Best Windows Reseller Hosting for Rapid Income

Best windows reseller hosting for rapid income: Is it really that easy to succeed and start earning instantly? No, choosing a Windows Reseller hosting is not an easy task. It requires a deep understanding of everything related to windows reseller hosting and many more.

The fact that you’re reading our Best Windows Reseller Hosting blog shows that you’re interested in beginning your business with a Windows reseller hosting or understanding how it works. The internet is currently filled with fantastic opportunities for making cash.

This ultimate Windows Reseller hosting guide will take you through the whole process of considerations when determining which Windows Reseller hosting is ideal for your business. You’ll be highly confident about beginning your business with windows web hosting after reading the advantages in this ultimate guide!

Are you in haste? Is your soup boiling? Let’s list does the 5 Best windows reseller hosts to trust:

  • Accuweb
  • Reseller Club
  • A2
  • Bigrock
  • Hostgator

Now, let’s go deep!


What is Windows Reseller Hosting?

You might have a faint idea of what exactly does windows reseller hosting mean, right? In simple words, services offer windows reseller hosting to its customers without manufacturing the services.

However, in case you use the internet regularly, try to consider the number of websites you come across daily. Endless, right?

The worldwide web is stuffed with websites from all possible niche, all of which need hosting to stay active on the internet. So, you can easily think about how crowded the hosting market currently is! However, every owner of each site is fighting for one purpose only. Undoubtedly it’s none other than making cash!

Therefore, in case you’re serious about beginning your own business on windows reseller web hosting, it’s essential for you to get everything in place, and this windows reseller hosting guide is exactly what you require. We have listed down 5 best Windows Successful Reseller Hosting for businesses at the end of our post.

Windows Reseller hosting is a currently hot trend for those businesses, which everybody seems to be doing. However, do they all

Top Windows Reseller Hosting for Best Income

Here, we’ll describe the five super amazing Windows reseller hosting providers to choose, which we’ve evaluated after diving into the ocean of experimentation and testings.

1.) Accuweb Windows Reseller Hosting: It’s Something Adorable!

Best Windows Reseller Hosting

As you know, in reseller hosting, you purchase bulk hosting and sell them to your clients at whatever cost you feel is good. Now, for making good money, you need to either fetch out a good margin per sale or you have to expand your client base while keeping little margin to gross as per expectations.

Accuweb understands that deeply, and they are benefiting you form both the sides. You aren’t just getting their Windows reseller hosting at an ultra-cheap price, but also, their plans are so amazing that you can conveniently sell tons of them.

Accuweb’s Windows Reseller Hosting is perfect for boosting the confidence of beginners, as they can straightaway begin grossing good, and for the geeks, there’s much to do! 

What’s the pricing of Accuweb Windows Reseller Hosting?

Silver Plan (Plesk Windows Reseller) Golden Plan (Plesk Windows Reseller) Platinum plan (Plesk Windows Reseller)
$26.99 /mo. (Yearly cycle) $71.20 /mo. (Yearly cycle) $131.05 /mo. (Yearly cycle)
15 Domains (Sites) in 1 Account 35 Domains (Sites) in 1 Account 65 Domains (Sites) in 1 Account
150 GB Bandwidth Limits 300 GB Bandwidth Limits 600 GB Bandwidth Limits
50 GB Pure SSD Storage – Raid10 Setup 100 GB Pure SSD Storage – Raid10 Setup 150 GB Pure SSD Storage – Raid10 Setup
500 MB disk space per MSSQL Database 500 MB disk space per MSSQL Database 500 MB disk space per MSSQL Database
Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Sub Domains Unlimited Sub Domains Unlimited Sub Domains
CDN Hosting (Addon $3.95 / Mo.) CDN Hosting (Addon $3.95 / Mo.) CDN Hosting (Addon $3.95 / Mo.)
Free Setup Free Setup Free Setup
15 Microsoft SQL Database 35 Microsoft SQL Database 65 Microsoft SQL Database
Included Control Panel – Plesk Included Control Panel – Plesk Included Control Panel – Plesk
Unlimited FTP Accounts Unlimited FTP Accounts Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Database Unlimited MySQL Database Unlimited MySQL Database

Some sweet features attracting you toward Accuweb

There’s much to enjoy with Accuweb’s Windows reseller hosting. Plesk panel is available with reseller access to manage your customer’ accounts, and also, the international domains are supported. If you’re expecting secure daily backup of all accounts, then you won’t feel low here. There’s no additional cost for that.

