Best Free Web Hosting in 2020: You’ll Go Crazy!

Best Free Web Hosting in 2020: When the tag “Free” attaches to anything, most of the time, you’re left desired! This implies everywhere, including web hosting.

The outcomes of our recent research were devastating, as we found that over 70% of the free web hosting services that we considered were not convenient or pleasing at all!

But sometimes, miracles happen, and even for free, you can get tremendous services, and our today’s well-explained report is entirely based on the same!

We’ve brought some tremendous Free Web Hosting plans of 2020, that will leave you open-mouthed! We’ve chosen these 5 out of the top 56 free plans!

Just hang on with us!


Ultimate Best Free Web Hosting in 2020

FEATURE Accuwebhosting Hostinger Hostkda
Storage 2 GB (Pure SSD) 1 GB (SATA) 10GB Storage (Partial SSD) Unlimited 150 MB
Bandwidth 30 GB 3 GB 250 MB Unlimited 1.5 GB
Free domain registration x x x 🙂 🙂
Backups x Daily Weekly x Daily
Email accounts 25 x 100 Unlimited 1
Domains/plan 1 2 1 1 1

1) (Free WordPress Hosting) – Ultimate Best Free Web Hosting

Here comes Best Free Web Hosting, editor’s choice!

One can’t expect such convenience for free! Accuwebhosting, proving to be generous, provide free web hosting for the students, and after fully analyzing and testing this particular service, we had nothing to complain!

Yes, you can’t expect the convenience of a paid plan here, but still, there’s much to enjoy. Let’s cherish why we named this plan from Accuwebhosting the ultimate best here! 

Best Free Web Hosting

Best Free Web Hosting #1

2 GB Pure SSD Storage

Now, when you cherish the top free hosting list, the storage space provided by various hosts highly vary. Some are providing unlimited storage, while some are restricting you to 100-150 MB. So, is 2 GB Pure SSD Storage a cool offering?

Certainly, it is, and as we can read, this plan is especially for the students, if you’re the one, you’ll find this much storage enough.

30GB Bandwidth

Bandwidth is all about how much data you can transfer from a website, and 30 GB is a cool limit here. With planning a small website, you’ll hardly feel the need to transfer that much data, and as a result, you’ll never find yourself complaining anything regarding Bandwidth.

The competitors are providing around 1-1.5 GB bandwidth, and in our top 10, only 3 are providing unlimited Bandwidth. Concerning a fixed number, Accuwebhosting free hosting plan dominates the list.

25 Email Accounts

Your associated files and email messages are all stored on a server, and this service is called email hosting. Once you’re receiving an email to your site’s domain address, the email routes across the internet, and after that, it gets stored on the recipient server.

Having 25 email accounts with a free hosting service is truly a tremendous thing! You can figure out that after knowing that many of our top 10 free hosting plans are not including even a single email account. Regarding email accounts, this plan form Accuwebhosting stands on the second spot in our top 10.

Some tremendous features, that will make you jump in joy!

Now, your face will glow for sure! You’ve got cPanel/WHM control panel and PHP5.x, 7.x, Perl & Python Support. It’s also the free web hosting with no ads! This plan includes Pre-Installed WordPress Blog and Pre-Installed WordPress Blog.

Very less free plans ensure Full access to WP Source Code and Multiple Layer DDOS Protection. Nost just that, you also get Hyper Caching and Search Engine Optimization Plugins. Let’s not forget to mention, you enjoy Highly Secured WordPress Environment if you get this plan.

The Bottom line

Here, you don’t get Free Domain Registration or daily backups, but those aren’t huge issues. Domain registration is a small process that doesn’t cost much, and concerning backup, there are several plugins to assist you! Undoubtedly, the positive side is much heavier with this free plan.

Account setting is taking just an hour, and certainly, this one is the most appreciable free web hosting plan out there. Regarding overall convenience, this plan has attained 54%, and it ranks high on domain and customer ratings (85% and 73% respectively).

So, this is the most recommendable free hosting plan among all, and it’s also the free web hosting for nonprofits.

2) (Free Web Hosting) – Best Free Web Hosting Regarding Backup Convenience

Undoubtedly, Hostinger is a big name and reflecting their expertise in the department, they’ve provided a highly appreciable free web hosting plan. However, this plan isn’t that popular. The biggest benefit of this plan, according to our experts, is the convenience of daily backups.

However, there are spoon-full things to point out as negatives as well. So, keep reading!

