Best Dedicated Server Hosting To Trust Blindly In 2020

Today, our hot topic is – which is the the Best Dedicated Server Hosting in current times. Deciding the right hosting option is just one of the first (and most important) decisions you’ll make for your site.

When there are lots of options that are available, none could match the versatility and level of control you will get using a dedicated server.

While owing a dedicated hosting service, you enjoy a service entirely for you. This ensures that no other user has access to your added or utilize the same resources. You get full control, which means it’s possible to ensure your site is secure and performs as perfectly as possible.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the intricacies of the Best Dedicated Server Hosting and take a look at the different types of attractive dedicated servers.

Then we’ll discuss why you may want to think about dedicated hosting and describe how to pick the option that suits you. Let’s begin!


Best Dedicated Server Hosting To Trust Blindly In 2020

Host AccuWebHosting Hostwinds ServerMania Exabytes FatCow
Plan Classic-1 – Vint Hill – USA   2 x X5355 Dedicated Server Single Processor – E3-1240v3-32GB US Linux Managed Dedicated Server – Valu Startup 
Cost $89.00/Mo. $74.25/Mo. $70.00/Mo. $9.90/Mo. $141.59/Mo.
Processor 1 X Intel Xeon E3-1270 v6 (3.8 GHz, 4 Cores, 8 threads) 1 X Dual Intel Xeon X5355 (2.7 GHz, 4 Cores, 8 threads) 1 X Intel Xeon E3-1240 v3 (3.4 GHz, 4 Cores, 8 threads) 1 X Intel Xeon E3 (3.1 GHz, 0 Cores, 0 threads) 1 X Intel Xeon E3-1220L v2 (2.3 GHz, 2 Cores, 4 threads)
Ram 32 GB DDR3 16 GB 32 GB 16 GB ECC 4 GB
Disk Space 2 X 2TB SATA 1 X 1TB SATA 1 X 500GB SSD 2 X 4TB SATA 1 X 500GB SATA
Raid Level Raid 1 Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Raid 1 Not Disclosed
Bandwidth Unlimited 10TB 20TB 20TB 5TB
Port Speed 1 Gbps 1 Gbps 1 Gbps 1 Gbps Not Disclosed
Managed Self Managed Fully Managed – included in price Self Managed Fully Managed – included in price Self Managed
Money Back Guarantee 7 Days 7 Days 7 Days 7 Days 7 Days
Uptime Reputation 100 % 100 % Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 100 %

Whichever servers you choose from below, convenience will always be on your side, and frustration will stay at the bay! We’ve been tracking the following servers since months, and our recommendations are reflections of our experiences. ( Classic-1 – Vint Hill – USA ) $89.00 Review: Best Dedicated Server Hosting #1

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

In 2020, Accuwebhosting is the James Bond of the dedicated server’s world, and their services are unbeatable. If you cherish the list of conveniences and features, you’ll certainly go joyful! 

You can highly trust them, as they can custom configure almost any dedicated server specification you want. The Classic 1 Vint Hill is a tremendous plan, which has unbelievable stuff to offer!

No limitation regarding configurations

When we’re discussing the best yet cheap dedicated server here, the word “limitation” seems irritating, and why not? The majority of the dedicated server providers still impose limitations regarding configurations, but Accuwebhosting doesn’t stand in that queue.

Thankfully, they build their servers onsite at their partners’ datacenter and further provide you immense flexibility concerning configurations. They support AMD and intel based multi-core processors, which prove to be highly beneficial.  

The speed that thrills you entirely.

It’s true that mostly those folks prefer paying for dedicated servers, who are pretty serious with their business. All dedicated servers do provide great speeds, but Accuwebhosting’s plan is tremendous at speed! It’s simply unbeatable. 

Let’s get a bit deeper! No matter you’ve purchased a dedicated server, but if your site is stuffed with CSS and coated with layers of Java Script, then speed will certainly go slow, and you can’t blame the server for that!

Now, if you have a resource-rich and data-rich website, then the performance of Accuwebhosting’s Classic-1 plan concerning speed is even better than several dedicated server plans costing around $150!

Ultra-convenient Hardware Replacement

Generally, for the majority of the small-scale businesses, if the usage of applications goes increasingly inefficient, expensive, and time-consuming, the best step to take is to replace hardware. 