THE latest IIS10 will host your clients’ sites with Classic ASP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, PHP, Microsoft Jet,.Net Core, Perl, VBScript, Visual InterDev, XML Parser, and WebDAV support. The resources are easily scalable, and you keep all the data intact while doing so.

Besides upgrading their hardware every now and then, Accuweb never oversells stuff. Their servers can conveniently host your clients’ custom site, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, or any other scripts your client may desire to run. In case your unsure concerning whether your application will work efficiently or no, their technical experts are always there to help you!

Expert’s word

Rather than investing high money or renting servers directly, you can gross great profit with Accuweb’s Windows reseller hosting, and considering whatever is on offer; you won’t have to do much hassle in selling the hosting plans and earning. The transfer of websites is hassle-less, and even the 30-day money-back policy is backing up.

Reliability, agility, and unbeatable speed are the big factor which can help to make your reseller hosting business successful, and you’re attaining all of them with Accuweb. No matter how experienced you are, you’ll be able to reap out great benefits out of this reseller hosting form this amazingly generous web host! Just go for it.

2) Reseller Club Windows Reseller Hosting: Something really appreciable

Best Windows Reseller Hosting

Reseller Club is a big name, and thy re fully dedicated to what we’re discussing here! For all those, who want to be n the long race of reseller hosting, Reseller Club has got every single bit of assistance. They’ve got 4 plans for Windows hosting, and all of them permit to host unlimited websites!

A smart person can reap many benefits form their plans, and considering the price, it isn’t a thing to piss anybody! Especially the disc space and bandwidth are appreciable for the price. Their R3 plan is the most recommendable one, which starts at $44.99/month if you grab it for 3 years.

 What’s the pricing of Reseller Club Windows Reseller Hosting?

R1 R2 R3 R4
3 Years @ $17.99 /mo 3 Years @ $21.99 /mo 3 Years @ $27.99 /mo 3 Years @ $44.99 /mo
Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites
Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate
 10 GB Disk Space 25 GB Disk Space 50 GB Disk Space 100 GB Disk Space
200 GB Data Transfer 500 GB Data Transfer 1000 GB Data Transfer 2000 GB Data Transfer
Unlimited Email Unlimited Email Unlimited Email Unlimited Email
Unlimited Plesk Accounts Unlimited Plesk Accounts Unlimited Plesk Accounts Unlimited Plesk Accounts

What are the Amazing Features

Considering features, Reseller Club understands the requirements rather than attracting shiny features. You can reap max advantage out of your Reseller Club Reseller account and manage/sell over 800 domains, hosting email & other numerous complementary products via their unique Control Panel.

There are premium safety features working to shield you against potential issues. Besides that, there’s CDN (Content deliver network) on offer. Reseller Club’s expert team is always dedicated to solving your queries instantly.

They utilize Hyperthreaded Intel Xeon Dual-Core processors. They successfully deliver terrific stability, redundancy, and scalability for your Windows Reseller Hosting.

Expert’s word

If you are new and somewhat baffled about running a Web Hosting business, or scared because of complexities, then Resellers Club stands tall and eliminates all those fears. Plesk Panel is provided for simplifying your whole reseller business, and you can conveniently create provision and edit custom Hosting Plans as per your clients’ requirements.

Undoubtedly, Reseller Club Windows Reseller Hosting can bring high income to you, and this host stands on all big considerations. However, you won’t earn as fast and big as you could do with Accuweb. Still, Reseller Club is a considerable choice.

3.) A2 Windows Reseller Hosting: A cool package!

