Best Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

Best Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

A low-cost dedicated server remains the server master’s choice par excellence. Dedicated servers can yield immense benefits over your existing virtual servers, should the latter be laboring under heavy performance, security, control, or customization issues.

We have endeavored to compile a meticulously researched list of top 10 best options for economical dedicated servers that will concord with your specific requirements and varied budgets.

As the energetic price war continues to decimate elevated prices throughout the world, the cost of purchasing access to dedicated server resources has plummeted. You may never have guessed it, but within our Top 10, it is entirely possible to procure a cheap and economical dedicated server for an impressively small figure amounting to less than 20$/month.

A dedicated server is a crucial investment which may yield immense benefits, providing you identify a reputable provider. The power and freedom that a dedicated server allows, may add value to your business. A quality provider is thus essential.

Let us proceed to explore the top-of-the-line in the world’s multitude of dedicated server offerings, many, as it is worth iterating, at an incredibly attractive price.

Best Value Dedicated Servers

As we intuitively know, purchasing cheaper goods or services unfortunately does not necessarily correspond to quality, nor value for money.

While on the hunt for a dedicated server that will dutifully serve you, it is crucial to keep in mind the elements that are necessary for a painless experience: hardware that is as new as feasible, guaranteed support contracts, as well as simply the most performant hardware components at any given reasonable price.

Currently, competition has ensured that the market has become inundated with large numbers of remarkably cheap offerings. Yet, many will not provide you with any effective mechanism for support – meaning that at the slightest hint of a problem you may be metaphorically left out at sea with nobody in sight to help.

You can vividly imagine it: the server has crashed, you urgently require some technical support, yet not a single soul is primed to come to your help. Maybe not even for days or weeks, all the while your money is going towards a useless server. Clearly, that would never be acceptable even for a personal portfolio, let alone a business.

Does this make you feel helpless or frustrated? Fortunately, you do not have to be either.

Indeed, there are many dedicated server providers with rock-solid support and high quality hardware, coming in at some extremely affordable price points.


UniWebHosting is one such valuable dedicated server company that is available on the web.

At a mere $29.95/month, it leads the proverbial dedicated-server pack as an affordable choice.

Starting with their first offering, (Core i7 / 32GB RAM / 8TB Storage / 3 Dedicated IP), It is unquestioningly possible to manage a well-trafficked website of between 3,000 to 10,000 unique visitors each and every day.

There is a minor fee for setup, however the benefits outweigh the fee by far.

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Cheap Managed Dedicated Server

As the old adage goes, time is money. Lots of time is lots of money, and if your precious funds and hours are being poured into solving a teeming mass of technical issues that impede your servers and websites, you are unfortunately indirectly impeding your business.

You can liberate yourself from such worries. It is in your best interest, and that of your business to do so. Simply permit your hosting provider to directly and efficiently manage your server for you.

Although such a managed dedicated server will possibly cost a pretty penny, this will undoubtedly be rapidly offset by savings in other areas.

When you are thus covered under a server management contract, you are ultimately protected against the various issues that inevitably arise with the DNS, emails, backups, malware protection and crucial server monitoring.

Truthfully, going somewhat against the grain, managed dedicated servers are “cheaper” by price.

Managed server with configuration of software, patches and updates installation, best effort in third party application installation, 24*7 server monitoring and quick resolution.

Managed server with configuration of software, patches and updates installation, best effort in third party application installation, 24*7 server monitoring and quick resolution.


If you happen to be skeptical, proceed to check out this hosting provider.Their primary offer, with a fully managed support contract, will set you back a reasonable $110 per month.


AccuWebHosting’s Managed Dedicated Server includes total server management, configuration of requisite software, important patches and critical updates installation, as well as ‘best effort’ in third party application installation attempts. Finally, an exemplary 24*7 server monitoring and quick resolution to support tickets and problems.

Their cheap and economical server, provisioned with a powerful set of components: Xeon E3-1230 v6 | 8GB RAM | 1TB Storage | 5 Dedicated IPs, can effortlessly handle from 8,000 to 10,000 unique visitors each day of very week.

A Self Managed Server can be likened to laboriously waiting in a potentially long queue to ultimately issue resolve your issues, while a Managed Dedicated Server will result in a near-instant resolution with the flag of a VIP customer.

Should you be seeking additionally competitive offers,please check out this list.

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Cheap Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

There exists two possible reasons as to why you should opt for a self managed dedicated server:

  1. If you are running a complex project with a complex and idiosyncratic server architecture; and/or
  2. If you are running with a limited budget

Whenever a project becomes labyrinthine and complex, a dedicated in-house team will almost invariably be necessitated. They will be unfailingly more familiar with your needs and server architecture as well as the interface between your needs and such architectures, more than any other team.

