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Best SiteGround Alternatives in 2020: Whenever two web-hosting come head to head in battle, the scene becomes so exciting. This time, we’ve got two heavyweights, both operating since over 15 years (SiteGround is serving since 2004, and Accuwebhosting is serving since 2003). Both have won a million hearts!

But the question is, who’s the best in 2020? Whom should you trust, and what has changed this year?

Our analyzing process went on as long as seven months in total, where we evaluated tons of things, and this was the biggest research session of its kind for us till now!

Today, you’ll get to know some enthralling stuff about these two hosts. Reading this report will clarify all your decisions at the end. No matter you’re looking for Linux Cloud hosting, shared hosting, Dedicated Server, etc. plans, you’ll get everything clear regarding whose plan to acquire.

We feel that, what’s actually the best, needs to be appreciated!

It’s going to be interesting!

Best SiteGround Alternatives – Accuwebhosting

Recently, SiteGround has imposed a few restrictions, implemented some marketing tricks for indirectly making you spend more by upgrading your hosting plan, removed some appreciable features, and altogether, added a “greedy” accent to their name and fame. 

Hence, many folks are in search of the best alternative of SiteGround.

Neither it’s Bluehost, nor Hostgator! It’s Accuwebhosting, which has actually crushed all those top guns in 2020! Let’s begin explaining all factors! 

Inconvenience #1: SiteGround has started charging for inodes: Is the hustle real?

Yes, that’s the truth, and actually away from our expectations and understanding! What does an Inode mean?

The number of inodes indicates the entire number of folders and files on your web hosting account. Common sense says – the straightforward method to reduce your inode count, is to reduce the number of folders and files.

Now, when you are bound in a specific limit of inodes, you have to compromise with your folders and files you’ve stored. You can download all these files on your system via FTP. Afterward, you can ensure their removal from your hosting account.

Is it a hassle to keep your inode count within the boundaries? Surely it is!

SiteGround didn’t charge anything earlier, but recently, they’ve put a limit, and if your inodes exceed the limit, your site’s speed will significantly drop-down, and that’s disappointing. 

What’s their inode limit? What’s the level of inconvenience with SiteGround?

If you’re looking to understand more about our Inodes limit, then on the StartUp plan, it is 150,000, on the GrowBig – 300,000, on the GoGeek 450,000 and on Cloud servers, there are no limits.

If you cross the inode limit, they won’t extend it for you, and you’re forced to upgrade your hosting plan! Now, that’s hectic! It seems like a marketing gimmick, and most of the buyers don’t even know about the inodes, their limit, etc.!

Accuwebhosting, on the other hand, has no such hidden tricks! All their web hosting plans are fully transparent, and you never feel to upgrade your plan and shed more money unwillingly like you have to do with SiteGround! No inode limit here at all!

Inconvenience #2: SiteGround has started charging indirectly for emails? Alas!

There’s a trick hidden over here as well! Talking about SiteGround, each shared hosting plan comes with different quotas, and each package comes with different email inbox size. For example, on the StartUp plan, each address can have up to 2 GB own space. 

If you hit that quota, you will either need to delete some old emails or upgrade to a higher plan.

The space for the email box with each plan is as follows:

  • StartUp – 2 GB per email address
  • GrowBig – 4GB per email address
  • GoGeek – 6 GB per email address

On the other hand, with Accuwebhosting’s Linux shared plan, just suppose if you’ve allocated 0 GB space, you can conveniently use the mailbox of any size within a total allocation of 10 GB. 

Not just that, you can also purchase additional space when you reach 10 GB, and no one has ever complained about the pricing! Most importantly, at Accuwebhosting, you are nerve forced to upgrade your plan for disk quota. 

Inconvenience #3: No juice left in their Higher Plans (especially the Go Geek plan)

Not just our expert research team says so, but also several clients!

Our website has been running since 15+ years, and we are tracking SiteGround since it started gaining fame.

On the basis of our statistics (gathered from research done on over a thousand sites), we can exclaim that Siteground has rolled downhill in the last 5 years. They aren’t rolling on with the pace of competition when it comes to the bigger hosting plans.

Why isn’t SiteGround recommendable for the resource intensive eCommerce sites?

If your e-Commerce website is resource-intensive, then you really need to be wise while choosing a hosting plan, because if you ever feel the need to change your server, it’s going to be highly affected.  

SiteGround’s GoGeek plan is dedicated to resource-intensive sites only, but it needs to provide more than what it actually does at that cost! Comparing it to fierce competitors like Accuwebhosting, SiteGround’s GoGeek plan seems like a repackaged mid-level service.

Accuwebhosting’s Linux Enterprise Plan includes Unlimited Domains (Sites) In 1 Account, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, 50 GB Pure SSD Storage – Raid10 Setup, 1000 Email Accounts, 1 TB Monthly Bandwidth, Dedicated IP (Included), cPanel (demo available), and several free services!