Best Free Web Hosting

Best Free Web Hosting #2

Daily Backup Convenience

We should begin from here only. We all know what’s the importance of backup. In case you do something wrong and want to reverse back time, you certainly can’t do that, but it can reverse your previously saved data.

It’s not weekly, it’s a daily backup, and that’s unbeatable convenience.

The flexibility of HostingHosting of 2 domains(sites) in 1 account

The name itself indicates what’s the purpose! With this free plan, you can conveniently run a couple of websites, and newbies will love such convenience. You can begin two websites of two different niches, and put more focus on the one that you find is doing better! It’s a great convenience.

Only 3GB Bandwidth

After reading that Accuwebhosting’s free plan was including a total of 30GB Bandwidth, while here, it’s just 3 GB, you might feel like “zero” is by mistake removed here!

Well, it’s not so, and it’s just 3 GB bandwidth on offer here. Insufficient Bandwidth directly reduces the latency, and that’s a big negative! Up/down in the latency will certainly make data transferring from point A to B pretty time-consuming.

No Email Accounts

Now, this sounds devastating, but it’s true that Hostinger, who was so generous while providing daily backups, actually doesn’t provide any email accounts with their same free web hosting plan.

Using a hosted email service supports conveying professionalism, and also helps in building brand trust. A hosted email will enable your company’s name prominently featured. This also brings assurance to your website’s users. So, the absence of an Email account is a considerable negative.

The Bottom line

This free web hosting plan is cool (that’s why it’s on the second spot), but everything isn’t on the smooth side. Less Bandwidth can certainly make many readers bother, and the same goes for the absence of an email account.

Yes, you’re enjoying daily backups, and also the Flexibility of Hosting of 2 domains(sites) in 1 account, but don’t you think that you’ll feel pretty inconvenient when your website’s speed will drop down due to less Bandwidth.

For newbies, the plan is cool, but for the “man with a plan,” Accuwebhosting’s free Hosting is a sweeter choice. 

3) (Free Premium Hosting)

Here, domain authority is 80%, but when you talk about customer reviews for this particular plan, you’ve got nothing to cherish! Also, this plan is just 5% popular yet. Yes, you are attaining independent hosting, but some restrictions do trouble you.

That doesn’t mean this free premium hosting plan is an inconvenient one. You’ve got certain benefits here, including weekly backups, less account setup time, and a huge array of 100 Email Accounts support.

Best Free Web Hosting

Best Free Web Hosting #3

10GB Storage (Partial SSD)

Regarding storage space, has really won hearts! 10GB storage is comfortable for a wide array of websites. If you’re involved in frequent publishing stuff, or there’s much data on your website, hardly any other free hosting plan on our list can provide this much convenience.

We know there are some plans screaming “unlimited storage,” but that’s a different scene! Unlimited storage doesn’t actually mean the same, but we won’t go deeper right now!

Weekly Backup

Now, greedy folks would say “why not daily backup,” but honestly, getting anything like “free backups” is rare with free web hosting plans, and even a weekly backup is highly appreciable.

Just imagine, you’ve done something wrong with your data, plugins, etc. on Wednesday, you can restore the backup till Sunday. Yes, you do lose your data for a few days.

Now, in other cases, just imagine the situation if there’s absolutely no backup available! What will you do? Remember, something is always and always better than nothing, and the same implies to the weekly backup facility here.

However, you can use plugins/tools for attaining regular backup.

Optimized for Desktop, Tablet & Phone

Now, that’s certainly a big facility, as chances may occur that there’s some issue with your desktop/laptop, and you were in the middle of some ultra-important work on your website.

Rather than running to the Cybercafe, or begging your friend for his laptop, you can easily access your website on your tablet or phone. Isn’t that convenient?

250MB Bandwidth: What? Really?

Now, by providing humongous 10GB storage, the host seems to attract folks with plans of constructing data-rich websites, but on the same occasion, they’re providing just 250MB bandwidth.

The reason is pretty tough to explain this configuration, but honestly, it’s devastating, and unexpected as well. If you construct a somewhat big website on this free hosting plan, data transfer is going to be pretty challenging (even dead-slow), and that’s something you won’t appreciate. So, it’s a big negative.

The Bottom Line

There are many positives with this plan, and the convenience level is also high. You can rely on this plan, but just a 250MB bandwidth limit is something you can’t foresee.

You should have a firm feel that bandwidth is not going to trouble you then only go with this plan, as we’ve seen several sites chocking just because of data transferring speed issues.

If your website has mostly text data, this bandwidth limit won’t affect you. But if media (images, GIFs Videos, etc.) are included, then issues will occur.

