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I’d like some suggestions about potential flash hosting solutions for a project. We will be hosting a tabbed presentation, which will feature 6 FLV files with a size of around 100MB each. We estimate somewhere between 100 and 5000 concurrent users. However, we will need to take into account higher-than-anticipated traffic numbers. We will also need to stream this video to users around the world. And of course, there should be tools for reporting views, etc.

I’m new to flash hosting, so if anyone could point me in the right direction, I’d much appreciate it!

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Mesas answered 12 years ago
Mesas answered 12 years ago

You can with vps companies for your flash site hosting but first look at the following plan maybe meets your requirements

[Windows VPS Plan 2048]

RAM: 2048 MB
CPU cores: 4
Disk space: 100 GB
Data transfer: 1500 GB
Operating System: Windows 2008 Enterprise (R2 also available)
[100 GB HDD FREE!]

Price first month: $44.95

Genevieveackles answered 12 years ago
Genevieveackles answered 12 years ago

Hello Conjuand ,

In my opinion 100mb is extremely large for a flash file...I hope you have a proactive loader for it.If your actualy planning for a 3 TB concurrent usage, so youd need: ROUGHLY, 100TB of bandwidth a month.....
100TB of bandwidth would cost....well...ALOT, not even host gator or somebody could offer you that amount for a respectable budget.

ServerSea answered 12 years ago
ServerSea answered 12 years ago

Pogue, That depend of the number of visitos and hits, however, to the OP, you need for sure a dedicated server, with 100/5000 concurrent users, indeed, probably a load balanced setting is what you'll need.

Also, if you're going to convert the files to FLV on the server, you have to set up ffmpeg on it.

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