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When you create a website with several webpages, it needs to be stored somewhere on the internet so that viewers can view your website and all its internal pages. An ideal web hosting company provides various web hosting packages and services with which you can store your webpages on their servers so that internet users can access your website from any part of the world.

Whether you are looking to learn more about Web Hosting & Types, Shared Web Hosting, Dedicated Web Hosting, VPS Web Hosting, Control Panels, MS SQL, ASP.Net, ColdFusion and many Other. you are bound to find some real good reading right here.

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  • How to check Apache, PHP, MySQL version?

    Following are the useful command to check Apache, PHP, MySQL version running on Linux server. Apache version: To get the apache version running on Linux Server you can use following command:... Read More »

  • How to upgrade vBulletin ?

    To upgrade vBulletin version one need to perform below mentioned steps:   1. Download the latest version of vBulletin in zip file by login to your vBulletin Member’s Area. 2. Take Full... Read More »

  • How to upgrade vBSEO ?

    To upgrade vBSEO version one to perform below mentioned steps:   1. Download the latest version of vBSEO in zip file by login to your vBulletin Member’s Area. 2. Take the full backup inc... Read More »

  • How to install HyperVM?

    You can follow below steps to install HyperVM: Slave configuration: 1. Login to server via SSH. 2. wget http://download.lxlabs.com/download/program-install.zip 3. export PATH=/usr/... Read More »

  • How to remove HyperVM from your VPS?

    You just need to follow below steps to completely remove HyperVM from your VPS: 1. Login to server via SSH. 2. Remove /usr/local/lxlabs/ directory. 3. rpm -e lxphp lxzend lxlighttpd... Read More »

  • How to resolve cPanel license error?

    You may run into following error while trying login in cPanel/WHM account:   "This copy of cPanel / WHM is a trial version and will expire at the end of the trial term. You w... Read More »

  • How to prevent cpanellogd and cpbackup running at the same time?

    Cpanellogd (log processing) and cpbackup (Backups) consumes lots of CPU power of server. Hence, it is not advisable to run cpanellogd and cpbackup at the same time on shared server. By default they wi... Read More »

  • Green VPS Hosting

    Green or Eco-friendly website hosting is a recent addition to the field of website hosting, which involves a given website hosting company attempting to prove that they are not having any negative imp... Read More »

  • TWHDIR - Web Host Rating System Explained

    Our Rating System guides web hosting seekers to find the most suitable and affordable hosting services from 4000+ web hosting providers registered at TheWebHostingDir.com. It is designed in a way that... Read More »

  • Dedicated IP Hosting - Hosting account with dedicated IP Address

    DEDICATED IP HOSTING Into the Internet & web hosting world, one word that you will always get to hear a lot of time is IP Addresses. Shared and Dedicated are the two basic IP addresses which ar... Read More »