How to add Hosting Plans in TheWebHostingDIR?

You can add the plans in TheWebhostingDIR from your admin Panel. Following are the steps to add plans.

  1. Access this URL 
  2. Click on MY ACCOUNT Drop-Down and select Sign in(Members & Hosting Companies) if you have already created the account. It will prompt for the login screen.
  3. Enter your login credentials and click on Login Button.
  4. Once you are logged in by clicking on Admin Panel.
  5. Click on My Hosting Plans Drop-Down and select the Hosting Plan in which you want to add your plan. We have selected Forex Plan here for example.
  6. If you want to Copy any Existing Plans, you can select the plan from the drop-down and click on Copy Plan and modify it as per your requirement. Here, we will skip it and create a new Plan.
  7. At Add Forex VPS Plan, Enter the below Details and click on Submit Button.
  • Name of the Forex VPS Hosting Plan :Enter Your New Plan name
  • Operating System :Enter Required Operating System
  • Plan URL :Page link where this plan will be placed
  • Plan Summary :Features of your Plan
  1. Here, you can see that new Forex VPS Plan is added successfully.

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