If you’re looking for earning mostly via Google Ads, better don’t go with this plan! Choose our top plan for that!

 4) Free Website Hosting )

This particular free web hosting plan seems hardly restricting you on anything! There’s much on offer, and the feature list is hard to believe! Besides that, they claim the completion of your account within an hour, and provide some crazy safety features as well! Is all that really possible free of cost? Let’s read further! (Free webiste Hosting)

Best Free Web Hosting #4

Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth

When you read Unlimited Storage & bandwidth, you went happy, right? Well, you should be, and shouldn’t be! Are you puzzled?

In straight words, what’s advertised as unlimited isn’t actually unlimited. In such cases, the server is permitted to use max network speed. You’ve got to pay for whatever you want in such a case! Undoubtedly it’s a free plan, but after a limit, if you want more bandwidth or storage, you’ll be charged for that.

Email Convenience and ready Apps

Here, you enjoy POP3 email accounts with the SMTP, and also you can access webmail via SquirrelMail. We loved the function of auto-reply, and email forwarding is also possible.

Further, the ready apps are also cool. With this free web hosting plan, you can conveniently install over 50 apps. Also, this plan is perfect for WordPress Hosting. You can also click to install Drupal or Joomla as CMS. However, data backup is not available.

Hosting of unlimited domains (websites): Really possible?

Isn’t that too hard to trust? Only this plan out of our top 10 is providing such flexibility, but it’s a marketing strategy. You have to meet certain terms & conditions! Even if the conditions are flexible, you’ll surely come across slow speed if you host more than two websites on free hosting.

For hosting multiple sites, you need higher bandwidth and Storage, and Storage. For both, you have to pay, and that exactly is the trick.

The Bottom Line

Now, for whom this free plan form Hostkda will prove awesome, and for whom, inconvenient, it highly depends upon the type and size of the website. This plan is too shiny, but the offerings are not too clear here. Customer reviews are nil yet, and plan feature score is 57% only.

If you are a sharp-minded one, you’d better prefer going on with a plan, with more transparency.

 5) Free hosting )

Here comes the free hosting plan from, and they seem to provide maximum convenience form their side. We really appreciated that they’re providing reliable daily backup, but on the other hand, few mentions in their feature list let us down!

This is the plan for very small websites. Let’s know why! ( Free hosting )

Best Free Web Hosting #5

Only and only 150MB Storage

So, the thing is 150MB Storage (Cloud (SAN / NAS)) is all you get under “storage” with this plan. However, that’s not the least limit ( is on our list’s 7th number, providing just 100MB). Still, folks will ask, “what can one do with just 150MB?”

Our’s question is somewhat similar – “you really feel 150MB storage is enough for your website?” Well, for those with a firm plan of a smaller website, have certain things to enjoy, but if you’re unpleased with this low storage limit, better don’t read further about this plan, and go for our top choice up there!

1.5GB Bandwidth: Is it less?

By providing 1.5GB bandwidth, the service provider is again indicating that this plan is cool for small websites. You read about the “250 MB storage barrier” up there, right? So, if your website is that small, 1.5GB bandwidth is enough for you.

For medium-sized websites also, this much bandwidth can be OK, but we cannot forget that the Storage is just 250 MB.

Presence of Control panel

Yes, that undoubtedly makes the job of an admin easier. It’s not a free web hosting with C panel, though, but you’re enjoying the Plesk control panel.

Yes, this one is different from the C panel, but this one also brings high-end convenience. Managing your web services will be easier, and that’s something every single admin seeks, right?

The bottom line

If you properly went through the positives/negatives up there, then you can certainly predict what the bottom line will be!

For small websites, there’s much to enjoy! You’ll get daily backups, enough bandwidth, free domain registration is ensured, and we can’t forget the presence of control panel!

But, how many of you will be confident that the website’s weight won’t cross the 250MB storage limit set by the host? What if your website grows in the future? Will you shift it to another service provider? Won’t shifting the database be a problem? So, the decision is yours!


How to Buy a Free Web Hosting

The first thing is, considerations before buying a paid web hosting, and a free one are entirely different. Many reviewers have covered the part regarding the purchasing considerations of a paid plan, but hardly anyone has explained the buying considerations for the free plan.

Yes, you have to compromise here, but the question is – “up to what extent?”

Compromising doesn’t mean that you have to deal with the tensions in the upcoming time. You can certainly attain high convenience with a free plan, but you need to right knowledge!

Most of the free hosting plans are marketing strategies, and they embrace many wild terms/conditions, which can make you shed high money in the future!

