Best Windows VPS Hosting in 2020: You Can’t Resist!

If highly available, and highly reliable website is what you’re planning, then you can’t roll on without a highly reliable, low cost and best Windows VPS hosting plan.

If you have ever tried to compare even 2 of such services, you’d be knowing how confusing those technical features/specs are!

We’ve compared a total of 308 of these, and we know you’re blown! Obviously, we’ve gathered tons of data, testing all plans in real life, and after that, we’re here to recommend the ultimate 5 choices!

These will make your website win the trust and hearts of the clients!


1) Accuwebhosting Review {A magical Windows VPS hosting plan at $10!}

Out of 306 hosting plans that we put into comparing, the Windows VPS Hosting – Opal plan (@$10.00) emerged as the ultimate choice, because of it’s a mind-blowing overall score.

When you read the features’ list of this plan, we’re sure that you’ll have a double look at it. At the first look, you won’t believe that you can achieve such convenience only at $10!

We’re here to share everything about this particular $10 Windows VPS hosting plan. We’ll you know what’s so magical about this plan!

Feature Accuwebhostin Opal ($10.00/Month) VPS Basic Plan($14.90/Month) Custom Windows ($28.92/Month)
Remote Desktop Access 🙂 🙂 🙂
Storage 40GB (Pure SSD) 25GB (Partial SSD) 20GB (Pure SSD
Dedicated IP 🙂 🙂 🙂
Bandwidth 500GB Unlimited 1TB
Control Panel SolidCP Control Panel X X
Hyper-V Virtualization 🙂 🙂 🙂
Speed A++ A A
Fully Managed plan 🙂 X X
Money Return 7-day X 14-day
Overall Score 77% 56% 45%

Before selecting any web hosting plan, the very first thing to check is “your requirement.” It might happen that you get attracted to a certain hosting plan, with “everything so amazing’ about it, but one “not that good/not enough” sort of feature leads to the downfall of your website’s performance!

Then you keep struggling with that!

Certain occasions arise when you come across a hosting plan, that’s “too shiny,” but later, you find yourself tangled in terms, conditions, cost complexity, etc.! Then you curse yourself!

The Windows SSD VPS Opal Plan from Accuwebhosting has proved to fulfill the requirements of a huge percentage of clients. Thus, customer reviews are tremendous.

In short, this plan has got everything you need! Shouldn’t we go in detail?

Best Windows VPS Hosting

Features that will blow you!

You already found the features’ list on the Top Windows VPS Providers page, right? So, rather than repeating that, we’ll put light on each feature, and explain how that particular feature assists you. Won’t that be pretty cool?

Speed, that’s hard to believe!

All of us want high speed for our website as if your website’s loading speed is below par; all your hard work goes in vain!

Thankfully, the speed provided with this Windows VPS hosting plan by Accuwebhosting, on all of its plans is double-awesome! With the $10 Windows VPS hosting, which we are discussing here, the numbers for uploading/downloading speeds make you check them twice!

768.8 Mbps is the upload speed, while the download speed measured 811.36 Mbps in our testing. No competitor is close to those numbers. No matter what sort of site you own, this much speed can give a tremendous boost to the overall performance (including SEO and user experience).

For those looking to kick off an e-commerce site or movies/episodes downloading site, no other plan can assist you better than Windows  VPS hosting Opal Plan from Accuwebhosting.

1 GB RAM & 40 GB Storage (Pure SSD)

What’s RAM, and why does it matter while buying a web hosting plan? RAM memory is similar to a workbench. It’s responsible for storing all the data temporarily and ensuring its availability while running a program/application. RAM stands for random access memory.

In simple words, for non-sequential access, the memory card randomly stores data, and due to this feature, you can access data much rapidly in comparison to the information access’ speed when that info is recorded on the HD.

That directly means that bigger RAM, a web hosting plan is including, faster and smoother your site is going to be. In case your website doesn’t have sufficient RAM to be compatible with the traffic on your website, it’s speed will go too slow, or even inoperable.