Best Windows Reseller Hosting

Beginning from $14.51, A2 Windows Reseller Hosting impresses you in certain ways, and especially their pricing is something you’ll surely like. If you make a reseller account at A2 Hosting, you can guarantee tremendous speed to your clients, and speed has always been a big positive factor for A2.

Some development solutions will be included with your account as well including Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Access Database, Silverlight 4 or 5, Classic ASP, PHP 5.6, 7.0 or 7.1, Windows Server 2012, ASP.NET 2.x, 3.x & 4.x, MVC 4 or 5 .NET Core 2.2, FTP / SFTP, SSL & Free SSL, MySQL 5.6.

 What’s the pricing of A2 Windows Reseller Hosting?

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
$14.51* $19.79* $25.73* $42.23*
30 GB Storage 75 GB Storage 150 GB Storage 200 GB Storage
400 GB Transfer 600 GB Transfer 1000 GB Transfer 2000 GB Transfer
20X Faster Turbo Option 20X Faster Turbo Option 20X Faster Turbo Option 20X Faster Turbo Option
Free SSL & SSD Free SSL & SSD Free SSL & SSD Free SSL & SSD
Plesk Control Panel Plesk Control Panel Plesk Control Panel Plesk Control Panel
Free eNom Reseller Account Free eNom Reseller Account Free eNom Reseller Account Free eNom Reseller Account
Anytime Money Back Guarantee Anytime Money Back Guarantee Anytime Money Back Guarantee Anytime Money Back Guarantee

Star Features of A2 Hosting

Like several other leading Windows reseller hosting providers, A2 also promises 30-day money return. Now, your clients might have resource-intensive websites as well, and you don’t have to skip those clients! Fine-tuned SwiftServer platform makes pages load blazingly fast (including heavy pages).

When you’re running a reseller hosting business, be ready to be asked for the uptime guarantee by your clients, and if you say 99%, then also you might lose them. They’re smart enough to understand that even 1% downtime means 3.5 days a year, which isn’t acceptable.

Fortunately, A2 promises 99.99% uptime with their windows reseller hosting, and that’s something joyous. If you want to start hosting your own clients on your Reseller account, it’s very convenient at A2 Hosting with Plesk control panel, which is very user-friendly and easily operable. Yes, site transfer is free!

Expert’s word

You know, what’s the biggest attraction with A2 besides its tremendous speed? It’s their unique lifetime money return guarantee, and their hosting is flowing like flood here. Customer support is something every reseller hosting buyer should deeply consider, as being a reseller client, assisting customers isn’t your job!

If the customer support isn’t good, all your hard work is wasted. Fortunately, A2 has always got its hands up when it comes to customer support and earned numerous good remarks from the reseller customer as well.

4) Bigrock Windows Reseller Hosting: There’s enough juice!

Promising 99.99% uptime, here comes Bigrock with amazing Windows reseller hosting, and there are several factors associated with this service for which we ranked it in our 5 best Windows reseller hosting countdown.With one click, you can install any of the 300+ applications (WordPress, Drupal etc.)

What’s the pricing of Bigrock Windows Reseller Hosting?

$21.49/mo* $18.99/mo* $38.59/mo* $27.39/mo*
100 GB Space 10 GB Space 100 GB Space 50 GB Space
500 GB Transfer 200 GB Transfer 2000 GB Transfer 1000 GB Transfer
FREE SSL Certificate FREE SSL Certificate FREE SSL Certificate FREE SSL Certificate
Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites

Are the Features Reliable Enough?

You enjoy Distributed DNS infrastructure and flexibility of unlimited sub-domains and email accounts. Email is accessible from the desired  device with state-of-the-art Webmail. It’s powered by MailEnable. chat and email support are available as well, and if your client feels stuck up, he can do “tring-tring,” and get help from a human.

You get Leverage features of Plesk along with protected directories and custom error pages. Customer support is tremendous as  they have a fully qualified Support team for Providing full assistance. However, they don’t offer direct support to your customers.

