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There are thousands of web hosting providers in the UK. Before you choose the one that will fit your needs the best, you can read our article on factors to consider before buying a web hosting and use these free tools to evaluate their metrics. Make sure you bookmark this page so you can come back whenever you need to test something about your hosting service or you are comparing hosting providers. Here are the tools we use in our top 10 reviews:

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Vansyvansy answered 5 years ago
Vansyvansy answered 5 years ago

1 Select Host Provider

Select a provider

Step 1
Begin the speed test by selecting a provider.
2 Choose server location

Europe USA
Do you want to know how fast your your web hosting provider is? Or do you want to check the web hosting company you are interested in? It's time to try out the easy-to-use PickupHost Speed-test.

To get the most accurate result when measuring the response time of a server, choose one of the regions where you are located at the time of measuring ping. This helps to get a more accurate reading of the parameters for the speed test.

The smallest number on the dial indicates fast server response, while a larger number reflects a slow response speed. Note the additional tab labeled "Statistic"; here you can view the statistic of automatic measurement of pings for a selected period of time.

3 Start Speed Test

Speed Test
The Fastest Hosting Companies in the last 7 days.
ProviderAverage RatingEuropeUSAInMotion Hosting
4.9 Stars98 reviews
Visit Hosting
89 ms - Super fast
7 ms - Turbo
4.5 Stars51 reviews
Visit Hosting
97 ms - Super fast
25 ms - Turbo
4.5 Stars49 reviews
Visit Hosting
85 ms - Super fast
81 ms - Super fast
4.2 Stars21 reviews
Visit Hosting
11 ms - Turbo
97 ms - Super fast
3.9 Stars19 reviews
Visit Hosting
90 ms - Super fast
47 ms - Turbo
4.4 Stars9 reviews
Visit Hosting
6 ms - Turbo
35 ms - Turbo
3.5 Stars10 reviews
Visit Hosting
107 ms - Fast
23 ms - Turbo
4.8 Stars1 reviews
Visit Hosting
148 ms - Fast
89 ms - Super fast
4.2 Stars4 reviews
Visit Hosting
10 ms - Turbo
29 ms - Turbo
4.5 Stars3 reviews
Visit Hosting
116 ms - Fast
144 ms - Fast
4.4 Stars3 reviews
Visit Hosting
146 ms - Fast
176 ms - Good
4.4 Stars2 reviews
Visit Hosting
5 ms - Turbo
29 ms - Turbo
4.1 Stars2 reviews
Visit Hosting
104 ms - Fast
67 ms - Super fast
2.7 Stars3 reviews
Visit Hosting
125 ms - Fast
72 ms - Super fast
3.5 Stars2 reviews
Visit Hosting
6 ms - Turbo
18 ms - Turbo
Things you need to know about Fast Hosting Speed and Loading time:
You only have 3 Seconds to catch your User’s attention! Speed is Key!

How to test hosting speedWith Modern Technology today, did you know that you have only three seconds to catch your user’s attention on the internet? After three seconds the user will either close your page or website or look for an alternative. You don’t want to lose business just because of loading time and definitely not to your competition. Site abandonment is due to the fast paced world we live in. We expect everything to be instant and right now.

When choosing a web hosting service you have to check the Web hosting Speed as well, you don’t want your users or clients to abandon your website before they even know what you have to offer. You must make sure that you check hosting speed before signing up.

Sometimes it is even worthwhile to spend a little more money on your monthly hosting to guarantee fast hosting speed. This can make all the difference when selling a service or product to clients. Fast hosting Speed can be the difference between a site visitor and an actual sale. There are so many websites on the World Wide Web today that you need to make sure yours stands out. You don’t want to be just another site amongst the billions.

Your visitors need the super fast loading time to get hooked. Once hooked- the journey to turning them into customers is not that far off.

Things to consider:
Finding out which is the fastest web hosting provider is extremely difficult. Basic tests such as server response times only measure the speed of the first response from the server. Site speed from a user point of view is more about page load time and this is affected by many different things such as:
The size of the page
Amount of images
Amount and weight of videos
Server configuration
All these need to be noted and cared for as well. How fast your site loads also depends on how you set up your website. You may find that moving forward you may want to change images and videos to lighter images and videos in order to help the site load faster.

