What can I do with Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

A virtual private server (VPS) is capable of hosting a business website, a database-driven online store, or a corporate intranet. Many companies use virtual private servers as dedicated mail servers or development platforms. 


Other uses of a VPS include: reselling hosting services, offsite data storage, web-based CRM, groupware, managed email services, and more.


Virtual Private Servers are the most advanced step in server virtualization technology. They are used to partition a single physical server into many (as many as 1000) isolated virtual private servers. 


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                    Why you should consider a Switchover to a VPS?


Each virtual private server looks and behaves exactly like a real networked server system, complete with its own set of init scripts, users, processes, filesystems, etc.


Virtual Private Servers are fully managed with a complete management package. This includes hardware management, network management, operating system and software support, proactive security patches and updates, proactive monitoring, firewall, spam prevention, server hardening, and more.


All VPS accounts run the latest release of CentOS Linux 5 and include full root access, cPanel/WHM, Virtuozzo Power Panel, and access to Grove.



Clients can seamlessly upgrade between VPS and Hybrid Dedicated plans, making them an excellent option for less intensive sites which are beginning to grow and seasonal sites which require more or fewer resources at different times of the year.



Upgrade Options


  • Guaranteed SLM RAM

  • Disk Space

  • Additional IPs

  • Fantastico

  • RVSkin


  • Bandwidth Overage

  • Bandwidth Upgrade


If you are not sure which configuration best fits your needs, or you would like help with capacity planning for your business or website, contact the support team of the particular hosting company.



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Anonymous commented 12 years ago
Anonymous commented 12 years ago

A virtual private server is a very powerful form of web hosting as it enables high levels of security, control and performance. SharePoint VPS hosting is a very efficient form of web hosting that enables business automation through various features. A virtual private server is a very affordable yet powerful web hosting option to any type of businesses.

Anonymous commented 11 years ago
Anonymous commented 11 years ago

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