With Windows SSD VPS Opal Plan, you enjoy 1 GB RAM, which is certainly appreciable, and 40 GB storage! Higher storage limit also directly increases the website’s speed and performance.

SolidCP Control Panel: Something you highly enjoy with Windows VPS hosting

Now, everybody is not a beginner, right? And, it’s true that most of the mid-level and experienced website owners prefer taking control in their hands.

There’s much to do with the Conrtol panel, and many folks feel inconvenienced when they actually don’t get one with their hosting plan, as they can’t execute various actions on a server when there is a need.

The presence of a C-panel undoubtedly elevates your experience as a website admin; managing a website goes pretty challenging without a C-Panel. Again, Accuwebhosting wins hearts by providing the SolidCP control panel with its Windows SSD VPS Opal plan.

However, you can certainly install a control panel in case your host isn’t providing it, but for that, you either need to hire a technical person for the same, or you must have many skills for doing that by yourself.

Oh man, It’s a fully managed plan!

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t prefer a managed plan! After all, who doesn’t love convenience? Now, what’s the importance of this particular feature?

In simple words, if you’re got a fully managed VPS hosting plan, there won’t be any need to hire technical experts for permitting you to focus on your business’ core aspects. We would prefer an in-depth explanation regarding how a fully-managed plan makes your life easy!

1) Enhanced Security

We count security as the biggest benefit you get with Fully managed VPS hosting providers, and as they are fully loaded with next-generation tools for fixing security issues, you never have to bother in that department.

Furthermore, they install a security mechanism, which safeguards your website from various phishing attacks and viruses. If you own an unmanaged Windows VPS hosting, you’ll need to spend for installing firewalls, upgrading security tools regularly, etc.

2) Round-the-Clock Technical Support

Running a website isn’t butter on bread! You fall into critical situations many times, and high chances are there that you don’t know the cure of such pathetic situations. You need a nice and friendly technical support for this.

In case you face software-related snag or hardware failure, you can ping the 24 x 7 technical support, consisting of various experts, that solve issues in no time! We tested Accuwebhosting’s technical support by pinging them to solve some glitches, failures, etc.

The way they assisted us was super admirable! So, if you face issues after acquiring the $10 plan form accuwebhosting, you’ve got their round-the-Clock technical support at your service!

3) Enhanced Server Monitoring

Server’s monitoring is certainly crucial, and getting regular server monitoring is a huge benefit with a fully-managed web hosting plan. They ensure on-time detection of vulnerabilities and anomalies and stop them before they expand into major failures, which can certainly affect your business.

As you are getting regular scanning (that covers everything) from Accuwebhosting, your site will perform at its best!

4) Cost-Effective Solution

One cannot run a website without proper server management. If it’s not included in your hosting plan, you end up shedding good money on hiring professionals.

Services from managed web hosting plans, such as the Windows SSD VPS Opal Plan from Accuwebhosting is much economic as you get comprehensive solutions for all issues, which eliminates the expert hiring, and money spending process.

Unmanaged hosting plans certainly look cheaper and attractive, but they hide numerous additionally hidden costs. We need to thank Accuwebhosting for providing a fully managed plan at the price of an unmanaged one, most importantly, without hiding any hidden costs!

5) Automated Back-Ups

Your service provider facilitates regular automated back-ups if you’ve acquired a fully-managed VPS plan. Regular backups permit you the flexibility of testing certain things on your website, without bothering about any loss.

It also helps whenever some files, docs, etc. get deleted undesirably, and you cannot afford that loss. If you have Windows SSD VPS Opal Plan from Accuwebhosting, and you by mistake deleted some stuff from your website today, you can simply restore everything from yesterday’s backup! In short, you avoid data-loss.

Windows VPS hosting Opal Plan @$10: Let’s seal this deal!

Undoubtedly, it’s the best VPS hosting at this price! Pointing out negatives in this particular ultra-cheap and the supremely dependable plan was next to impossible.

Regarding convenience, this plan deserves a solid A+ from all aspects, whether it’s the regular backup facility, timely audits, presence of C panel, or the speed!