Expert’s word

Undoubtedly, anyone can ensure the fast growth of their website using Bigrock Windows reseller hosting, and you, as a reseller, have hardly any hassle to face! There every sort of assistance, starting from the speed, to security, and all major considerations falling in between!

Award winning Parallels Plesk panel comes with your Hosting package, helping you manage your site and associated services including emails and DNS.

5) TMD Windows Reseller Hosting: It’s true Gold!

TMD Windows Reseller Hosting

many of us know about TMD Hosting, and how tremendous its services have been over years. They’ve marked their excellence with their windows reseller hosting service as well. If you’ve newly dipped your feet in reseller business, then choosing TMD for laying the foundation of your reseller business is a cool idea.

What’s the pricing of TMD Windows Reseller Hosting?




$13.95mo* $18.95mo* $24.95mo*
30 days Money back guarantee 30 days Money back guarantee 30 days Money back guarantee
400GB Bandwidth 600GB Bandwidth 1000GB Bandwidth
30GB SSD Space 75GB SSD Space 150GB SSD Space
Unlimited Websites Hosted Unlimited Websites Hosted Unlimited Websites Hosted
Plesk Onyx Plesk Onyx Plesk Onyx
Basic Caching Advanced Caching Extreme Caching
3x Performance
Let’s Encrypt SSL included

How Juicey are the Features

TMD uses Premium Intel Solid State Drives (SSD) as a foundation for their infrastructure. SSD fully outperforms the traditional hard-disk drives and it’s considered to load page around 20 times faster. If you differentiate the speed of TMD Windows Reseller Hosting to a number of other such services, figuring our that TMD is actually much faster isn’t that difficult.

You can also register over 120 premium & discounted Domain Name extensions. Besides that, they can install theme, module and app for you, besides highly complex script debugging , entirely free of charge with their services. Isn’t that cool? Of course 99.99% uptime guarantee is there, and no worries are there about safety!

They do app, module and theme installations, along with more complex script debugging for free of charge with our services. also, you don’t need to worry about caching, as Advanced caching and Extreme caching are available with the Enterprise and Professional plan. Even the cheapest plan comes with the basic caching.

So, the dependence on plugins and various services is eliminated, and that doesn’t just save your money, but also helps in promoting site’s seed (yes, plugins do slow down your website).

Expert’s word

Most importantly, you don’t have to directly invest big money here. You can begin form as low as $13.95, and there are three plans to choose, as you saw up there.

The set of offering with each plan are good enough to attract anyone! Concerning speed, Accuweb, and Reseller host beats this one, but that never means TMD Windows Reseller Hosting isn’t a cool choice.

Importance of Reseller Hosting & Where to Start?

In Windows Reseller Hosting, it’s the most important question.

Starting a business is undoubtedly not a cup of tea. Therefore, it’s advisable to research and gather every possible knowledge about windows reseller hosting before plunging into it headstrong.

Why is Reseller hosting essential & popular?

Windows Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting wherein a person or company purchases a hosting package and sells it to others (hard drive space, bandwidth, etc. are some important factors in every hosting plan.) Windows Reseller hosting is important and famous among businesses that want to offer full convenience to their audiences.

It’s not feasible for the agency and the client both to get work done at 10 different places. Hence, it’s advisable to sell reseller hosting. This hosting is essential for businesses and agencies, which are into making websites.

Rather than asking their clients to purchase hosting from elsewhere, these agencies can resell hosting as an entire web development package.

Another essential question you should ponder on is:

Where to start?

Before beginning a reseller hosting business, you’ll have determined every step you take. For example, you will require a hosting company to resell the hosting plan for; you’ll require a domain name, a website, gather your legal documents in place, etc.

Thus, your first step is to build a business plan, which will assist you to figure out every step you require to take before you launch your business. The business plan will also assist you in drawing the full path you’ll need to take for successfully running your Reseller hosting business.

Which Is the Best Reseller Hosting Plan for You?

Before anything else, you have to figure out which reseller hosting plan you desire to use. Several hosts offer this type of option, and a few will include crucial tools such as one-click installations, billing solutions, WebHost Manager, and uptime guarantees.

