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This is a directory of Hosting companies where we list the major Hosting companies along with a brief summary of who they are and what they offer. There are many hosting companies in operation in all over the world, however we only list the most relevant and big hosting companies in this section.
Hosting Companies come in all shapes and sizes, there are a few very large and there are smaller companies. The list of hosting companies is slightly overwhelming, hence hosting companys comparison sites are a great way to compare lots of hosting packages at once. At TheWebHostingDir.com we try to give you help choosing the right hosting company for you by giving you information on each company (below) and listing their packages in an easy to swallow, concise way.
We do not recommend this area for a hosting package comparison rather this section is intended as a summary of the hosting companies landscape. If you would rather like to compare hosting companies available to you at a hosting package level, you can use our Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers sections which allows you to see which deals are available to you in seconds.
Most of the hosting companies below offer great value web hosting and adequate service, so for that reason if you already have a hosting company in mind simply click through on the below links and sign up on the relevant hosting companys website. By clicking onto the company pages below you can find out what packages each company offers, find out more about company history and read reviews left on this site. At TheWebHostingDir.com we believe that you need to hear the good and the bad news about company that's why we publish reviews and news that show hosting companies in good and bad lights.
We hope you enjoy comparing hosting companies and packages on this site it was built for that very purpose!
A-Z Company listings
  • This site is simply amazing! I'm hosting 4 sites on the platform, and I'm yet to encounter an issue.
  • FatCow Hosting(SINCE 1998)
    Dear Sir, I am, by profession, a technician. Over the course of a twenty-plus year career, I have had to contact literally a thousand or more "technical support" persons. NEVER have I had such a thoroughly GOOD experience as I had when contacting yours. Jim should be commended on his great work and manner, as he truly met the ultimate standard for a tech support specialist ... he made me glad that I had decided to use his company. We, as a company, are extremely pleased with FatCow, and look forward to a long and profitable relationship with you. Thank You!
  • This is one of the best free web hosts available now. You can get more space and bandwidth for being active in the forums. They provide what they promise - for the price (free), we definitely recommend this.
  • I like their VPS hosting speed and reliability. They also have great support staffs. Their VPS rate is really cheap compare to others. So it is best for low budget VPS users.
  • I found fozzy.com to be good value for money and the back up has been terrific I am a novice and the online help has been marvelous. I have already suggested fozzy ssd host to two colleagues, though I am uncertain as to where they eventually settled on hosting their domains.
  • The Control Panel and your site is OMG slow...
  • Fabby Doo Hosting(SINCE 2014)
    FabbyDoo - Website Hosting and Domains
  • Registro de dominios | Hospedaje web | Certificados SSL - Facilweb.net
  • Fairy Hosting(SINCE 2010)
    FairyHosting.com - Hosting in Europe!
  • Web Hosting | Cheapest Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria
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