If you acquire this plan, we can bet that you won’t face even a piece of inconvenience! However, it won’t happen; still, if you find something against your expectations, just claim your money back within 7 days!

The bottom line is – The Windows SSD VPS Opal Plan from Accuwebhosting is King Alexander among all other plans – the undefeatable one!

2) Review (Windows VPS Hosting Plan really worth $14.90?)

In our comprehensive guide for the Top Windows VPS Hosting Providers (We put 308 windows vps plans into comparison), The VPS basic plan form sealed the second spot among all 308, and getting a second-best overall score of 56 after Accuwebhosting’s plan, which scores insane 77%!

This plan costs $14.90 higher than the one from Accuwebhosting, but the question is, “is it really worth it?”

To quench your curiosity, we’ve narrated this Shinjiru review, focussing on their basic plan, and letting you know what’s there to enjoy!

So, what’s the return of paying $14.90 per month here? Let’s dig it deeper!

Feature VPS Basic Plan ($14.90/Month) Accuwebhostin Opal ($10.00/Month) Custom Windows ($28.92/Month)
Remote Desktop Access 🙂 🙂 🙂
Storage 25GB (Partial SSD) 40GB (Pure SSD) 20GB (Pure SSD
Dedicated IP 🙂 🙂 🙂
Bandwidth Unlimited 500GB 1TB
Control Panel X SolidCP Control Panel X
Hyper-V Virtualization 🙂 🙂 🙂
Speed A A++ A
Fully Managed plan X 🙂 X
Money Return X 7-day 14-day
Overall Score 56% 77% 45%

This is an economic plan, and many newbies and intermediates will find it a nice and comfy plan for their websites. However, a few folks won’t be happy enough with what they are getting!

The question stands – is it really worth $14.90? 

The straightforward answer is – YES, but we’ve got much to explain (especially the negative portion). Better stick to this expert report, to fully cherish the brighter/darker side of this plan, before paying for it!

We promise, in the end, we’ll provide a better alternative : )

Best Windows VPS Hosting

Features of Shinjiru’s Windows VPS Hosting: Are they really enough?

Regarding features, we’d say that a huge percentage of readers won’t attain full satisfaction after knowing the offerings of this particular plan. 

Unlimited Bandwidth

This seems to be the biggest attraction here. Having infinite bandwidth brings benefits, and attaining such benefits with such a low-cost plan is certainly sweet! But is there something else on the other side? Let’s discuss it! 

Several unlimited hosting plans claim to provide infinite bandwidth and disk space. Generally, a huge number of website owners actually don’t use many resources. Such infinite plans are highly beneficial, as it eliminates the worry of hitting the limits. 

Mostly, recommendations of such plans go under the hood, as no matter such plans carry the “infinite tag’, but ultimately, there’s some limit. Testing the same is very challenging for any expert. 

Discussing the Windows VPS Basic Plan from Shinjiru currently, please don’t buy this plan just by reading “unlimited bandwidth,” as it’s a common perk today!

Keep reading about more features!

Dedicated IP Address

Obviously, a dedicated IP is better in contrast to the shared IP. But what’s the benefit here? Firstly, almost all of the web hosting plans that came in our top 10 recommendations do provide dedicated IP, and there’s nothing too fancy.

Still, as you’re getting benefits with this feature, we need to elaborate for the same. 

Now, for making things simpler, let’s differentiate the dedicated web hosting and dedicated IP. It’s possible to gain a shared IP address, no matter you aren’t using a shared web hosting. In such a case, you aren’t sharing server resources, still sharing an IP address. 

Dedicated IP, as it describes itself, means that you have sole use of your IP. When you type your IP address, you’ll be directed to our website. With a dedicated IP, your server resources are entirely reserved just for you. This certainly raises the costs, and in return, you get higher levels of bandwidth, performance, security, and storage. 

So, with a plan costing you $14.90, getting a dedicated IP is sweet, but not too fancy! 

25GB Storage & 1 GB RAM: Good enough for a Windows VPS Hosting @$14.90?

Undoubtedly, storage is a huge consideration, and even a non-technical person understands what storage space is! However, the bigger question here is – “25GB storage enough?”