Think about the service you desire to provide for your customers, and after comparing, pick out the hosting plans that most closely correlate with your needs. For instance, it’s important that the hosting plan you provide is entirely secure. Additional security measures such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer ) certificates can be a huge benefit to your customers.

You also need to ensure whether your hosting service provider will offer ongoing technical support for your customers. In case they don’t, you’ll require to do it yourself – and that can take up much resources and time.

Here at Accuweb Hosting, for instance, we provide 24/7 access to our expert support team on various our reseller plans:

How Will You Present Your Business?

Presenting your business is very important, as with any other trades, how you present your Reseller hosting service will have a considerable impact on the number of customers who select to use it. It’s crucial to appear professional because clients’ conversion possibilities are higher when they look upon your business as trustworthy.

Hence, you’ll look forward to presenting a credible brand image via your site and customer accounts. In fact, it’s crucial that everything linked to your business’s name is presented in a fully professional manner. A well-populated social media feed can be a tremendous way to increase user trust besides providing excellent customer service simultaneously.

Big considerations

Selecting a reseller hosting is similar to choosing a web hosting for yourself. The only difference existing here is you’ll need to select the web hosting plans that will bring advantages to you in the long run. You need to understand what every hosting provider offers with their reseller hosting plans.


When you have to take a hosting web service, the first fact that most people consider is the price better than looking at the host specs packages. Anyways, price shouldn’t be the determining factor when selecting a hosting provider.

After considering some web-hosting providers, consider the rate differences between them. Make sure you don’t jump on the cheapest offer you came across. It may not compulsorily be the best plan, especially if you intend to make cash out of your hosting business.

Take a close look at the organization that is aiming at long-term contracts at a lesser price. They may not have much to provide. Where you could save cash, on the one hand, you probably lose your freedom to opt for the best hosting organization in the future. 

Technical Specifications

Deeply consider your hosting business, and analyze to find out how you desire your business to work on for you. In case you’re planning to host numerous third party sites with rich videos and media content, then you need to reject the cheapest hosting packages available.

You need the desired processing power, RAM, disk space, etc. you require to meet the provocations of a reseller hosting business. Also, you might be required to spend excess on tackling loading issues and downtime unnecessarily.

Bandwidth Limitations

You need to Consider the bandwidth boundaries of various hosting service providers. Ensure you don’t end up shedding extra money for extra traffic whenever your third party sites have a huge amount of visitors. The majority of hosting companies include an unlimited bandwidth offer for traffic in their hosting plans. Be sharp while tapping on one.

Technical Support

Before selecting a hosting web supplier, focus their reputation for technical support. Watch out if there are different ways of getting via them whenever you foreword technical assistance – toll-free service, email, and so on.

Do they manage 24/7? Do they outsource their support? Identify what kind of technical support the hosting organization offers, especially at midnight. Check how quickly they respond and how effective their response is.

The minimum Contract time period

 What is the minimum contract time period for the reseller hosting account you have? Also, what is the renewal process? You need to ask these quires in order to avoid facing an unwanted shock after.

Another crucial consideration besides the package you select is whether or not you consider them as your future plan’s plan. In common language, what feels right now may not fully tackle your demands a few years later, and that does make sense.

A web-based enterprise needs to focus on future expansion and growth. Hence, in case of a hosting provider finds it challenging to meet your thriving hosting business, certainly an issue can be posed.

Management Panel

While tapping a web hosting company, it’s crucial that they offer a feature-rich control panel to purchase, manage and also renew numerous services conveniently, such as cPanel with Fantastico script installer for automating the installation of web apps to a site.

Money-Back Promise

Money back promise is highly considerable for all Reseller hosting businesses. You require to solidify an assurance that you’ll get your bucks back in case you’re dissatisfied with the service. 

Can you turn a profit?

Sure, there are many people who are earning well in the reseller hosting business. But, have you focused the fact that possibly they joined the reseller hosting job when there were very few organizations?