In this specific case, rather than any third party management, an expert in-house team will inevitably prove to be more efficacious.

In either of these cases, the ideal option is to simply purchase access to a Cheap Unmanaged Dedicated Server.

As noted previously, unmanaged dedicated servers are those which are available at the cheapest possible prices.


You may well already know OVH as a notoriously powerful dedicated server company. They have continued their expansion, and have branched out to offer a complete set of exceptionally cheap dedicated servers, all under the brand entitled “Kimsufi Hosting”.

Kimsufi’s dedicated server offerings commence from a minuscule $7.99 per month. Should you not be particularly concerned about support, and if you are confident in your server management expertise, Kimsufi is doubtlessly an ideal choice for you.

Their cheapest server offering comes with the following components: An Atom N2800 | 2GB RAM | 512GB Storage, and is certainly capable of hosting several websites with its set of dedicated resources.

Even with their Cheapest Dedicated Server offering, you will receive perennially useful Anti-DDoS protection, crucial server monitoring, a triple electricity supply, 99.9% network SLA and a range of significant additional features.

So, should you be a seasoned server administrator or a perhaps a software developer with the knowledge of how to wrangle a server’s software internals, then yes, such an unmanaged dedicated server is a tremendously good choice for you.

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Cheap Dedicated Server for Linux

A Dedicated Server with the venerable Linux operating system invariably triumphs in the incessant pricing war. This emblematic open-source platform drops an oft-fearsome OS licensing cost to almost zero.

What makes Linux an ideal fit for the majority of IT solutions?

Websites running on the venerable PHP and popular CMSs such as WordPress run rapidly and smoothly on the powerful Linux operating system. This ensures that Linux is an excellent platform of choice for an extremely wide range of important tasks.


LeaseWeb has several differing economical, cheap dedicated server offerings, all with multiple options for Linux distribution choice, with the primary offer commencing from around $40/month.

An additionally excellent choice of CPU, RAM, Disk, RAID etc. due to being powered by one of the quintessentially leading computer hardware vendors, Dell Inc.

By spending a truly reasonable $40.14 per month, you receive a powerful server with a Dual Celeron G530 processor | 4GB RAM | 1TB Storage | 1 IP address, sufficing to tirelessly serve the data requests of a solid 6,000 to 8,000 visitors each and every day.

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Cheap Dedicated Server for the Windows OS

When speaking of Dedicated servers with Microsoft’s Windows operating system, people have a tendency to associate such servers with excessive costs. This is due to the licensing costs that Microsoft ultimately leverages, which is consequently passed on to the consumer, along with the actual fee for the server’s components.

However, while it is true that the licensing cost has remained consistent across time, the provisioned hardware has invariably succumbed to progress, becoming vastly more capable and stronger than ever before, meaning that in total the cost of a license is no significant barrier.

Thus, the capacity to procure a cheap windows dedicated server has relatively become quite an affordable possibility.

We have dutifully analyzed a great many providers, and have proceeded to shortlist ChicagoVPS as the ideal option for those who desire or need a Windows powered dedicated server.

Low-end processors, such as Intel’s ATOM, are being widely sold at exceptionally low prices. However, ChicagoVPS provides significantly more powerful Intel Xeon E3 series processors at this price, for drastically more performant servers. Every current OS releases available on the market are naturally included.

5 dedicated IP’s are included in this offer, a proverbial cherry on the top of an otherwise already excellent product.

At this point, you may be formulating a pertinent question:

Why do such large numbers of Windows lovers exist?

With the reasons duly supplied below, the reason becomes immediately clear:

  1. A majority of users prefer an easy to use environment of 1-2-3-4 with the greatest level of support for both hardware and software.
  2. Important environments such as ASP.Net and MSSQL will simply not work within any other environments and,
  3. Metatraders for forex trading and online gaming industry are largely tightly bound and integrated with Windows Server.

Of course, if you are looking to perform an upgrade from a Windows Virtual Server, then it is a natural and effective choice to upgrade to the most economical Windows Dedicated Server in order to take full advantage of such a powerful resource.

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Cheap cPanel Dedicated Servers

No matter your current level of expertise, a control panel is a perennially useful and powerful weapon within your all-encompassing server-management arsenal.

To perform the myriad intricate tasks, inclusive of Managing DNS settings, FTP and Email accounts, Databases and Server Files, you can take recourse to the incredibly simple and powerful cPanel control panel.

Unfortunately, a cPanel License will set you back around $25/month if purchased separately. However, several substantial providers helpfully offer a pre-installed cPanel license alongside their Dedicated Server services.

Venerable vendors such as DediSpec Hosting proffer powerful dedicated servers with cPanel for reasonable prices as low as a mere $69/month, ensuring its place as one of the most accessible and affordable dedicated server offerings that is extant and available on the market.