We’ll give two answers here!

25GB storage (partial SSD) is something the majority of the site owners would feel enough, but considering the price, 25GB isn’t something best that we came across.

For example, one of the Accuwebhosting’s Windows VPS hosting providing 40GB storage (Pure SSD) with a $10 price, while provides 35 GB storage (Pure SSD) with a plan costing $7/month only. 

Coming to the RAM, yes, 1 GB RAM is something to appreciate, but again, some web hosting plans are beating Shinjiru. For example, Time4vps was hanging on the 8th position in our countdown, still providing 2 GB RAM with a $6.74 plan, and is providing 4 GB RAM with an $11.30 plan. 

What else is good here?

Here, we’ll discuss some more positives with Shinjuru Windows VPS hosting plan. Let’s begin with the operating systems here. Thankfully, Windows 2008, 2012, and 2016 operating systems are all included here! 

65% domain authority score elevates your trust level, while 72% customer rating score does the same. The speed is good enough, though. If you aren’t glad about this plan, Shinjuru has higher plans as well, which means you’ve got flexibility. 

Wait! Read the negatives first!

Here comes the core portion! No matter it’s the second-best Windows VPS hosting plan, but that doesn’t mean that negatives don’t exist here. Keep reading!

No Control Panel

We know that the absence of the Control panel will bother many of you! The same words fall right for the website owners of all levels. Due to the absence of a control panel, accomplishing such tasks goes pretty frustrating, time-consuming, and bewildering.

Fixing and managing permission of the suddenly changed files goes pretty challenging. If you don’t have a control panel, you need to have strong knowledge regarding commands for completing different tasks.

Sometimes, even experts feel helpless when they come across complex functions. Besides that, if you have a control panel, you’ll feel the advantage of that flexibility! For carrying out any task, you won’t have to think twice and thrice. 

The straightforward question is – “why to compromise when better options are available at a cheaper cost?”


Now, what’s actually a self-managed self-managed hosting plan? Well, in straightforward words, you are accepting inconvenience if you’ve planned to acquire a self-managed hosting plan. This means that you won’t get expert support in case you’re stuck with any task. 

That clearly means that either you’ll have to deal somehow, or you’ll have to spend dollars on an expert. You’ll have to look upon the security channel yourselves, as the web host won’t do security audits of your website. 

So, your priority should be going for a fully managed hosting plan so that you can concentrate more on business, rather than the “side stuff.” 

So, does a self-managed hosting plan cost high? 

In most cases, it does, but due to heavy competition, a few web hosting companies do provide this facility with low-cost plans also. How can we not mention Accuwebhosting’s Windows SSD VPS – Opal plan, costing just $10?

No money-back guarantee!

Now, it’s pretty unpleasant whenever you are forced to make a one-time decision! On our list, you were enjoying a “money-back guarantee” with most of the web hosting plans.  

We feel that going with a service providing a money-back guarantee is very important. At least you don’t have to live with something that displeased you!

Windows VPS Basic Plan @$14.90: Should you go for it?

Want a straight answer for that?

Our experts say, “it’s your call.” However, customer reviews till now are good, but when you cherish the negatives, chances are there that you feel pity for your decision after acquiring this plan, especially the non-tech guys, and those who are in favor of saving themselves from additional costs in future. 

On the positive side, the cost is low, scores for customer ratings and domain are both high, and you’re enjoying unlimited bandwidth. 

You certainly can’t foresee the negatives like the absence of control panel, no money return guarantee, and also, it’s a self-managed plan!

The bottom line is: Why not try something like the Opal Plan for $10 from Accuwebhosting, as it isn’t just more feature-rich, but also give a money-return guarantee. If you find something displeasing with that, you can certainly move to a $14.90 Windows VPS hosting plan form Shinjiru.

3) Review: Windows VPS Hosting @$28.92 (How Genuine?)

Today, we’re explaining how well is the popular $28.92 Windows VPS hosting plan from this amazing Croatian web host is doing, and what all is on offer in return! 