We won’t let that happen! Hang on for 5 minutes, and you’ll know everything!

Unlimited stuff for free: Don’t fall in the dig!

In our top 5 also, you read about certain free web hosting plans providing this thing unlimited, and that thing unlimited, right? Well, all of them carry terms & conditions, but we’ve included them in our top 5 only after fully analyzing whether they are safe and reliable or not.

Now, let’s dig, what actually “unlimited” stands for!

Let’s give a funny example here. In a restaurant, you read “bring your girlfriend and wife together, and enjoy a free meal!” is that even possible? Nope! The same is with certain free web hosting plans.

You go for the unlimited bandwidth/space, considering that it’s all free, but the fact is – you can exceed the limits to any extant by paying the costs!

If you’ve got a free hosting plan, you’ll feel the storage in unlimited, but once your data exceeds a limit (for example, 250MB), a tariff plan will be thrown at you, indicating this much storage at this much Dollars! The same is with bandwidth, email accounts, etc.

So, do research regarding terms/conditions, and that’s a lengthy process! Do you need a shortcut? Go for the top choice – Accubwebhosting free plan, and there’s no tricks hidden in that plan!

 Control panel

Several hosts do provide the convenience of a control panel with their free web hosting plans, and that highly helps. A control panel is the synonym of convenience, and as we know, most of the free web hosting seekers are freshers, the presence of a control panel makes their life a breeze!

What if you’re not getting one?

Your priority should be acquiring a free plan with a control panel, but if you find one without a control panel, but it’s providing you enough convenience, then also it’s OK. You can get such a plan, and later on, download a control panel separately (might include a cost).

Bandwidth limit

In most of the free web hosting plans, the hosts don’t prove to be generous enough to provide enough bandwidth, as this is the part from where they can earn from you in the future.

Bandwidth is indicated in GB/TB per month, and you should know that the bandwidth limit doesn’t exceed the amount of data your website will deliver to your clients.

So, what should be an ideal bandwidth with any generous free plan? We’d say, 2GB is cool, but some offer even more!

Storage Space

No matter it’s a free or a paid plan, storage space always matters. Currently, let’s discuss the free plans.

Estimate your website’s storage space, and decide accordingly! It might happen that your data stays below 500MB, and it might also exceed even 2-3 GB, right?

If you’re confused regarding what you need, 5 GB space is enough for a small business. However, you’ll find very few free plans with that much space.

Just consider what’s your website’s content going to be and figure out accordingly. For websites with the majority of the data in the form of text, even 1-2 GB storage is enough.

Keep one thing in mind! More data and less storage limit clearly mean that delivering the content form your website to your clients will be too lengthy, and nobody prefers waiting for search results!

 E-mail account feature

We all know the necessity of a business Email, and most of the hosting plans do provide this feature in today’s date. The question is, are you getting one with your free web hosting plan, and if not, then what’s the disadvantage!

4 out of our top 10 best free web hosting plan guides were providing the Email account feature. So, should you reject a free deal just for this? Actually, that won’t make sense.

If you’re seeking a free web hosting plan, you are certainly not looking for establishing a serious business! However, many free plans even include multiple email account support, which is undoubted, sweet, but if you aren’t getting one, with a free plan, it isn’t that big issue, if other offerings in the plan are cool.

Backups: Are you getting too greedy?

Daily backup is always a huge convince, no matter your web hosting plan is a free one or the most expensive one. We know the importance of this feature as well.

One would say, expecting reliable daily backups with a free hosting plan is too much, but in today’s reality, it’s not!

Providing you such a backup facility with free plans is pretty challenging for any web host, as it involves tons of hassle, expense, manpower, resources, etc. So, the majority of the host prefers stepping back when it comes to providing backups.

Some might provide you daily backups while some promise weekly backups. Yes, you should look for a free plan proving this feature, because if not, then getting backups will cost you (because you need a separate source for that)!

Free web hosting and domain registration: Is there anything negative?

Everything coming for free isn’t cool, we know that! The same goes with the free domain registration! Well, is it cool, or are there some negatives hidden?

Of course, you can face some issues with a free domain! Let’s cherish the positives first!

Why is free domain registration good?

The very first advantage, of course, is the cost! These free domains, in most of the cases, are cool enough for a year. Yes, that means that after one year, the cost will be included. Now, in case you’re planning some blogs, which are for a temporary purpose, then obviously, you’d prefer paying nothing for the domain for one year.

For those who are fresh to websites, will look upon free domain feature as a money saver. If the website which you’re using is offering you seamless paid upgrades, then it’s even sweeter.