There are a lot of organizations in the reseller hosting business today. Thus, to make a mark in the reseller hosting business, you should market your website and compete against the well-established companies.

Reseller risks

If you are staring a reseller hosting business, then it will certainly bring some risks and several responsibilities, some of which are as follow–

  • Handling your client’s problems personally.
  • You need to understand that no matter which reseller hosting you choose, you’ll be entirely dependent on its success and stability.
  • Staying organized is among the utmost necessities in administration, backups, and accounts.

Server location

Do you need to host your site closer to the clients? It’s undoubtedly a cool idea but is going to limit your client base. Rather, a better plan is to host from numerous locations around the globe. This way can serve clients perfectly from numerous locations. 

Advantages of Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a plan, which permits the account holder to resell services of web hosting. The account holders, for example, individuals who want to begin a new web hosting companies or are web-designers among others.

The web hosting products, which are resold, incorporate; dedicated servers, shared web hosting accounts, and virtual private servers. The reseller splits the bandwidth as well as the drive space, which is allotted to them fro selling to other people.

Actually, the reseller is a basic middleman between the hosting company & third party account owners. In addition to this, advantages are mentioned below of reseller hosting.

More features in comparison to basic plans

Web hosting organizations ensure that the reseller has control over the services they’re offerings and their customers’ accounts. This is permitted through the additional features indicated on a reseller plan.

Having complete control over one’s service offerings permits the reseller to make their own store, which can incorporate categories of their web hosting products. This option of web hosting enables the reseller to get access to their customers’ information, which incorporates; contact details, billing method, and account status.

Lower cost and expenses

Mostly, reseller web hosting plans are accessible at low expenses. This is an incentive for people to shop these plans as they enhance the number of a parent web hosting clients indirectly. Resellers usually market their services independently. However, most web hosting companies ensure complete service branding that permits their customers to see their services on numerous pages available on the internet. 

The reseller business model is basic, and most parent companies provide resellers with tools that are necessary for them to begin an effective web hosting organization.

Income generation

Not like the basic web hosting plan, the reseller alternative has the feature of revenue generation. Most importantly, the reseller gets income from services, for example, managing data & servers for businesses, which don’t have enough resources and time for doing it themselves—acting as a middleman implies that one gets a part of commission when new customers buy accounts from the parent host via them. 

Mostly, people don’t even know about their reseller is a host or the original host as the reseller organization might be having its own staff to manage their customer requirements. The reseller web hosting service expenses are normally greater in comparison to the parent host’s expenses.

However, their response to their customers might be more effective because of a relatively small number of customers. Upgrading the reseller account is easy, too, for accommodating more customers, which enhances the revenue got. Income generation is undoubtedly a great benefit of reseller hosting.

Focus on the Business

When you select reseller hosting, you can concentrate on the business aspects instead of the technical aspects of running a web hosting business. It’s because every single task related to updates, connectivity, server maintenance, security, etc. are the responsibility of the web hosting service that you’ve rented or bought from.

Room to Expand

In case you have a website, which gets a ton of traffic, having numerous pages, or your business has numerous sites, reseller hosting will offer you with a great number of features & space. Besides that, running different parts of your websites is possible from different URLs and various servers without having to shop additional hosting plans.

Build Your Brand

Although you’re selling other web hosting service provider’s resources, reseller hosting permits you to build your own identity & brand. Essentially, this implies that clients won’t know about your service is rented from another web hosting company. 


In case you’re operating a web development or design business, you will have to at least consider providing fast and reliable hosting to your customers. It will bring benefits to your existing business and highly benefit your clients as well. Still, there are numerous considerations before you begin offering reseller hosting, but we’ve successfully covered the major ones.

Out of all, Accuweb’s reseller hosting is the top choice, as they’re keeping a pretty thin margin of profit. Now, as the cost is low, and resources on offer are great, you can also keep your reselling prices low.

This can certainly develop a great client base for you in a short while. If you aren’t feeling that comfy with Accuweb, you can go with Reseller Club’s Windows reseller hosting, and there also you can earn well, but it might take longer for you!

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