Additionally, 5 dedicated IP’s are generously included with this particular offer.

DediSpec hosting not only provides cPanel pre-installed, they additionally configure it for augmented performance and an enhanced security level.

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Cheap Plesk Dedicated Server

A varied selection of largely Windows driven technologies, like Tomcat, ColdFusion, and the MS SQL environment work best with the Plesk control panel. Thus, this control panel is often the most preferred control panel for a wide range of those who desire a Windows server.

Although the language support in Plesk License happens to be more advanced than that of cPanel, it is in reality priced moderately lower, which unsurprisingly represents a significant win for your economic position.

Plesk ensures that it is simpler to action the transfer of web hosting accounts from alternative control panels, such as cPanel and HELM, to Plesk, which should be duly noted as a particularly helpful and unique feature.


Our personal choice for the best-in-class (while remaining cheap) Plesk dedicated server offer is from Accuwebhosting.

Not only do they provision your server with the powerful Plesk panel, they will also endeavor to carefully configure it with whichever additional application is selected through the process of placing an order. Their server will thus be hosting ready immediately upon delivery, so there is no need to spend inordinate amounts of time on subsequently configuring it.

AccuWeb Hosting provides a wide selection of dedicated servers, which are all easily customizable.

Why is AccuWebHosting the crème de la crème of hosting? Without a doubt, this is due to their steady 24/7 customer service.

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Cheap SSD Dedicated Server

Why is a SSD hard drive required for dedicated server hosting?

The following example will help you in understanding the relevant technical elements to this question.

When a person visits your dynamic website, such as on a WordPress site, potentially thousands of database queries are consequently triggered, while the content is being simultaneously accessed.

An HDD using traditional spinning disks will creak and groan as it spins its physically spinning platters to sluggishly return all the required data, inevitably proving to deliver slower results compared to a Solid State Drive (SSD).

SSD Drives are in reality vastly more performant, around an astounding 50 to 100 time faster than any standard HDD.

SSDs have vastly a greater data throughput level than a traditional HDD, along with dramatically lowered latency, due to their utilization of flash microchips, which intriguingly contain no actual physically moving parts. Only moving electrons!

The sophisticated methods employed by SSD data storage ensures, however, that it is expensive compared to a traditional HDD.

As we can accurately note:

you simply cannot have the speed and performance of a roaring Ferrari for the price of a mere Toyota.


HDD(bottom) is greater in size but doesn’t have faster data throughput than SSD(top).

There are two types of SSD storage – (1) Partial SSD storage, and (2) Full SSD storage.

In partial storage, the Operating System’s performance critical data is stored on the SSD drive, while user content is stored on the slower SATA drive.

In the case of Full SSD storage, the entirety of the data, including any user content, is stored on the flash memory of the speedy SSD drives.

Though SSD storage remains at a premium cost, Gogohost offers one of the foremost quality offers alongside the cheapest dedicated servers which can be provisioned with a range of blazing-fast full SSD storage solutions.


Their primary offer is inclusive of the following: 4 X Intel Atom C2750, 8GB RAM, 1TB SSD Storage, and unlimited bandwidth. This is sufficient to serve the requests of an impressive 5000-10000 visitors with performant and speedy dynamic content access from the database.

Moreover, the incredible SSD power can be served with a choice ranging from an entry level quad core CPU to enterprise standard dual Hexa-core CPUs.

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Cheap Dedicated Server with Unlimited Bandwidth

Do you really need unlimited bandwidth?

An offer of unlimited bandwidth is significantly more common on shared hosting plans. However, when it comes to the case of dedicated servers, it is the rare provider that offers it.

Speaking from our seasoned experience, considerations relating to unlimited bandwidth should not really form part of your decision making process when buying access to a dedicated server.

How much bandwidth do you really require?

The following mathematical calculations reveals the answer:

Bandwidth Calculation Formula = Daily visitors x Daily page views x Average page size x 31 x Tolerance number

= 200 (daily visits) x 600 (page views) x 60 kb (page size) x 31 x  2 (tolerance number)
(The Tolerance number here is the room for error. Simply use “1” if you believe that above data is 100% accurate and there will be no significant deviation within the next 12 months. If you think, however, that your traffic will soon double, use “2” as tolerance number.)

= 446,400,000 kb

The subsequent answer is indeed weighty. Subsequently converting this figure to Gigabytes (GB) we arrive at around 446 GB, or the amount of traffic you must provision yourself for.

The majority of highly-trafficked websites feed their hungry bandwidth needs within a range of about 1TB to 5TB of transfer allowance.

Unlimited bandwidth servers are not nearly anywhere near as cheap. Thus, if you anticipate your traffic to explode far beyond safe levels, and only then, finding the cheapest unlimited bandwidth dedicated server is a wise decision.

