What are the disadvantages of Dedicated Server Hosting?

Disadvantages of Dedicated Server Hosting


The most disconcerting factor of the Dedicated Server Hosting is the cost, but alas, there are other disadvantages, such as The Web Hosting Provider charges hefty monthly fees as you're paying not just for the physical hosting, but also for the hardware on which the site resides. 


While in the short run, this is cheaper than the large capital outlay required to get co-location up and running, over time, this model is much more expensive.


There are a few disadvantages to a dedicated server hosting arrangement.


The first is the hefty monthly charge that you will have to put in exchange for your freedom and exclusive hosting. And even if you manage this, you will need to have very good technical skills to be able to run the server and solve all the technical problems as they occur. 


This may prove to be very time-consuming sometimes. If you choose to hire somebody to do it for you, you will need to pay them, which means that you will also incur certain maintenance costs that you would not ordinarily incur with shared hosting.


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                    What are the advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting?


Dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared hosting services. The cost per month can be as high as $99 and up. While this may not be a problem for many business websites, it is often too expensive for an individual to pay each month to host their website. 


For some websites, such as a hobby website, the cost for a dedicated server is often just too much. For larger websites, especially those for businesses and organizations, the price is often more acceptable.




If you have unmanaged dedicated hosting, your hosting services can take up a great deal of time and money to maintain. Administrating tasks on a server can be very difficult, especially if you have very little technical training and knowledge. 


For this reason, you will need one or more people on staff who have the technical knowledge necessary to manage your hosting services. If you do not have an IT staff, that means that whoever works on the hosting end of your business will not have as much time for other tasks.


When you do not have someone knowledgeable enough to manage your hosting experience, you will need to hire an IT person or outsource the work. This will cost your business money in excess of your dedicated server hosting fees. 


The costs can add up quickly when paying someone to deal with the technical end of your business. It may be more cost-effective to consider managed dedicated hosting. In this instance, the web-hosting provider will handle many of the technical and maintenance tasks.


Another potential disadvantage to dedicated hosting is that you do not have physical access to the server. Your web hosting provider will be responsible for maintaining the actual server. They will provide security measures to protect your server and data. 


And they will be responsible for performing server backups. If you have a good host, this is not much of a problem. However, if you select a host that is not so good, you could lose data or have a service that does not perform as well as expected for the cost.


Another disadvantage to dedicated hosting is the lack of free scripts and other additional features that those on a shared server have access to. Most web hosts offer these preinstalled on their shared hosting packages but leave them off the dedicated servers. 


As customers who use a dedicated server have needs that are more specific and generally are more knowledgeable about site-building, it is left up to them to install the software and services that they need.


Here’s the list of disadvantages


>> The cost is generally much higher than shared hosting.


>> The Web Hosting Provider charges hefty monthly fees as you're paying not just for the physical hosting but also for the hardware on which the site resides. While in the short run, this is cheaper than the large capital outlay required to get co-location up and running, over time, this model is more expensive.


>> The server is the property of the service provider, which means all you own is the data you put on the server.


>> Unlike co-location, you cannot simply pick up your server and walk away if you're unhappy with the service.


>> Many providers do not allow IRC (eggdrops, clients, or daemons). This is due to rogue IRC users triggering DDoS attacks against the provider, which may overwhelm their networks, lowering service quality for all customers.


>> Website hosting dedicated server providers do not allow Adult content.


>> Spam is usually restricted by the Dedicated hosting server providers' acceptable use policy.


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