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Reseller Hosting

I am in the business of reselling Web Hosting. My key customers require hosting both ASP.NET/MS-SQL and PHP/MySQL websites. Consequently, I had to manage two separate servers to fulfill this requirement. Previously, it was a tedious task for me administer both servers, and as my business grew, I felt the need to migrate all of my websites onto a single VPS platform that would essentially address both ASP.NET/MS-SQL as well as PHP/MySQL websites. Apart from streamlining my infrastructure, economics was also a determining factor with any decision.I searched for web hosting companies who offer VPS hosting and was able to short list 3 adequate companies. As I tend to err on the side of caution, I signed up with all three companies for testing their VPS services. Upon completion of my testing in all 3 VPSs, I found AccuWebHosting?s server far surpassed the others. The responsiveness of that VPS was excellent, the features provided satisfied all my requirements, and the customer service is always outstanding. I have initiated Live chat with these guys and are always responsive, quick, and efficient. For several years now, I am a very satisfied customer of AccuWebHosting. If you are seeking a reputable and reliable VPS host, I highly recommend


Steve M.
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