If you want to avoid repair costs and costly downtime, hardware replacement will highly help you. Besides that, you can also avoid business operations disturbances and critical data loss. Thankfully, with Accuwebhosting’s Classic-1 plan, a hardware replacement is an ultra-convenient process. 

High-end sophistication & Tracking

With this plan, Accuwebhosting is providing great features under sophistication, and Tracking, that makes an admin’s life easier!

Bandwidth Usage Reports: Very few people keep an eye on the bandwidth usage, and let’s not forget, if you hit the per month bandwidth usage limit, then the outcome can be fierce. No worries, as you enjoy Bandwidth Usage Reports with this plan, and it’s a cool benefit, though!

Ping Monitoring: Ping monitoring is a vital thing, and it lets you know whether your device is up or down. You can attain a clear perspective of your major devices’ health, and as a return, it assures your network connections’ stability. Free (which isn’t that good) and paid software are available, but better don’t bother! You get free yet perfect ping monitoring for free with this plan!

Remote Reboot: You, as an admin, can troubleshoot issues remotely if you’ve got the Remote Reboot option. You can recycle power to non-responsive systems. That’s highly beneficial in reducing server downtime and avoiding losses. ( Classic-1 – Vint Hill – USA ) – Shouldn’t We Seal This Deal?

At $89, no other dedicated server provider on this globe can ensure this much high level of convenience and dependability. Also, Accuwebhosting has numerous sorts of dedicated plans for you; this is among the widest category in their hosting library. Hence, they’ve got all ideas about meeting your requirements!

Those who acquired this plan were 120% pleased with the service! So, why to shift back, when there’s nothing negative? 

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Score: A+ ( 2 x X5355 Dedicated Server ) $74.25 Review: Best Dedicated Server Hosting #2

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Here’s another cheap yet awesome dedicated server plan from a well-know server – Hostwinds! This fully managed plan arrives with nightly backups available and awesome 24/7 support. It’s the second most unbeatable plan out there, and numerous factors support that. Here, your service is monitored 24/7, and that decreases much of hassle.

Convenient RAID configuration

The defination of Raid is (Redundant Array OF Independent Disks), and with this plan, you’re free to choose its configuration as per your needs. 

It’s a data storage virtualization technology, combining numerous physical disk drive components into a single (or multiple logical units) for performance improvement, data redundancy, and sometimes, both.

 In this particular plan, through RAID 60, you can conveniently select any configuration available for you on the basis of how many disks’ are deployed.

High-level Customization & Fully dedicated resources

You can order a custom-made server depending on the RAM’s amount and CPU(s) type you need. Customizing the among of disks and size is also customization. In short, Hostwinds ensures that you get your server the exact way you order.

Of course, you enjoy fully dedicated resources, and you’ve got full control over every single piece of resource. Full access is ensured to the 1 Gbps network link, and this plan is ultra-safe!

Nightly Backups

Hostwinds is fully concerned regarding the protection of your server’s data. Hence they provide Nightly Backups add-on service. Each night, they perform backups of your server, and they retain those backups for you, as long as you like. You can use any backup at any time you want, as you’ve got the full access!

Tremendous Customer Support

If you’re purchased this dedicated server, you’ll never have to complain about assistance and support! Their knowledgeable support team members are quick at replying in chat, and with the same comfort, you can get your queries solved via phone call also.

Besides that, their ticket system is highly dependable, and once you place your issue over there, they really impress you with the speed and perfection of solving your query. ( 2 x X5355 Dedicated Server ) $74.25: Shall we decide?

Even after ensuring high-end security, great flexibility concerning customization, and presenting you with a cool bundle of assisting features, Hostwinds has kept the price tag of this dedicated server on the “pleasing side!”

Their pace of solving the client’s problems deserves appreciation from all angles. 8 Dedicated IP, Raid 0 protection, humongous Time60 Days Money Back Guarantee, etc. elevate your convenience level. Overall, 2 x X5355 Dedicated Server plan @$74.2/month is a sweet deal! 

