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6 Month

Shared Hosting

I have gone through numerous hosting providers over the past few years and am happy to say without reservation that UltimaHosts blows all my previous providers away.The server up time has been exceptional and each time I have requested UltimaHosts support assistance the response times have been unbelievable. The most recent example of their exceptional support was when I requested to install a custom CLR function in a SQL database that was within their shared environment. Due to security limitations (a good thing!) I requested assistance from their support team.Not only did they install the object but Michael went out of his way to make several recommendations for improving the code and then even went another step further and restructured a good sized piece of it for performance and enhanced error management. He of course ran these changes by me first, but I was pleasantly surprised they went to such lengths to ensure my success.I can say without any reservation I have never experienced such phenomenal support from any hosting provider. Ultimahosts rocks!Hope this helps others looking for a host that goes the extra mile!


John Marvelli
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