This plan sealed the third spot in the Best Windows VPS Hosting Services review, where we compared 308 in total!

It isn’t a small thing, though!

Do you feel that the features don’t impress enough for the price? Can you get a better service? 

Well, we’re here to expand the same topic! 

Feature Custom Windows ($28.92/Month) Accuwebhostin Opal ($10.00/Month) VPS Basic Plan ($14.90Month)
Remote Desktop Access 🙂 🙂 🙂
Storage 20GB (Pure SSD 40GB (Pure SSD) 25GB (Partial SSD)
Dedicated IP 🙂 🙂 🙂
Bandwidth 1TB 500GB Unlimited
Control Panel X SolidCP Control Panel  X
Hyper-V Virtualization 🙂 🙂 🙂
Speed A A++ A
Fully Managed plan X 🙂 X
Money Return 14-day 7-day X
Overall Score 45% 77% 56%

What Are The Appealing Features?

After cherishing the list of features, it was common that you went confused with that price tag. In that list, you found several hosting plans, with similar-looking features!

Man, it’s an expensive plan and looks dull when contrasted with bright hosting plans, such as the $10 plan form Accuwebhosting (that topped our list), regarding value for money.

Let’s describe our experience with this hosting plan, and this report will inevitably help you in deciding! 

Best Windows VPS Hosting


What about speed? Is it really good enough?

When you are spending $28.92 sum per month, you’d certainly look for quicker speed than the competitors. The results of our bulk speed tests with the Custom Windows VPS hosting plan were pleasing, but we’d prefer putting those numbers into comparison. 

The uploading speed is 89.83 Mbps, while the downloading speed measures 97.09 Mbps. The numbers were looking amazing until they met the uploading/downloading speed data of the Opal plan (@$10.00) from Accubwehosting. 

That plan’s uploading/downloading speed is 768.8 Mbps/811.36 Mbps. Now, those numbers entirely overshadow the speed data of this $28.92 plan. 

Money Return guarantee 

Yes, this plan is expensive, contrasting with other basic windows hosting plans that our experts considered. So, money-back guarantee seems “must” here, and thankfully, has not let us down! They provide a generous 14 days money return guarantee with this Windows VPS hosting plan. 

Negatives? Here they arrive!

So, if you feel that you won’t have any bit of inconvenience with this plan, then better you read further!

Hey, it’s an unmanaged plan! Will that affect?

Many newbies don’t know this, and even some intermediates! What’s so fussy with an unmanaged plan? The name itself gives a hint! 

An unmanaged Windows VPS hosting plan means that once you’re acquired, the technical support of the host won’t be assisting you regarding technicalities. Neither you enjoy automated back-ups, nor you enjoy enhanced server monitoring.

Obviously, you can get all that, but yes, with the price tags! You’ll need to spend extra for hiring someone to look upon the technicalities. On the other hand, with the managed web hosting plan, all that hassle is eliminated!

We expected this plan to be self-managed because this plan’s price tag is bulky!

20 GB (Pure SSD) storage: Is it enough?

The speed of your website is also dependent on how much disc space is free! If you’ve got a limit, for example, 20 GB, and your website’s data is huge enough to get close to that limit, undoubtedly, your website’s speed will go slow!

So, firstly, analyze your requirement and then choose a plan with bigger disc space so that in case you expand your website’s data in the upcoming time, it doesn’t affect the website’s performance!

Here, you get 20 GB (Pure SSD), and if you feel this much space would be enough, then it’s OK, and if you’re incertain regarding your disc space, then firstly, check the same in your control panel, or you can contact the current host to provide you this data.

However, for the price, we’d repeat, you’re not getting enough. Accuwebhosting is providing exact double storage, with their Windows SSD VPS Opal Plan, costing you less than half!

Absence of a control panel

It is now coming to the control panel. Unfortunately, you aren’t getting one here. This means carrying out many tasks (such as file transferring, entering/eliminating data, arranging data, etc.) will be pretty challenging for you!

In case you’re a beginner, with less or no technical skills, we’d highly recommend going with a hosting plan that does provide a control panel, as that way, there will be much less hassle, and secondly, you’ll avoid extra costs of downloading a control panel additionally. 