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Score: A ( Single Processor – E3-1240v3-32GB ) $70.00 Review: Best Dedicated Server Hosting #3

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Among a wide enough range of dedicated server plans offered by Servermania, we felt highly attracted toward their Single Processor – E3-1240v3-32GB, and low price was a huge factor! We checked the deficiencies in the list of offerings, and considering the price, we hardly had anything to point out. Now, let’s cherish the major offerings:

The Network Speed Touches 20 GBPS

Two major factors Premium eCommerce experiences should include are superior uptime and low latencies. A dedicated server with a slow loading speed certainly deserves criticism. Besides that, how ugly it is if your customer is unable the access your site even when you’ve spent a bomb on purchasing dedicated server hosting for your e-commerce store.

You will never face such nightmares with this plan from Servermania!


Software-As-A-Service has much to offer if you use it appropriately. It helps in your business by saving time, money, and human resources. SaaS ensures greater productivity and provides a streamlined focus. 

A Dedicated Server is a solid foundation for high-traffic SaaA. Using the latest version Intel Xeon core processors, you enjoy full root access to your server. With this plan, you enjoy SaaS, and that’s appreciable.

Big Data

Big data apps are hungry for fast IO and processor power. Talking about performance, power, and cost-efficiency, bare metal is unmatchable by any other infrastructure platform for large database hosting and big data analytics. 

With this plan, you get the latest Intel Xeon core server, processors. The network uptime guarantee is there backing up those processors, and this plan is perfect for meeting the requirements of the largest big data projects. ( Single Processor – E3-1240v3-32GB ) $70.00: Good enough for your money?

Not just for the mid-level businesses, but for those folks also, who’s newly shifted to the dedicated server, will find Single Processor – E3-1240v3-32GB a wonderful plan.

20TB Bandwidth (1 Gbps) is more than enough, and this server doesn’t let you bother about rapidly increasing traffic of your website. Yes,’s Single Processor – E3-1240v3-32GB plan is highly appreciable @70! 

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Score: A+ ( US Linux Managed Dedicated Server – Valu ) $9.90 Review: Best Dedicated Server Hosting #4 review

Now, you might not trust the retina of your eyes! Yes, this dedicated server plan costs just $9.90, but (pay attention), that’s just for the first month. Some might look upon this plan as a marketing gimmick, while some observe an opportunity here.

Exabytes hasn’t left you desired regarding resources, and the account setup consumes just 4 hours. 2 X 4TB (SATA) is the storage limit, and 20TB (1 Gbps) is the Bandwidth. There’s much interesting stuff down there.

C panel and Engineer support benefit 

When you switch from some other hosting plan to a dedicated server, you certainly look for convenience and welcome everything with which you are familiar. The Control panel always plays a vital role for any site’s admin. 

After switching to a dedicated server, if you come across the same C panel that you’ve been using in the past, and are fully familiar with it, how sweet is that! Exabytes has fulfilled this wish. On top of that, you’ve got specialist engineer support to pull you out of some bewildering and critical situations. 

Powerful Resources & Enough Bandwidth

Resources are top considerations for any dedicated server buyer (you’ll read more on that below). Many times with cheap dedicated servers, it happens that your site faces numerous issues when there’s a flow of high traffic. Sites even crash in such situations, and how pity is that?

To tackle such traffic bulk, you need strong resources, and thankfully, with the US Linux Managed Dedicated Server from, you can conveniently tackle a sudden surge in your site’s traffic.

In such situations, you want one more thing to be enough, and that’s Bandwidth! If Bandwidth is not enough, then the rapid growth of your website traffic can actually backfire.

With this plan, you enjoy 100Mbps Bandwidth, and that limit is capable enough to cater to huge amounts of traffic to your site. Your business will be able to serve more visitors, and that’s what you want, right? 

VIP Access

Of course, you get VIP access, and certain things go very smoothly with that. If you’ve freshly switched to a dedicated server, and you have enough technical knowledge, then you’ll truly enjoy this flexibility, as you can install Magento or PHP, edit server files, and do everything you find good enough to power up your website. ( US Linux Managed Dedicated Server – Valu ) $9.90: Should you invest?

Even the experts will sound differently when we talk about whether to recommend such type of dedicated server plans or not. Obviously, you attain great benefits in your first month, but from the second month, you’ve got to pay $199, which certainly is a high price for this plan.

