looking for Data Center supports 8 or more HDDs Servers

Hello ,

i'm looking for a data center offer dedicated servers supports more than 4HDDs with good price , i mean about 8 - 12 HDDs in the machine .

i need huge disk space with multiple hard drives , it doesn't matter the location if in USA or EU .

Data CenterDedicated server
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2 Answers

Dikos answered 9 years ago
Dikos answered 9 years ago

Try to check out novatrend.ch - they have their own Data Center based in Switzerland.
There seems to be virtually no down-time, and their servers are extremely fast. The mail system works great, and their MySQL servers work better than any we have tried to date.

Crook-sam answered 9 years ago
Crook-sam answered 9 years ago

How much disc space, RAM and bandwidth do you require?

I suppose that it will be easier to recommend you smth if you tell us more requirements.

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