What is Windows Web hosting?

Windows Web hosting occurs on a Web server that uses Microsoft Windows server software as its operating platform. Windows, a graphic-based, multitasking operating system, plans are useful in the arena of dynamic content generation and database functionality. 


Windows hosting plans give you the ability to utilize many forms of dynamic content and specialized databases.


Windows Web Hosting


Windows Web Hosting gives a company the capability of designing websites using the ever-popular Windows Operating System. 


This allows development using technologies such as Active Server Pages (ASP), COM, and the newer .NET infrastructure. Our Windows Web Hosting Showcase features Windows Web Hosting companies that provide top-notch Windows Web Hosting at an affordable price.


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                   What is the difference between Linux and Windows Web Hosting?


Windows Web Hosting General Features


  • Reseller Accounts available


  • Manage multiple domains using a single control panel


  • SmarterMail Pro Email server with advanced Web based Email


  • Gene6 FTP Server - Advanced FTP Services


  • Integration with SimpleDNS and Microsoft DNS Server


  • Optional SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 Services


  • Integration with MySQL Server


  • SmarterStats and AWStats Statistics Servers


  • Support for ASP, ASP.NET, Perl, and PHP.


  • Support for Python and ASP.Net 2


  • Add/Edit/Remove services such as Web, Email, DNS, FTP.


  • View Disk-space and Bandwidth usage statistics


  • Bandwith Tracking


Management Features


     1.As an administrator or reseller, you can view, edit and remove domains and domain registrations for any user in the system.


     2. Add/Remove Domains


     3. Search for domains by the domain name


     4. Manage FTP Accounts


     5. Use Helm's File Manager to manage website content online.


     6. Create and Manage Virtual Directories


     7. Secure website folders


     8. Add/Remove Domain Aliases and Sub-Domains


     9. Use Helm's DNS Zone Editor to manage DNS Zone records (A, MX, CNAME, etc.)


    10. Add/Remove Databases and Database users with Helm's Database Manager. MySQL allows the backup, download, and restores for the end-users)


    11. Manage MIME types


    12. Manage Custom Error Pages


    13. Install/Remove and Manage FrontPage Extensions


    14. Install/Remove Shared SSL


    15. Configure website settings, including support for extensions such as ASP/PHP/Perl/etc., Directory Browsing, Permissions, etc.


    16. View Diskspace and Bandwidth usage information


    17. Manage IIS Default Documents


    18. Manage IIS Parent Paths


    19. Domain Forwarding



The most common databases used with web servers are Microsoft SQL Server (available only on Windows) and MySQL (commonly found on Linux and UNIX but also available on Windows). 


SQL Server comes with its own administration client where you can view your databases, edit them, backup data, and do all the administration functions you need. MySQL has an active online community where there is a range of administration clients available.


Windows Web Hosting means Internet hosting providers use Microsoft's Windows software to host the webserver for the customers' websites. Depending on the Windows Web hosting service providers offers the customers an environment to run ASP.net web applications. 


Microsoft's Windows and Linux are the two majorly used platforms in Web hosting industry. Compared with the Linux Web hosting, Windows hosting offers a much better 

user-friendly interface as Microsoft owns almost all of the products and services. 


In the field of web development, Windows hosting supports all the popular web services. It enables users to create a website or WebWeb based application in any of the preferred languages.


This is quite understood about newbies getting confused in choosing the Web hosting platforms among Linux WebWeb hosting and Windows web hosting. 


Windows could always be a better option to go for, as today's web hosts offer PHP and My SQL, a sort of Linux server feature in their WebWeb hosting plans of Windows 2008 and Windows 2003 server.


 Web hosting providers install PHP and MySQL as an add-on on their servers, enabling users to get some most important features of the Linux Servers within the same Windows web hosting package without any extra payment.


Windows hosting is more user-friendly and has more benefits which is the major reason for its wide usage. However, both the operating systems have their unique features and encompass different Advantages and Disadvantages. 

The .NET and ASP technologies are not supported on the Linux platform, which means if a website owner has designed their websites using Microsoft's .NET technology, then the Windows hosting service benefits.

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Anonymous commented 10 years ago
Anonymous commented 10 years ago

Valuable post !!! It's a very important topic for windows web hosting .Windows Web hosting happens to a Web server that applies Microsoft Windows server software as it's working platform. That?s a very important hosting services for windows.

Anonymous commented 10 years ago
Anonymous commented 10 years ago

windows hosting is easy but linux hosting is good in terms of security, windows require to purchase license and a bit costly than linux web hosting india

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