By : Neal Hennegan March 28, 2021
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March 28, 2021
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Heres a data point. Ive maintained a web site for more than 25 years. I stayed with the last hosting company, T*t*l Ch**c*, for more than 17 years. I have switched to AccuWebHosting recently and could not be more happy--very knowledgeable Help Desk support, outstanding site performance, nice on line tutorials, and reasonable costs. I look forward to many more years to come. DetailStarting about 18 months ago, I noticed that I could not reach my site on occasion from my home IP site. I could access the site via my cell phone network. The web site would become visible in 3-10 minutes, but this was clearly unacceptable. At least one other similar home site accessing the web site experienced no problems. As time progressed, the periods of unavailability increased in duration and frequency. I contacted the Help Desk and after many iterations, the hosting company claimed that my IP address was attempting to break passwords at their site. I had a few Smart Devices on my network so turned those off and intermittent blocking continued. I pleaded with Help Desk to provide more detail or logs, but received zero help. Blocking became permanent in that I would need to submit a ticket have my home IP address unblocked. I removed various devices such as iPAD, PCs, etc. to see if that would help, but nothing did. I eventually built a PI machine to monitor all network traffic to the former hosting company and also employed Wire Shark to look at traffic to hosting company in fine detail. I could find nothing wrong or out of place. Ive switched to AccuWebHosting and so far, no blocking. I have better services, more storage, better response, a security certificate, and am paying no more.

Nothing so far. The Help Desk response is amazing. Almost instantaneous and very knowledgeable staff.

Web Master

Share information with family and friends. We started this site before Face Book came into existence.


I created a temporary domain to test performance, user support, and software associated with AccuWebHosting before switching from my old host. In hind site, this was an unnecessary cost and effort. Once I was satisfied, AccuWebHosting used the CPanel copy function to copy my domain from previous hosting company including e-mail accounts, and historical AWStat information over to AccuWebHosting site in short order for FREE. The only thing I had to do was to interact with my Domain Registration Authority to point to new IP address. Easy.

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