Custom Windows VPS @$28.92: The Final Word

Undoubtedly, you’re getting much of convenience here, and even the customer rating score is 73%, but the extra-heavy price tag seems to spoil the scene!

 The feature list appears good, but from a newbie’s perspective, the absence of a control panel, and the self-management factor increase the bulk of the negative side!

Although it’s a cool web hosting plan for advanced-level website owners, still we’d recommend a plan that’s much more convenient for all. 

The bottom line is…

Accuwebhosting’s $10 (Windows VPS Opal) plan is much convenient and attractive, and undoubtedly, you are having a 4X benefit! Firstly, the comfort level is double, and secondly, the price is less than half! 

4) Review: Is their Windows VPS Hosting plan @$28.92 cool?

We’re here to specify How cool is Ewallhost’s Windows VPS hosting plan @$28.92? In our recent Best VPs Windows Hosting Plan report, consisting of 308 hosting plans for comparison,’s PS-WIN1 Plan @$28.92 sealed the fourth spot!

It scored 44% in our in-depth testing (that was a combination of scores regarding features, customer ratings, domain authority, and plan popularity). 

We considered going in-depth here, because there’s a big need!

We’ll explain if you’re paying $28.92 per month, what you’re getting in return! 

We’ll highlight who all will find this VPS amazing for their website, and who all might feel inconvenience. Furthermore, we’ll also describe how the Accuwebhosting’s Windows SSD VPS Opal plan crushed this one in comparison. 

Shall we move on?

Feature VPS-WIN1($28.92/Month) Accuwebhostin Opal ($10.00/Month) VPS Basic Plan ($14.90/Month)
Remote Desktop Access X 🙂 🙂
Storage 30GB (Pure SSD) 40GB (Pure SSD) 25GB (Partial SSD)
Dedicated IP X 🙂 🙂
Bandwidth 2 TB 500GB Unlimited
Control Panel X SolidCP Control Panel X
Hyper-V Virtualization 🙂 🙂 🙂
Speed B+ A++ A
Fully Managed plan X 🙂 X
Money Return X 7-day X
Overall Score 44% 77% 56%

Some cool features

When you’re searching for an economical, yet reliable plan, $28.92 is a huge amount. Yes, the host has provided some tremendous benefits, though, but in our testings and experiments, some negatives popped us as well!

Shouldn’t you know those negatives before acquiring this plan? Wait, let’s explain the positives first. 

Best Windows VPS Hosting


When you purchase a mobile, RAm is among your top considerations, right? The same goes for when you’re acquiring a VPS web hosting plan. As RAM highly affects the site’s load speed, it’s always cool if you’re getting higher RAM. 

Here, it’s 1GB on offer, which, we’d say, is cool enough for most of the low/mid-level websites. Obviously, we aren’t considering huge websites here, as for that, you need to purchase much bigger and expensive plans. 

In simple words, more RAM means more convenience, our top 4 are providing the same limit (1 GB RAM), but considering the price, we were expecting at least 2-3 GB RAM. Just, for example, the Windows V20 plan from costs $11.30, and provides 4 GB RAM!

2 TB Bandwidth

Bandwidth in website hosting depicts the amount of data a website can transfer to the users in a specific time period. Typically, we calculate/sell bandwidth by Gigabytes (GB). Simplifying it further, more bandwidth means more data can be moved from your website.

Obviously, the bigger the website, the higher the bandwidth needs to be. If you need to provide your growing audience enough convenience, you need high bandwidth.

It’s like, for transferring a large amount of water in less time, you need a thicker pipe. Bandwidth is pretty much the same! Is 2TB bandwidth enough for the price? Yes, it is!

30GB Storage (Pure SSD): Good enough for such Windows VPS plan?

Bigger the website, the wider the storage needs to be, and once you know your data’s size, figuring out how much storage you need in your web hosting plan won’t be tough. Always go for extra margin, keeping your future plans into consideration. 