We all highly compare any web hosting plans’ features before acquiring, and that’s where SiteGround’s GoGeek plan seems weak! This plan costs you $14.99 per month and doesn’t manage to even stand in front of Enterprise Web Hosting of Accuwebhosting, costing you $9.99 per month.


If we compare the performance of the high-end hosting plans of SiteGround to what it used to be a few years back, we feel pity! The performance of the SiteGround’s GoGeek plan seems not as promising as what its rivals are providing. The hardware and resources are completely overshadowed!

We shifted our few dummy sites from Siteground to a few rival hosts (spending a lot less), we cleanly noticed the elevation in the level of overall performance! 

Siteground’s annoying system of limiting CPU usage

Yes, we felt terrific here! You are limited regarding CPU usage. In case you reach a certain CPU usage, your access to your website is going to disabled (we faced the same during our testing). 

Owners of e-commerce websites certainly know that hitting the CPU usage limit is a common thing if you’re rolling with a script/plugin with some issues. Just imagine your site becoming unavailable just for this! 

You won’t face anything like that with any plan form Accuwebhosting! 


Earlier, customer support was something, which made everyone appreciate SiteGround, but recently, the scene isn’t the same. We’ve been tracking their support channel very closely, and since the last 8 months, their support channel is shrinking!

Contacting the right person on technical support is now pretty challenging. For example, we wanted to know about their inode restriction. Our expert was redirected to 5 different technical support members, and he got the real answer. So, to get the answer for our inquiry, we had to invest 13 minutes in total.

If you’re in some critical issue, don’t you feel waiting for that long is very tough?

To compare on the basis of the same, we contacted Accuwebhosting’s customer support, 6 times a day, and presented them 6 different queries. In all cases, we got our answer within 4 minutes!


$14.99 per month is what you’re paying, and you aren’t getting enough speed! You certainly don’t deserve that. As we’re continuously mentioning their downfall since a few months, the speed has also dropped recently only. We tracked speed from four locations!

When we switched to Enterprise Web Hosting of Accuwebhosting, our Google speed insight and GT Metrix data got much better! 

Control Panel Issue

Among the most frequent issues mentioned by the users regarding SiteGround service was the Control Panel issue. Some described it as “hectic,” some said “pathetic,” and some exclaimed that it takes pretty long to get familiar with their self-made control panel.

C panel is much convenient than what they’re providing, and the interface is much cleaner. We, as honest reviewers, won’t criticize their control panel, but we can’t deny from the fact that their control panels need much improvement.

 Issue #4: Even their basic plans are getting beaten!

The GrowBig plan is costing $9.99, but if you compare the offerings to the Small Business Web Hosting plan form Accuwebhosting (costing just 45.09), you’ll certainly notice a huge difference. 

SiteGround doesn’t offer Advanced On-demand Backup, whereas, with Accuwebhosting’s plan, you enjoy daily backup, and even if you ask for the backup of 15 days back, you’ll get it! 

After that, advanced priority support isn’t available with the StartUp/GoBig plans, whereas Accuwebhosting is providing chat convenience. Like the high-level hosting plan, here also, SiteGround doesn’t impress with the speed.

SiteGround Vs Accuwebhosting: Head to head

So, after the comparison of features, and evaluating convenience level, we’d now contrast all major hosting plans, and we’ll give overall scores for each plan, depending upon our overall research. 

Hosting SiteGround Score Accuwebhosting Score
Best shared web hosting plan for beginners StartUp ($6.99) 6.9 Personal Web Hosting ($3.09) 8.1
Best shared web hosting plan for intermediates GrowBig ($9.99) 7.2 Small Business Web Hosting ($5.09) 8.5
Best shared web hosting plan for Experts Go Geek ($14.99) 7.1 Enterprise Web Hosting ($9.99) 9.2
Linux Cloud level 1 Entry ($80) 7.2 Cloud-4GB ($39.99) 8.8
Linux Cloud level 2 Business ($120) 7.5 Cloud-8GB ($79.99) 9.1
Linux Cloud level 3 Business Plus ($160) 7.7 Cloud-16GB ($159.99) 9.1
Linux Cloud level 4 Super Power ($240) 7.5 Cloud-32GB ($319.99) 9.4

So, the score goes 7-0 in favor of Accuwebhosting, and just look at the score margins! Undoubtedly, in 2020, SiteGround’s supremacy is suppressed under Accuwebhosting’s excellence, and they’re providing much better services, and that’s why the customer satisfaction rate is tremendous!

So, regardless of your level, choosing a plan from the Accuwebhosting is a much smarter idea, and convenience level is pretty high. Besides that, they’ve got a much wider array of hosting plans, and we also recommend:

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