Convenience is undoubtedly high, but we can’t forget that dedicated server plans like Classic-1 – Vint Hill – the USA from Accuwebhosting provide almost similar features, safety, speed, etc. at just $89! So, the decision is yours! 

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Score: B+ (Startup) $141.59 Review: Best Dedicated Server Hosting #5 review

Here comes a solid dedicated server plan from a fast thriving hosting provider – If you compare our top 3 plans to this one concerning features for the price, then this plan will appear much expensive, but it’s also true that the customer satisfaction rate is still awesome.

Fatcow provides 20% off for your first term, and they’ve got two more plans in this streak, which are Professional, and Enterprise. This plan is heavily focused on providing high Bandwidth (you get 5TB), and some of the geek features also highly impress, but don’t you think we need to expand our view over this plan?

Seamless migration options & Instant provisioning of resources

Server migration is a part of any website’s life, and you might be familiar if you run a data-dependent business. Careful planning is absolutely necessary for a perfect and successful migration because of the sensitive nature of data. 

Businesses generally migrate servers to attain high capacity, quicker response times, and numerous other benefits. Server migration is tough, but Fatcow makes your life easy if you owe their Startup dedicated server plan. 

Many times, you can’t predict how much your business will expect or contrast in the upcoming time. So, you certainly need instant provisioning of resources to meet the needs, and that’s exactly what you enjoy here.

Independent control & highly Appreciable Dedicated resources

You can conveniently install any applications you want without facing any instructions. Besides that, fully managed support included! For your convenience, C panel is there, and you’ve got optional root access.

Not just that, the dedicated resources deserve to be appreciated. Using these resources, you can ensure faster-operating speeds for your high traffic site, and fast speed will make your SEO campaigns brighter as well.

Extensive security is ensured, and mirrored storage is there relieving your tensions for data protection. Most importantly, your website attains maximum performance without getting affected by other users.

Genuine Pricing & Predictability

You need to be too sharp, as the web hosting world is very smart! There are many hidden traps, especially in the pricing section, and many “not so knowledgeable” folks easily fall in this pit! Before recommending any dedicated plan, we deeply ensure there are no price-related traps.

We have to appreciate Fatcow concerning their genuine pricing and predictability. After buying their dedicated server plans, you never feel pity!

There’s full transparency in Scalable resources and respective payment terms; You get predictable monthly costs and no “sticker shock.” Besides that, if you surpass any limits, you have to pay no overage charges. (Startup) $141.59 Review: Justice to your money?

We just discussed how transparent Fatcow is regarding their pricing schemes, but we can’t deny that the pricing scheme isn’t as generous as Accuwebhosting and Hostwinds.

The speed is impressive, and we’d give a full score to Fatcow’s support staff. Although this plan is highly recommendable, the question arises, why not to save money, when you actually can, and that too without compromising on speed, reliability, and convenience. 

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Score: B

Best Dedicated Server Hosting To Trust In 2020:  Buying Factors

Prior to purchasing hosting, check this list of factors that are super-crucial. Base your decision on price, uptime, performance, safety, existing, and service customer satisfaction. Sacrificing any one of those is likely to lead to disappointment, as you’re paying enough.


With Windows, cloud, VPS, etc., hostings, we give higher importance to specs and presume the performance according to those specs. With dedicated servers, performance means a lot over more than just the pure hardware specifications. 

Port speeds, more network transfer, more RAM, and more CPU are a part of this equation. Performance doesn’t have an X amount of disk space. 

It is what sort of drive as well as the way it’s configured, too (RAID vs. non-RAID, SSD vs. HDD local SSD RAID, vs. NAS/SAN, etc.). Software RAID vs. Hardware RAID will make performance gaps.

Performance choices are straightforward. However, a few hosts use old or cheap hardware, which initially seems to be great specifications — but end up being snail-slow and much more likely to have failures that present downtime. The same goes on with networking. 

Premium backbone networking, besides multiple redundant routes, is one humongous discerner among hosting providers. You can’t receive anything premium for below $50. At $150 per month, you can enjoy premium networking with superior, unquestionable, and reliable hardware.

