How to Resolve 404 Error in cPanel?

A website owner may get an HTTP 404 error due to mistakes in the cPanel URL, DNS issues, and other factors. The message HTTP 404 the requested page was not found effectively signifies that the server could not locate the document requested by the user. Broken links, missing files, redirecting to non-existent URLs, and others could be the cause. The server log analysis will assist you in determining the source of the issue.


This article will go through all of the common causes of HTTP 404 errors in cPanel and how to resolve them. The following are the most prevalent causes of 404 errors:


  1. Firewall Issues
  2. Incorrect cPanel URL
  3. Missing cPanel Redirect
  4. cPanel Theme Issues


Issues with the local or network firewall:


The most typical reason for 404 errors is a blocked cPanel port due to firewall or ISP settings. Custom ports 2082 and 2083 are used by cPanel. ISPs and bespoke firewalls prohibit custom ports. When these are banned on the user's PC due to ISP or firewall restrictions, the page not found error occurs.

How to Fix?


First, you should examine the system's telnet results to cPanel ports 2082 & 2083.


telnet 2083

telnet 2082


It will tell you whether or not the firewall is blocking connections to the ports. If this is the case, the cPanel ports should open in the firewall.


You can access your cPanel account through a proxy that operates over port 80 if you don't have access to the security firewall. However, you have to do it by following the URL to get to cPanel:


Keep in mind that you must have the Proxysubdomains capability activated on the server for this to operate. Make that the DNS for the subdomain links to the correct server.


The cPanel URL has a typo.

Occasionally, website owners attempt to access cPanel by manually entering the URL. An HTTP 404 error occurs when a typo in the server hostname, domain name, or cPanel port is made.


How to Fix?


It is preferable to check your domain's DN connectivity first by running the following command:




Additionally, double-check the cPanel URL to ensure that the server hostname, domain name & cPanel port are entered correctly.


cPanel Redirect is Missing


One of the most prevalent causes of HTTP 404 errors is missing cPanel redirection. When users access cPanel via the URL, they may receive a 404 Not Found error. It is due to a missing alias item in the web server's configuration file.


How to Fix?


First, make sure the alias entries in the conf file are valid. The Script Alias directive on the Apache webserver is a powerful tool for creating alias entries. It aliases the directory location and instructs Apache to execute files in that directory.


ScriptAlias /cpanel /usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys/redirect.cgi /usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys/re


Finally, rebuild the webserver configuration file and restart the server to reflect the changes.


Problems with the cPanel theme


Many website owners attempt to use cPanel to access custom software. However, when the cPanel theme lacks a symlink to the custom program or the symlink is misdirected, an HTTP 404 error occurs.


How to Fix?


Let's use Fantastico as an example of custom software and paper lantern as a cPanel theme for the solution. First, you'll need to construct a symlink that points to the fantastico installation directory to fix the 404 problems caused by cPanel theme issues.


So we go to /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/paper lantern & make a symlink to the fantastico directory at '/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/fantastico/'.

 ln -s /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/fantastico


Final Words


We looked at the most common causes of HTTP 404 problems and how to repair them in this article. 

If none of the options work, use the cPanel upgrade script scripts/upcp' to regenerate all system configuration files & reset rights.



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