30 GB pure SSD storage, at $28.92, is acceptable, but not something impressive. In our Best VPS hosting plans guide, you can find several plans, costing much low, and providing higher storage than this. The $10 plan from Accuwebhosting promises 40 GB pure storage.

Isn’t that cool in comparison to this plan? 

What are the negatives?

Guys, now focus here!

The very first thing – “no dedicated IP!” We felt like, is that for real? However, you won’t have issues regarding the SSL certification, but still, none of our top-selected Windows VPS hosting pans marked “no dedicated IP” in their feature list. 

Wait, that wasn’t the biggest negative we found!

No control panel

Every single website owner knows the necessity of a control panel. Your admin tasks go breeze with the presence of a control panel, and in the absence of this, you need tons of knowledge for carrying out such tasks. 

Your experience as a website admin without a C panel is pretty dull. In several cases, the presence/absence of a control panel is overseen while purchasing the web hosting plan, and then the client ends up shedding extra money for downloading the same thing additionally. 

Who would prefer inviting such inconvenience, after paying $28.92 per month? 

Oh no! It’s a self-managed plan!

If you own a fully-managed plan, you’ll attain the following:

1) Enhanced Security

2) Round-the-Clock Technical Support

3) Enhanced Server Monitoring

4) Cost-Effective Solution

5) Automated Back-Ups

Unfortunately, you’re getting none of the above, as this plan from is a self-managed one, indicating that you’ll have to do everything manually, including looking for the security, completing back-ups, monitoring the server, etc.!

No money-back guarantee: Let’s cry together!

We mean, you’re paying $28.92 for this Windows VPS hosting plan, and not even getting a money-back promise! It’s a one time (and a very strong) decision. If you face trouble with the plan, either you have to live with it, or you have to take risks of database shifting to some other server. 

We, as web hosting experts, always advise you to try a bit before going on with such strict options. 

VPS-WIN1 Plan @$28.92: The Final Word

The customer rating score is 69% with this windows VPS hosting, but it’s also true that the plan doesn’t stand on some major expectations. The “self-managed” factor is a big negative, and what to say about the absence of the C panel!

In short, experienced website owners might find the VPS-WIN1 hosting plan a good one, but for a huge number of intermediates/newbies, things aren’t that convenient. 

The bottom line is: Isn’t it smart to try Accuwebhosting’s VPS Windows plan, which gives high-level assistance by providing a control panel, and also that plan is fully-managed! 

Even after all that, the cost is $10! That’s crazy!

5) What’s Cool With The V20 @$11.30 Windows VPS Hosting plan

So, what do you expect from a Windows VPS hosting plan costing you close to $10? Obviously, you can form a list on this, but all hosting plans are not as flexible and sweet as the one from Accuwebhosting (Opal plan). 

Well, we’re discussing a cool $11.30 Windows VPS hosting plan from, and it brings some unexpected benefits. 

You’re enjoying 4 GB RAM, and we know that shocked you, but everything comes with some negatives. It’s a self-managed plan!

How does that even affect you? Well, it does affect, and for your knowledge, that effect can be bigger than you think!

Let’s begin revealing now!

Feature windows V20 ($11.30/Month) Accuwebhostin Opal ($10.00/Month) VPS Basic Plan ($14.90/Month)
Remote Desktop Access 🙂 🙂 🙂
Storage 200GB (Pure SSD) 40GB (Pure SSD) 25GB (Partial SSD)
Dedicated IP 🙂 🙂 🙂
Bandwidth Unlimited 500GB Unlimited
Control Panel Plesk Control Panel SolidCP Control Panel X
Hyper-V Virtualization 🙂 🙂 🙂
Speed B+ A++ A
Fully Managed plan X 🙂 X
Money Return 30-day 7-day X
Overall Score 43% 77% 56%

So, What’s Sweet here?

Now here, the domain authority score hits 90%, which was the max among our top 5 choices. Even the plan features score is 58%, but do you think that’s enough? Not at all!

Guys, there are no customer reviews yet. Hence, we took the responsibility to fully understand what all is there with this $11.30 plan, and what’s there on the darker side. 