Remember a thing! On certain occasions, low priced offers do not include control panel choices, hardware updates settings, backup systems, optimizations, etc. which definitely can elevate the price from the offer price.

 In simple words, if you want these, you’ll need to pay! Certainly, budget hosting companies won’t offer you a chance to select networking or hardware.


One of our experts has personally been a victim of cross-site scripting vulnerabilities (having his site hacked since a different site was first hacked onto a host, and then enabled his website to be attacked conveniently). 

You can just imagine that even a technical expert isn’t safe from this, and how you might suffer after buying cheap hosting that’s poorly secured. 

Knowing how to set up server software is a job anybody can do by performing just some clicks and selecting options. Understanding how to perfectly configure the underlying operating system and, furthermore, how to configure every single instance of a site running on a server SECURELY, is rather a completely different matter entirely.

With several budget hosting providers, it’s just a few guys working out of their main office tasks on the hardware of servers. Does that sound anyway promising? 

Certainly, not! A quality, dependable provider has trained teams of software engineers investing their whole working day installing, analyzing, and assessing numerous configuration choices to ensure the best performance possible, and that’s what keeps the client always satisfied and secure.

Be certain regarding safety when you’re looking to buy a server. Preventing attacks is a lot more important, although backups are fantastic.


Uptime is the most important part of hosting your own website. This should be the prior measure you use to measure the quality of any potential hosting provider.

What does it exactly mean?

If you want definition, then it’s the amount of time a given server is functioning and up. You’ll find Uptime prices generally listed as mentioned, for example, 99.90%.

When a hosting provider has exclaimed high uptime rates, it’s a good indication that their servers perform. So in case you choose a hosting provider based on this metric, then you can assume that your website will stay online and efficiently running almost all the time.

With picking a web hosting plan based on the uptime claim, the problem is the fact that it’s hard to verify the claims made by web hosts. Virtually all providers will claim to have max to max uptime. 

Why is uptime playing such a crucial role with a dedicated server?

88% of consumers aren’t as inclined froward to return to any website that gave them a terrible experience. We believe it’s safe to exclaim that a down website fits perfectly into this category. 

You spend so much money, time, and priceless effort finding methods to drive visitors to your website. But if the website isn’t running well once people arrive, it’s a big concern, isn’t it?

Every moment your website is down, it has an immediate impact on your website’s success. It causes missed production opportunities, lost earnings, and creates pretty much negative perception of your brand, restoring which, is challenging.

 Think for a moment about it deeply. What will your opinion be of for a certain website that wasn’t loading when you really needed it? You’d probably look elsewhere for your requirements. We agree that a 99% uptime rate may sound great. But in case you look upon that one percent and convert that to time, you realize the situation!

Let’s presume your site was up and operating smoothly for 99 percent occasions; still, it would be down for over 3.5 days during the year. That’s hectic!

We won’t recommend a hosting provider offering less than 99.9% uptime, which is generally the industry standard currently. However, as we mentioned in the paragraph above, there is still a drastic difference between 99.9% uptime and 99.99% uptime prices.

Uptime has a direct (and heavy) effect on your SEO ranking. In case your site is down every now and then, you’ll be penalized by Google (which is a hectic scene) and other search engines for it. 

Support & Totally Managed Administration

Sometimes things don’t go perfect — there can be issues that you need to solve. On these occasions, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than 24x7x365 technical support. Further, you should not settle for anything over a 10 minute first response time. 

Because a single person or one section is not proficient enough to manage your issue, you should not have to deal with half a dozen people. Because something went wrong, you should not get charged. Technical support is certainly critical. Technical support is what separates ones that are great and economical companies. 

When you purchase dedicated server hardware (lease it monthly actually), you shouldn’t need to be a tech-geek yourself. As a marketing/design agency or site manager, or we say, a business operator, you need to put high-end concentration on acquiring new clients, servicing existing ones the best way, and delivering great service to all those who require it.

You shouldn’t be ever trying to figure out PHP resource errors, Linux error codes, or defragging a database by yourselves, as that can expand the issue. As unmanaged hosting leaves you for becoming the supergeek, you should enter purchase Fully Managed Services! 

