What is the difference between shared and reseller web hosting?

Shared hosting is usually used as personal webspace for a single domain. You are able to host as many subdomains as you want, which could be reached by the following: Reseller web hosting is an excellent way for web designers to host multiple DOMAINS in one place and a great way to start a top web hosting company of your own. 


As a reseller, you host your own clients' sites on our servers and handle the technical support and billing responsibilities for your clients.


  1. The price of reseller hosting plans is lower than shared hosting plans.


  2. The inventory you get in reseller hosting plans is much higher when compared to shared hosting.


  3. Outsource the reseller hosting support; you will have more time to focus on your work than spending time on hosting support.


  4. There is better manageability of accounts with reseller hosting as you have one hosting account to manage all clients.


  5. Reseller hosting accounts can be re-branded to say that you are the hosting company that is providing these services to end-user.


  6. A reseller hosting account can also be integrated with packages like modern bill / H-sphere to have a better billing system.


  7. Reseller hosting plan is the most affordable and unique hosting plan, which offers higher inventory and complete automation than a shared hosting plan.


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Most personal and small business users will have no use for a reseller account; a reseller account is useful to those users who have a number of websites and want to save money, as a reseller account can be cheaper than purchasing multiple shared hosting accounts.


With a reseller account, you can also sell hosting, so this can be a relatively cheap step into the hosting business. You have the flexibility of controlling your own clients, creating, suspending, and terminating accounts. 


You also have the knowledge that the server is being maintained for you, so you only have to worry about your clients and website.


If you own a number of websites, using a reseller account can save you money, and you can create accounts when you need them and share the resources between your websites easily. 


You can find reseller hosting accounts with plenty of bandwidth and disk space for around $25 - $50 a month, which can be a big saving if you have a number of websites needing hosting.


You also don't have to worry about the maintenance of the server since the web host should have this covered. You should also receive technical support included with your account.


If you have plans to start to own a web hosting business, a reseller account can be an easy first step in the hosting industry. It is a relatively low-cost solution, meaning you can concentrate primarily on building your business slowly and generate a steady monthly income. 


One of the biggest mistakes new hosts make is trying to accomplish too much in a short period of time. This can lead to unhappy customers and evidently losing clients.


Potential clients may not be totally confident purchasing a hosting account from a reseller, because you in effect, are the middle man. If a problem arises with the server or a customer's account, they need to contact you, and if you are unable to deal with the problem yourself, you would, in turn, have to contact your host. 


This can be a long process, from initially receiving the first support request to getting the problem resolved. However, if you have proper customer support in place, this shouldn't be a major problem.


As a reseller, as I said above, you have limited access to admin functions, and if you have experience with the control panel and server software, you may find this annoying. The only thing I can suggest is asking the host if it would be possible for them to enable your account more with admin privileges. 


The worse thing the host can say is 'no,' so it's worth a try.


Shared web hosting is a type of web hosting where you buy web space for your personal websites from web-hosting companies. Reseller web hosting is a type of web hosting where you buy the bulk of space and can resell it for profit.


A shared account is when a bunch of websites shares a server, and they are all hosted off from it. A reseller account is the same, except you get so much space and so much bandwidth that you can do whatever you want with it. 

With the reseller account, you can host unlimited domains and sell space to your friends at your given price.

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Anonymous commented 12 years ago
Anonymous commented 12 years ago

Hello, I have two questions with regard to your reseller hosting packages. 1) How can I make sure that my customers will not be able to send bulk emails ? 2) Is it possible to set an SMTP limit via the control panel or do you already have one in place? Thank you. David John Williams biomed-translations@t-online.de

Anonymous commented 9 years ago
Anonymous commented 9 years ago

The Shared Hosting doesn't come with Root access, weahres VPS provides root access to the server. Unlike , VPS also allows you to install any third part applications

Anonymous commented 8 years ago
Anonymous commented 8 years ago

Thanks for this information. The above blog provides very beneficial data about cheap reseller hosting and shared hosting. Everyone can easily understand the difference between reseller hosting and shared hosting.

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