated server all of the hardware resources are dedicated to you.

* Your expansion costs are also much lower on dedicated servers.

* If you decide to do web hosting, our Corporate VPS package can host up to an average of 30+ domains (Depending on the load of websites), without any shortage, whereas on a minimum package of dedicated server you can host up to an average of 100+ domains.

* The cost of Plesk licenses is much cheaper on VPS packages.

The difference between vps and dedicated is that with dedicated you are the only person with files on the server. VPS is a virtualization environment where everyone gets root access inside a virtual machine, but there are multiple people with these VMs on one given physical server. If you are comfortable managing your sites in a VPS as root, then it won't be any more difficult to manage them on a dedicated server. 

Virtual Private Server (VPS, also known as VDS or Virtual Dedicated Server) hosting is an ideal solution for users who need more power and flexibility than a shared hosting account can offer, but need a low cost alternative to a Dedicated Server.

VPS hosting solutions are virtual servers functioning within a single physical server. Thus multiple Virtual Environments (VE's) are operating on one the server at any one time. This does bring about greater user customisation and performance of service delivery when compared to shared hosting, however dedicated servers still boast the fact that all resources of the server are available for the user to fully customise and employ however they should wish.

Hosting of Dedicated server is a better variant for those, who would need reliable and stable solution for large web projects or aplications.

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