ASP - Simple Login Script


Checkout this Simple Login Script [POST Method] in ASP:

Login Page Code: dologin.asp

<FORM ACTION="login.asp" METHOD="post">
<TD ALIGN="right">Login:</TD>
<TD><INPUT TYPE="text"NAME="login"></INPUT></TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">Password:</TD>
<TD><INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="password"></INPUT></TD>
<TD ALIGN="right"></TD>
<TD><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Login"></INPUT>
<INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Reset"></INPUT>

Post Submit Page Code: login.asp

If Request.Form("login") = "Shane" AND Request.Form("password") = "Shane" Then
Response.Write "Logged in Protected Area"
Response.Write "Access Denied!"
End If

Note: User and password are 'Shane' and they are Case Sensitive.
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