Fully managed hosting has a group of topnotch technical wizards that pre-configure things correctly so as to avoid errors a lot of the time. They install elements that use updates without needing a reboot could renew and apply SSL cert renewals, or expand your RAM/drive space that is available without needing to migrate you or alter your IP address.

Fully managed hosting offers you the freedom to manage your company while your website hosting is managed by professionals. Do not settle for less — you deserve it!


You must take a moment before you buy a dedicated server from a company, as it’s essential to search for their company name + reviews. No firm that’s been in business will have 100% ideal reviews on all sites eternally. It’s just not feasible. 

There are competitors who’ll post testimonials, just as are a couple of people in the world who won’t be happy with anything if it’s totally free — that’s just the nature of people. But, examine them, assess them, and compare what they are providing from their competitors and see how many reviews they have. That is a check to make before deciding, based on the factors.

Types of Dedicated Servers

We have talked a lot about freedom and control. That is because those are crucial factors when it comes to dedicated hosting. You have to customize when you buy dedicated hosting. This provides you the opportunity to ensure your server matches your needs.

Of course, every host that is committed will provide different choices. This includes the type of server, how much RAM is gonna be supplied, and what storage solutions contained. 

When picking dedicated hosting, there are types in that as well. With a managed server, the supplier takes care of all of the technical activities for you. It will ensure your website and server are running and maintained well constantly. Plus, your web hosting service will basically take additional actions as well as monitoring for security risks and creating backups.

By comparison, when using a host, you’ll need to manage all these tasks yourself, creating backups, monitoring your information, etc. Consider this alternative only in case you have the technical know-how & capability.

Which kind of strategy you want depends on your experience. If you want to take whole responsibility for your server configurations (or like the idea of having total control), you may wish to go for an unmanaged option.

However, the majority of users will do best with a host that is managed, as this gives you time for focussing on other aspects of your site and company. You can rest freely as your site is cared for by your provider, and you will not require any special technical expertise.

Nearly all users will do best with a managed hosting since managed hosting offers you the opportunity to focus on your website/company’s aspects. You can be certain your site is cared for by your hosting provider, and you won’t need any special technical experience.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting in 2020: FAQs

Following are some questions about dedicated hosting and their answers provided by experts:

Why choose dedicated hosting on any other hostings?

So, what’s the purpose of narrating the Best and cheap dedicated server guide? What are the benefits?

Undoubtedly, a dedicated server is extra expensive in comparison to other hosting types, but the benefits are also worthy of the costs. Why? A host provides everything you want, more. It’s in a very different league and provides much flexibility. You can be competitive in the growing world of eCommerce.

Cheap dedicated server hosting benefit #1: Exclusive use of dedicated resources

  • You receive the webserver to your exclusive use when you have your own dedicated server. This is a substantial advantage when comparing shared hosting dedicated hosting. 
  • The host’s disk space, RAM, Bandwidth, etc., currently belong to you personally.
  • You have better Bandwidth and have exclusive use of all of the CPU or RAM. At peak business times, you’ll be having a peak performance.
  • You’ve got root access to the server. You access the server logs and are able to configure preferences and your own software. Root access is the benefit of dedicated servers. Again, it goes back into exclusivity.

So, in the limits of propriety, the way you opt to utilize your strategy is the organization.

You implement special server security steps or are able to run your applications. You can also use a different operating system. Simply speaking, you can push your website how you push your company – in a flexible, scalable, and responsive way.

Cheap dedicated server hosting benefit #2: Flexibility managing your growing company

A server could accommodate your growing company requirements. With a dedicated server, you can choose your server configuration. As your company grows, you can add modified software and present services. You remain flexible when opportunities arise, or markets materialize.

It is scalable for customizing to your requirements. The dedicated host is your own platform, in which more processing, storage, or backup is provided.

Additionally, today’s consumers have greater expectations. They want the quick access convenience to your products. A server serves quick page loading and a better user experience for your visitors. Your visitors will surely return if you serve them well.

No capital or upfront expense

Growing businesses will need to reserve capital for other areas. Hosting providers offer reasonable fees and provide top of the line equipment.

A dedicated hosting provider business can serve customers well. The cost of that service is a portion of what you would pay to do it. Plus, you have the bonuses of physical protection and technical support.

