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This is a directory of Hosting companies where we list the major Hosting companies along with a brief summary of who they are and what they offer. There are many hosting companies in operation in all over the world, however we only list the most relevant and big hosting companies in this section.
Hosting Companies come in all shapes and sizes, there are a few very large and there are smaller companies. The list of hosting companies is slightly overwhelming, hence hosting companys comparison sites are a great way to compare lots of hosting packages at once. At TheWebHostingDir.com we try to give you help choosing the right hosting company for you by giving you information on each company (below) and listing their packages in an easy to swallow, concise way.
We do not recommend this area for a hosting package comparison rather this section is intended as a summary of the hosting companies landscape. If you would rather like to compare hosting companies available to you at a hosting package level, you can use our Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers sections which allows you to see which deals are available to you in seconds.
Most of the hosting companies below offer great value web hosting and adequate service, so for that reason if you already have a hosting company in mind simply click through on the below links and sign up on the relevant hosting companys website. By clicking onto the company pages below you can find out what packages each company offers, find out more about company history and read reviews left on this site. At TheWebHostingDir.com we believe that you need to hear the good and the bad news about company that's why we publish reviews and news that show hosting companies in good and bad lights.
We hope you enjoy comparing hosting companies and packages on this site it was built for that very purpose!
A-Z Company listings
  • Hosting Servant(SINCE 2005)
    Hosting Servant has been a great platform for me. I host many websites there and the pricing plans are tough to beat. I get my domains at godaddy and host my sites at Hosting Servant. It has been a good working combination!
  • Host ed Inc (SINCE 2006)
    Host-ed has very reliable support team which provides personalized attention to every issue and do their best to fix it as soon as possible. For example, they helped me very quick with their response regarding the SMTP & POP3 to create our mail box. Once I had an issue with my FTP access details and they reacted almost immediately. They are very glad every time I have a problem. Sometimes I need more assistance and they are very patient and give answers to all my concerns.
  • Hosting Space(SINCE 2003)
    Hosting Space rocks! My sites are responsive and have no downtime! Recommend it to all from EU. For Asia I use rackspace... if it has space in the name it is good.
  • Host Color(SINCE 2003)
    My site has been hosted by HostColor for five years now, and I couldn't be happier. Before HostColor, I tried a series of other hosts, including 1 and 1, Dreamhost, and several other major services. I still deal with other hosts as part of my job, too. HostColor outstrips them all, though, both in terms of performance and its consistently excellent customer service. I'll never use any other company for my own personal site. Highly recommended.
  • Host Duplex(SINCE 2008)
    Host Duplex helped me complete a migration from Godaddy to their servers. They are beyond excellent, and very helpful. I was nervous about doing the migration, but they handled it flawlessly and saved me lots of time and sweat!
  • I tried hostjinni 4 month ago and i would really like to say thank you for Hostjinni to give me the cheap & best hosting. i am a reseller customer and i have almost 50 client, and Hostjinni helps me running my own big portals and hosting firm. The technical support is very good and no downtime has been noticed so far. good luck.
  • My experience has been nothing but exceptional so far. Timely replies. Help with my accounts. Not just limited to the outlines of what I signed up for, but sometimes even beyond it.It has been a pleasure working with Marc and HostKoi after the terrible experiences I have had previously. I would sign up for another account with them in a heartbeat.I get nothing from writing this review - but I thought it only essential to reflect the professionalism and service I have received. If you are tired of cheap fly-by-the-night hosts. Stop experimenting and give these guys a try. You won't regret it!
  • Highly recommended, moved all my domains from another provider to Hostskye and i could not be happier. The service has been excellent and the prices are one of the cheapest around.
  • Hostmonster(SINCE 1996)
    This web hosting serves is by far the best. Best support, best tours - Just best everything. I've never experience their servers go down, and have never had a complaint about them. By far the best.
  • Good Services and Price. Like it.
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