Google actually takes loading time into consideration when giving you ranking. Google will provide higher ranking to fast loading sites and lower the ranking of slow loading sites. Google will also give slow loading sites lower Adword scores and sometimes higher costs.
With faster hosting you will probably get more page views, longer user visits and more return visits. All these will increase your sales and outreach at the end of the day.

Akshay_M answered 1 year ago
Akshay_M answered 1 year ago

When trying to evaluate your web hosting performance and server speed, you should look closely at the distribution of website components in relation to how long they take to load. If your issue is caused by a server, you will see that non-cache website features offer a relatively even distribution when it comes to component load times. This might give an inaccurate picture of what’s going on, unless you are dealing with an exceptionally low time to first byte.

When a website has severe server issues, they become apparent when trying to access a website that the end-user has already cached. This is where you are going to see that the time to first byte duration takes a lot longer than it really should. In a number of instances, time to first byte is the primary component that leads to overall website latency. Of course, the best way for you to get a clear picture of everything that is going on is by doing an in-depth web hosting server speed test.

Jennifer Thomas answered 1 year ago
Jennifer Thomas answered 1 year ago

Too many web hosting are available out of there, so it's not easy and possible to test each and every one. I have an easy solution to choose the right one for your website which fits your all need perfectly.
consider some factors when you go with any hosting company
- your budget
- your expected traffic and their traffic range
- load time
- rock-solid security and backup system
- responsive platforms
- ram size
- required features are available in that according to your website

if you get satisfied with all these factors then you can choose that one, I think this one way also takes so many time of yours, let explore easiest solution is serverwala- the best datacenter where you can find the suitable and responsive server and affordable packages.

Daniel165 answered 1 year ago
Daniel165 answered 1 year ago

I'd love to share the simple steps You need to ask for IP of hosting plan and open CMD

and type ping XXX.XXX.XXX.XX ( IP )

you will get a result like this

Daniel Clark.

Hazel_01 answered 5 years ago
Hazel_01 answered 5 years ago

- client reviews
- customer support
- Service uptime
- Network speed
- check their test IPs
- compare plans, prices with other hosts
- Discounts on web hosting plan.
- easy Addon upgrades
- Instant/Quick service setup
these will help you to select some good web hosting company and required plan.

Maeacuemo answered 5 years ago
Maeacuemo answered 5 years ago

You can test your web host in this website ---> tools.pingdom

They build this Website Speed Test to help you analyze the load speed of your websites and learn how to make them faster. It lets you identify what about a web page is fast, slow, too big, what best practices you're not following, and so on.

Etechsupport answered 1 year ago
Etechsupport answered 1 year ago

Here is some basic point to test your web hosting company OR web hosting provider
1. Test your server
2. Monitor your server 24x7x365 with the server monitoring tool
3. Check server first-byte time
4. Distribution of webpage components
5. Test your server speed

LibertyVPS answered 5 years ago
LibertyVPS answered 5 years ago

Personal website hosting is a booming business. People everywhere are building websites to post precious wedding pictures, baby pictures, family video clips, party invitations, personal blogs and more. You don't need to be an expert to pull this of either.

Farhanidea answered 5 years ago
Farhanidea answered 5 years ago

Step 1 Select Host Provider. Select a provider. ...
2 Choose server location.
3 Start Speed Test. . ...
Step 1 Enter the URL or IP Address of the host provider below
Step 2 Choose server location. Europe. ...
Step 3 Start Speed Test.

Saurabh Mathur answered 5 years ago
Saurabh Mathur answered 5 years ago

You can test web hosting provider in many way like, clients reviews, Customer support etc but you get proper knowledge when you buy hosting from that company and used the support services.Then you will get the proper knowledge about that company.

VPSlices answered 4 years ago
VPSlices answered 4 years ago

You also have to consider the company reputation, avoid it if there's any past scam attempts or something, also consider checking their ToS and Privacy Policy, sometimes these legal documents causes troubles after you choose them.

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