As we are wont to say, however: ”more is always better.”  If you can find a good offer with unlimited bandwidth, it remains a considerable reason to alter your choice!

One of the leading vendors which succeeds in offering unlimited bandwidth, along with the most economical prices, is Uniwebhosting.


At a monthly price of $33.15/mo., their primary offer includes the following crucial components: Intel Xeon E3-1246 processor,2x 4 TB SATA HDD,32 GB RAM,1 Gbits-per-seconds unlimited bandwidth, along with an unlimited offer of 24×7 support. There is an initial one-time setup fee, yet this remains a sage purchase for your first month of initial set ups.

Also, please consider the following fast facts concerning unlimited bandwidth dedicated servers.

  1. Many providers, that do not actually say ‘unlimited bandwidth, still offer vast amounts, of between 10 TB to 20 TB of bandwidth every month.
  2. The providers that actually go on to say ‘unlimited bandwidth’, will subsequently restrict your bandwidth access to a throttled 100 Mbps.

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Cheap High Performance Dedicated Servers

Should your business be growing day by day, it is highly likely that you will require a powerful new dedicated server to effectively handle the quantity of traffic.

It is admittedly rather unusual that you will manage to successfully discover a highly performant dedicated server that is nevertheless cheap.

High performance dedicated servers are exceedingly complex configurations with 128GB+ RAM, 5TB+ SSD RAID storage, and cutting edge dual CPUs like the E5 or E7 series server CPU.

Customarily, to successfully leverage the power of such a server you would have to part with little less than a hefty $500 per month, and often that is just the beginning!

Do not worry, as there exist vendors who daringly proffer the most exceptional solutions at the lowest prices that are feasible.

Uniwebhosting offers a 128GB RAM Quad Core processor, exceptional unlimited bandwidth and speedy SSD hard drives for Big Data platforms and heavy IOPS database applications at just $130/Mo.


For top-class throughput, they offer a 1 GBit/s Uplink transfer rate with optimal traffic routing and a prompt remedy to any network issues that are ailing such unrestrained performance.

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Cheap Dedicated Game Server

Latency, latency and latency… This is essentially the sole factor that will ultimately be pertinent to a gamer, particularly at the lowest and cheapest pricing levels.

Of course, location is the most relevant factor in latency, or the lack thereof, and our vendors hail from across the globe. These vendors offer dedicated gaming servers within the $50-100 price range. Such offers will surely address any concern for minimizing latency, all from the most economical price categories.

What is the optimum suitable hardware setup which will ensure the optimum performance to successfully run the majority of online games?

Here is the most suitable setup:

  1. The Windows OS, ideal for perhaps the preponderance of popular games, like MineCraft, ARK and so on.
  2. Stable latency with optimum routes for the traffic. This is perennially important to ensure a smooth experience for your worldwide users.
  3. Processors leveraging turbo boost and overclocking features, combined with a minimum of 16GB of RAM.
  4. SSD or NVMe storage helps you to load your dynamic animations dramatically faster from the hard drive.
  5. Gaming servers are frequently targeted with demoralizing DDOS attacks, thus necessitating excellent anti-DDoS protection. This is always an important factor to take into consideration.

Let us proceed in our exploration of vendors, in order to select the most suitable:

GTXgaming offers a wide range of dedicated servers for small Clans and large Communities alike, who have need of power, flexibility and adaptability.


The primary plan offers the following powerful hardware components: 4 X Intel Xeon E3-1245 v3, 32GB RAM, 2 X 2TB HDD Storage, and unlimited bandwidth, coming in at a total of $87.50 per month.

The most interesting Addon of their dedicated gaming server offering is the intriguing TCAdmin.

TCAdmin delivers useful game ready templates. In other words, you may opt to receive your gaming server all filled up with relevant configurations and scripts for your personalized selection of games.

There is thus no need to perform laborious setups and configurations for each game! Ready to play game servers for Minecraft, ARK Survival Evolved G2, Conan Exiles and many more exciting titles, with more than 32 popular game templates, await your gaming adventures.

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The sophisticated hardware industry is incessant in its march towards greater power and more complex solutions to fulfill any need. It is consequently, however, also a march towards tedium, as research needs also grow more complex in order to work out the ideal solutions.

You will, if you perform almost any search, receive a multitude of results for a very similar set of requirements.

To ensure that your affordable purchases remain satisfactory, we actively deployed our most experienced web hosting experts to meticulously trawl through the all-too-many results, ultimately resulting in what we hope is this helpful guide.

Indeed, after reading this post, we are almost certain that you will succeed in finding a server that matches your desires and fits within the boundaries of whatever budget you may have, after perusing this lengthy post.

Finally, we take customer feedback extremely seriously, and would absolutely love to hear any relevant experience and any and all opinions on these matters!

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