How to Install HELM on Windows Server?

Below mentioned are the steps to install the HELM control panel on the server:


Important Note:


If you are running Windows 2000, then you will need to install Microsfot.Net Framework, as the HELM installer needs it in order to work.  


In Windows 2003, there is no need to install Microsoft .Net Framework as it already includes its standard.


1. Download the HELM installer.


2. Double click the install file where you have downloaded.


3. Read and accept the license agreement, then fill in your name and the company name and enter the license key.  Your license key will have been sent to you either signed up for a trial account or purchased a full license.


4. Make sure that the ‘Activate My License now’ box is checked, so it will work once you install HELM.


5. Enter the administrative password and should be noted down as this is the password you will be using to log in to HELM once the install is complete.


6. Once you enter the password, click next to continue.


7. On the next screen, you need to select your install choice from the below-mentioned options:


          a. HELM Control Server with MSDE (Recommended)

          b. HELM Control Server

          c. HELM Remote Server

          d. Installation Directory



          a. HELM Control Server with MSDE (Recommended):

Install HELM with MSDE (A cut-down version of SQL server). This is useful if you do not have MS SQL on your machine. This is the option you should choose.


          b. HELM Control Server:

It will just install HELM on the server with no database server. If you have installed SQL Server on your server, then HELM can put your database into SQL Server.


Alternatively, if you have already installed MSDE and already have a HELM database, then there is no need to install MSDE again, so choose this option and on the next screen, choose the HELM database which you have already setup.


            c. HELM Remote Server:

                   It will allow HELM to manage a remote server.


            d. Installation Directory:

It will install the HELM on the default directory or change the path where you would like to install HELM by clicking on the browsing button.



8. If you choose HELM Control Server with MSDE or Remote Server, the installation will take place, and you will no need to further configure.


9. If you choose HELM Control Server, then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

      a) On the next screen, on the server name field, you will see the server that your HELM database is believed to be on.  


If this is not the correct path, then click on the browser button and click the correct location of the HELM database.


      b) If you are using SQL Server on a different machine than HELM to host the database, then you will need to provide SQL server Authentication details (SA Username and password) in order to connect to the remote server.


     c) Once you have chosen the correct location, then click on Next to complete the installation.


     d) Once you have installed HELM, you can check that the database connectivity works correctly.


     e) To check the connectivity, open the HELM Configuration Tool.


     f) Go to the system database tab and click the test connection button.


     g) HELM will have already connected the database for you, so just confirm it connects correctly by clicking the test connection button, and you should get a ‘Connection Successful’ message.


     h) You are all set to go. Now open the HELM control panel and enter the username and password which you have used at the beginning of the installation.

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