Will my web hosting information be secure?

Unwired's web hosting provider WebCentral has a robust security system that helps keep your web site safe from intrusion. They provide commercial grade hosting facilities that have undergone rigorous testing over the past three years. All WebCentral's facilities are based on recognised industry best practice and upgraded on a regular basis. You can find more information at http://www.webcentral.com.au

Web Hosting Security

Free personal web hosting sites are increasingly being exploited by hackers seeking affordable and anonymous ways to store and disseminate mobile malicious code (MMC) and dangerous types of spyware, such as keyloggers, which are designed to steal personal and confidential information.

Since the beginning of 2005, Websense® Security Labs has discovered more than 2,500 incidents of these websites distributing MMC, Trojan horses and keyloggers. Websense software protects organizations from inadvertently becoming victims of these attacks by blocking access to infected sites and preventing harmful spyware applications from running on end-users’ machines.

In the first two weeks of July 2005 alone, more than 500 incidents of free web hosting sites that were created to spread keyloggers, Trojan horse downloaders, Trojan horse droppers, and other harmful spyware and malware. Earlier this year, it was reported that free blogging accounts were being used to harbor malcode—this trend is now expanding to any form of free web hosting site. The recently uncovered sites include those available for hosting online journals, photo albums, greeting cards, music, sports ‘fan’ pages and online sc#@&books, among many other popular purposes.

“The growth of this trend is alarming. July has seen a major boom—in the first two weeks alone we found more instances than in May and June combined,” said Dan Hubbard, senior director of security and technology research for Websense. “Some of the sites may be created with automated shared hacking software and free online tools, while others are built to appear more legitimate. For example, one of the sites found by the Labs included music that accompanied a greeting-card message which runs while your computer is being infected with spyware.”

These fraudulent, free personal websites have an average lifespan of two to four days, making them difficult to trace. In addition, a majority of the new sites discovered by Websense have been hosted in Brazil or the United Kingdom and contain text written in Portuguese and English.

“Hackers create their own pages with the sole purpose of spreading harmful code and combine deception techniques, such as social engineering, to entice users to visit and run the malicious code,” added Hubbard. “To allow accounts to remain free, most of the hosting sites are not providing security features to prevent this anonymous posting of malignant Trojan horses.”

The only server you could get for less would not be the type of server you would not want to host your website  for you. Free and low cost servers may result in slow data transfer nor do we put pop up/ banners or any outside advertising on our hosted sites.   Security is very much an issue and Unix servers are most secure from worms, virus and hackers. Your site security and availability in very important to you.  In addition to providing you the best available service by hosting companies, your site will have it's own IP address. Many servers lump your site in with many others and this makes it impossible for you to track your visitors.

SAVVIS' ATS services are enabled by SAVVIS' new Application Transport Network (ATN), a Tier 1 Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network serving approximately 20% of the world's Internet routes (announced separately today). The new ATN is the culmination of a major network and data center upgrade for which SAVVIS has worked closely with Cisco to enhance SAVVIS' global wide area network (WAN) and integrate it with SAVVIS' datacenter hosting area network (HAN) and its metropolitan area network (MAN), with a singular focus on optimizing the delivery of enterprise applications.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., SAVVIS operates a global network and 25 data centers in the United States, Europe and Asia encompassing approximately 1.4 million square feet. From its IT infrastructure platform, SAVVIS delivers a variety of flexible and cost-effective managed services to business and government enterprises, designed to be easily mixed and interchanged. The solutions include a broad portfolio of hosting, network managed security services. According to the company, SAVVIS pioneered the industry's first virtualized IT utility services platform, which delivers on-demand access to server cycles, storage capacity, network bandwidth, security traffic management and load balancing. SAVVIS, Inc. spans North America, Europe, and Asia, with over 5,000 enterprise customers.

Web Hosting Security Conclusion

You must recognize and accept - solid security will always be an ongoing process. Even the host that seems to have the most impenetrable servers are all susceptible to security issues. Many of them may have security defects in applications such as a shopping cart, control panel or just a web page in general. These type of holes make it easy for hackers to attain critical information that allows them access many restricted areas of the server. While this is one of the worst experiences to endure with your website, it is a reality that you as a web hosting user should be aware of.

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