How to install RVSkin?

You can follow the below steps to install RVSkin on WHM/Cpanel.


   1. SSH to the server for which you have registered while purchasing the license of RVSkin and issue the below commands.


mkdir /root/rvadmin

cd /root/rvadmin

wget -d rvauto.tar.bz2

tar -xvf rvauto.tar

perl /root/rvadmin/


Wait for a few minutes to complete the installation procedure. It will create a "Rvadmin" account for you. Please do not terminate it. It will be used later on for your RVSkin configuration manager.


Look into RVSkin manager. Both Root and Reseller users will be able to see it listed in WHM -> Plugins.



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   2. In RVSkin Manager, set the following configurations:


- Set global configuration.


- Set default language.


- Create a default feature list for users and resellers.


- Set tweak settings, reseller feature control, body links, top links, help, tutorial links, and etc.


- Test configuration setting in 2 hosting accounts.


       - rvadmin: this account can consider being an account that belong to root.

       - reseller's client: this account will reflect the setting from the reseller skin manager.


3. Change user cPanel to RVSkin themes.


             1. Change default theme to RVSkin theme (ex: rvblue, rvgreen, rvteal, rvolive, etc.).

             2. Change the RVSkin theme to be the default for each hosting package, and change the current hosting accounts theme to the RVSkin theme.


- Changing in WHM:


In WHM / Packages / Edit Packages and modify hosting account theme for hosting package one by one. After the change, cPanel will try to update current hosting accounts using this package to the new theme. 


If you have a large number of accounts on the server, you will get an equal number of email notifications from cPanel.      


- Change theme for current hosting accounts - Use our free script to convert user themes. Run he below command:


          perl /root/rvadmin/ is a  Theme Converter with the following options:


- Convert a theme based on the owner of the account (root or reseller name) or current theme.


- Convert all themes in the server to the new theme or selective theme to the new theme.


- Convert all accounts of a selective reseller or all resellers to the new theme.


- Support all themes including X, X2, X3, X skin and any themes listed in /usr/local/Cpanel/base/frontend/


- Change cPanel language to the new language:


perl /root/rvadmin/ is a Language Converter with the following options:



- Convert language based on the owner of the account (root or reseller name) or current language.


- Convert all languages in the server to the new language or selective language to the new language.


- Convert all accounts of a selective reseller or all resellers to the new language

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