  • Safety through information separation
  • Servers permit access only to their own company.
  • The server infrastructure includes firewalls and safety monitoring.

This means greater security against:

  • Hacks and malware: The host’s network monitoring, secure firewalls, and rigorous access control permit you to focus on your core business.
  • Preventing denial of service attacks: Data separation frees your dedicated server from the services and data belonging to other consumers of the hosting company. That separation ensures rapid recovery from backend exploits.

It’s also possible to implement your own degrees of security. You can install your software to operate on the server. Those applications can consist of new layers of protection and access management.

This provides a great level of security to your customer and proprietary business data. You protect your customer and business data again.

Cheap dedicated server hosting benefit #3: Improved reliability and Good performance

Reliability is among the benefits of exclusivity. A dedicated server provides performance and dependability.

That reliability also means that host crashes are far less likely. Your website has extra assets during the high volume of traffic. In case your front end includes videos as well as image displays, you’ll have the Bandwidth you require. For the websites, the design is not as important as speed & functionality. The ability of dedicated hosting leads to customer experience.

Web hosting is a solution for companies. It comes with a greater cost than shared hosting. However, you get higher power, storage, and Bandwidth to host your company.

A server provides a foothold on the web without capital expenditures. You have great use of the server, and it’s totally yours. Also, do not overlook technical support advantages. Your IT teams manage your website.

Despite this vigilance, sometimes, you need outside help. Many dedicated hosting options come with equally watchful technicians. With managed hosting, technicians at the server end are always available for troubleshooting your problems 24/7.

What is the differentiation between managed & unmanaged dedicated hosting?

With unmanaged dedicated hosting, you can customize a black server according to your needs. You’ll be in charge of technical jobs like safety, software updates, server maintenance, and whatever required to maintain your server secure and running.

You’ll be having a team of specialists, which help to install and manage your dedicated server with managed hosting. You will usually have to perform some jobs yourself. However, that list will be much smaller than if you were operating an unmanaged dedicated server.

How does dedicated server hosting differ from shared hosting?

You’ll have access to the entire server with dedicated hosting, whereas, with shared hosting, you are simply renting some of that exact same server.

It is possible to imagine it in relation to an apartment building. In case you select a shared hosting environment, then it means you’re renting a solitary apartment, whereas, with a dedicated server, you would be renting the whole building, and keeping every room open for your needs. You can see dedicated hosting is generally a much more expensive option.

Instead of sharing resources with hundreds of different websites on precisely the server, you will have access to the whole server’s resources for your site.

Who’s dedicated hosting for?

Dedicated server environments are geared towards users. Handling your server and maintaining it secure and efficient does take a good deal of work. Because of this, dedicated server hosting is typically employed complicated software by very large traffic websites, having high traffic or anything else which requires a high-level of security.

Dedicated hosting is also much more costly than other options that are hosting, so it is typically reserved for individuals or companies who have profitable ventures.

How does dedicated hosting operate?

A dedicated server hosting means you’re renting a whole server physical server. This provides unmatched customization and control over your server environment to you. Besides, you’ll be having access to higher levels of server resources.

With a dedicated server, you will have the ability to customize your CPU type, operating system, and the amount of RAM and available storage.

Do I need a controlled server or a dedicated server?

Install develops and upgrade patches in case you don’t want to maintain server setup and select a dedicated managed server. However, you can get the unmanaged dedicated server if you can maintain everything about the server on your own.

What’ll happen in case I run out of my hard drive’s space?

The server team monitors resource usage with our agent, for example, storage that is available and will alert you frequently about your data. A dedicated managed server can also provide additional space by upgrading it, but it’ll cost additionally.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting To Trust Blindly In 2020: The Conclusion

So, that’s all for the cheap dedicated server hosting for now, and we feel there were certain crucial pieces of knowledge up there, which you found not just interesting, but very important also.

Listing these top 5 was very challenging, but our super expert technical team nailed the project! In the bottom line, we’d say, if you’re fully firm regarding buying a 200% dependable, dedicated server, then’s Classic-1 – Vint Hill – USA @$89.00 is the perfect one, and you’ll never need to complain!

That’s over and out!

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