What is Fantastico and how is it useful?

Fantastico is an auto-installer for CPanel users. It is a collection of scripts that makes it so easy for a user to install third-party web applications to his/her website. 


Using Fantastico, installation takes seconds and can be performed by novices without the need to set up MySQL databases, changing permissions of files.


Scripts being installed by Fantastico:


Following is the list of scripts that can be auto-installed by Fantastico:




1. B2


2. B2evolution


3. WordPress




1. Drupal


2. Geeklog


3. Joomla 1.5


4. Mambo Open Source


5. PHP-Nuke


6. phpWebSite


7. Post-Nuke


8. Xoops


Discussion Boards:


1. Envision Board


2. phpBB


3. SMF


Read More: How to set up Path and filename to the \"wget\" binaries for fantastico: Cpanel


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1. CubeCart


2. OS Commerce


3. Zen Cart


Hosting Billing:


1. AccountLab Plus


2. phpCOIN


Image Galleries:


1. 4images Gallery


2. Coppermine Photo Gallery


3. Gallery


Mailing List:


1. PHPlist


Project Management:


1. PHPProject


2. dotProject


Site Builders:


1. Soholaunch Pro Edition


2. Templates Express




1. PhpWiki


2. TikiWiki


Other Scripts:


1. Dew-NewPHPLinks


2. Moodle


3. Open-Realty


4. phpAdsNew


5. PHP auction


6. phpFormGenerator


7. WebCalendar


Advantages of Fantastico:


1. It can be installed in the main directory, addon domains, and subdomains also.


2. Different users can have different sets of available scripts.


3. Auto-installation of scripts in their own language.


4. Get notifications when users install/remove applications.


5. You can have a complete overview of the installations performed by your users.


6. It will give you information about the latest available versions of third-party scripts installed by your users.


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