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I've been using IX for 8 yrs now, and have been offering their services for small biz solutions and have been happy with them. I am a web developer and have used a LOT of hosting companies. All hosting companies have their advantages and disadvantages, IX webhosting is far better than some others we see ( In SuperBowl ads for example ) and a few months back they moved their data centers and had a few issues which were fixed. Other than that one time I've had 100% uptime and my emails always work. I've read the complaints and am laughing at some of the 'blacklist' / spamming crybabies, too bad they blame IX for their own ISP's rules/issues or their own spamming - which should be stopped anyway. Get a clue - for small biz solutions, you cant beat the price and although their Live Chat may be inefficient, they HAVE AN 800# HELLO....have you tried calling GoDaddy? They dont even provide a toll-free line and make you send in your left arm and ID to get anywhere...GO WITH IX....I DO.


Jared Tanner
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