In this way, until your website starts expanding, you can roll on with a free domain! Whenever you feel the need to upscale it, you can simply upgrade your plan, and permit your website to expand.

Talking about the best free web hosting plans, then generally do provide free domain registration. Yes, free websites are perfect for those, looking to create temporary space, and when the website begins flourishing, you can acquire a paid plan. 

Why is free domain registration bad?

A free domain can be called a bare bone, and they are pretty limited in terms of features. Paid domains come with several offerings over a free one. If you want a domain to fully met your preference, then you shouldn’t go for the free domain.

You might not get a normal “.com” in your URL. Even in some cases, websites leave a part of their domain in your URL.

The bottom line is – if you don’t get free domain registration with your free hosting plan, it isn’t a big issue. Domains are available at unbelievably low cost, and most importantly, you get more features.

Number of domains per account

Obviously, you get one with all plans, but some plans add on more flexibility by permitting you to add more than one domain (sites) per hosting plan. So, how can that be beneficial? Are there any tricks hidden? Of course, a free hosting plan with a wider allowance looks bright, but you better read the following:

The positive:

The very first positive doesn’t even need any explanation. If you aren’t that confirm regarding the selection of a niche, then sometimes you have to try two or three. After that, you can see what’s working for you, and later on, you can put more energy and time over that niche.

With a free hosting plan, providing multiple domain allowance, email accounts, etc., prove to be beneficial fora group of students, who want to work together, but want to keep all technicalities at one spot, and most importantly, don’t want to shed money! All can run none website each!

The negatives:

There isn’t a straight negative here. There are other things that are affecting here and generating negatives. If bandwidth and storage space is less, then how would you manage to host multiple domains?

So, many times, hosts use the “multi-domain hosting feature” just as an attraction, while in reality, it never proves to be practical. We strictly recommend you ensure that the bandwidth and storage space as enough for whatever number of domains you’re looking forward to hosting.

3 major questions regarding free web hosting

We’re confident that regarding free web hosting, most of the things are clear till now, but we are targeting the three most frequent questions, which we’ll prefer answering in detail.

How safe is free web hosting?

Free web hosting has a pretty bad image till now, regarding reliability, safety, speed, features, etc. and till now, you have read experts flaunting all dangers. The times have changed pretty much now.

Due to heavy competition in web hosting, almost all leading web hosting providers are working on increasing their client base by providing a dependable free web hosting service.

Many people have started finding a free web hosting plan convenient enough than what they used to be! However, you need to spend time research which host is providing an unbeatable free plan. You can rely on any of the 5 plans mentioned up there.

However, we cannot deny from the fact that if you move out of those top 5, you can easily fall for a bright looking free plan, with hardly any safety on offer. The majority of the free plans don’t ensure safety; that’s true!

Which is the free web hosting for students

It’s true that the students attain a bit extra luxury with free web hosting, as a few top class hosts providing “a pinch of extra” with those free plans, which are specially dedicated to the students. We highly considered, which is the best free web hosting for the students, and we’ve got the answer!

The free plan from is triumphant, as here, you get 2GB Storage (Pure SSD), 30GB Bandwidth, 25 Email Accounts, Horde Webmail, and other such amazing features.

That question isn’t as useless as it sounds! Actually, the question is – “what’s the difference between those cheap web hosting plans and an entirely free one.” What all is there to cope up with free hosting in comparison to cheap plans.

Well, the harsh truth is, you’re getting much more if you’re willing to pay just $3-4 a month over something that’s free. Safety will be better, convenience will be high, and your overall experience will be fuss-free!

Accuwebhosting provides a personal web hosting plan @$3.09, which brings truly unbelievable features such as 10 GB Pure SSD Storage, 500 GB Monthly Bandwidth, cPanel, 150 Email Accounts, free website migration, and the list is long!

So, spending just $3 on such a plan seems a 10x brighter and smarter choice rather than a free plan.

Ultimate Best Free Web Hosting in 2020: The Final Word!

So, don’t you feel some myths are cleared? Choosing a free host plan is pretty smart in many cases, and why not to save money, when you actually can?

It highly depends upon your plan, whether you should get a free plan, or willingly spend $3-4 for much more reliability. For all those, seeking to try out their first website, we’d recommend the free plan from Accuwebhosting, as there you attain highest-level comfort, especially regarding features and safety!

We’d repeat, if you feel that you’ve got a bit firm plans, and want to lay a strong foundation for your future website, personal web hosting plan @$3.09, from Accuwebhosting is what we’ll recommend.

That’s over and out : )

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