Exposing the darker side is necessary, remember!

First, we’ll describe what’s good here, thereafter, we’ll flip the coin!

Best Windows VPS Hosting

You’ve got the Remote Desktop Access convenience

If you’re familiar with tools like AnyDesk, understanding the purpose of remote desktop access will be easy for you. In straight words, remote desktop access permits you to view anybody else’s computer’s desktop on your computer. Not just that, it also permits you to move files, open folders, etc. 

Both Macintosh and Windows computers support such remote desktop connections, no matter they’re using distinctive implementations. 

Having this feature highly helps in certain situations, especially during confusions, malfunctions, etc.

4 GB RAM: Now, that’s surprising!

Even those plans, which ranked higher than this plan, we’re moving no way up than 1 GB RAM, but here, getting 4 GB RAM is surprising! Well, having such a huge RAM is always highly beneficial. Yes, that increases the website’s speed. 

The scene is similar to that of a mobile phone purchase! The way a 4 GB RAM phone is better than a 1 GB mobile, you’re enjoying higher convenience with a high RAM hosting plan.

Wait, RAM is not everything! It will be too fast to decide regarding this hosting plan! So, let’s read further. 

Plesk Control Panel for your convenience

The list of benefits of having a control panel is pretty lengthy, and that’s why the majority of the site owners look for this option while purchasing web hosting. 

However, on an overall comparison, the Plesk control panel isn’t as cool as the popular C panel; still, it’s much better than not having a control panel. If you’ve just begun with your website, having a C panel is awesome for you. 

However, a few advanced guys (with tremendous technical knowledge), prefer rolling on without a C panel, as there are a few security loopholes, but we won’t get deeper on that.

Negatives: We know you’re waiting to get these exposed!

On paper, the V20 Windows VPS hosting plan looks unbeatable and promising, but we came across some deficiencies and misses with this plan. We’d prefer one by one explanation. 

Speed: Not something that cool!

Truly, we didn’t expect this! Throughout our testing, we were almost sure that the speed of this plan is going to be tremendous, but the real-life experience was pretty displeasing. 

No matter, for the money, one might not complain regarding this much speed, but still, such negatives become a big matter, in the presence of fierce competing plans, such as the opal plan from Accuwebhosting! 

There, the uploading/downloading speed measures 768.8 Mbps/811.36 Mbps, that too @$10! So, that’s the competition level, and there’s no margin of error when it comes to becoming the top recommendation from our experts. 

So, regarding speed, we aren’t satisfied with this Windows VPS hosting plan!

Self-managed plan: Yes, inconvenience is there!

Straightforwardly, with a fully managed plan (like Accuwebhosting’s Opal plan), there’s a dedicated team from the host, looking for your installation, configuring, setting up the plan, sourcing of server applications, and other such operations.

With a self- managed one, you are your own savior! You’ll have to do everything mentioned above, and many tasks out of them really baffle you! 

So, won’t you prefer other guys to do all the hassle, and concentrate on your business? If it’s so, going with Accuwebhosting’s Opal plan is a better option.

V20 @$11.30 plan: Should you go for it?

On the first impression, the plan looks much better than most of the top-rated plans on our list. However, on going deep, some deficiencies pop-up, which makes you feel concerned, especially the speed. We repeat speed is up to mark, but you can get better!

Of course, you can try it by paying the amount and get that amount back in your pocket within the 30-day trial period, but honestly, this plan shouldn’t be the ultimate choice.

No matter, with Accuwebhosting’s Opal plan, you are getting 1 GB RAM in comparison to 4 GB RAM, but that plan form Accuwebhosting highly dominates in other even more considerable factors, such as fully-managed service, and a better control panel. 

Best Windows VPS Hosting in 2020: The conclusion

The above guide is an outcome of months of dedication from our expert research and analytic team, and this was an enormous process.

We believe in one thing – “why to look for anything else when you already know about the best option?” Here, the best option was Windows SSD VPS – Opal plan (@$10.00) form So, you can undoubtedly grab this wonderful plan, and thank us later for such a tremendous recommendation!

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