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“This is a fast, no-nonsense Windows Server 2008 VPS host”


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This is a fast, no-nonsense Windows Server 2008 VPS host. I absolutely love the service. I've been with these guys for a couple years, and the uptime and support have been phenominal. I don't know who "Gustavo Guerra" ended up with but it wasn't AutomatedVPS, and the other reviewer wasn't even reviewing an experience. Fact is, I've only had one "glitch", and that was caused by an abusive customer (who got banned after I reported their hogging the CPU and bandwidth), and that was over a year ago. I have a third party monitoring service invoking a heartbeat check against my site and I can count with one hand how many times I've been alerted about an outage, times that were immediately followed with "back online" alerts. Every e-mail I send to these guys gets followed up on within half an hour, and any resolution required gets addressed within 15 to 30 minutes after that. Actually, when it comes to customer service, "they" seem to be represented by "he" (Joe Ventura), and he is very, VERY good. They just upgraded their servers with the latest and greatest in processing power and I got free additional CPU cores allocated to my VM because of it. I realize that their web site looks sloppy, but believe me, this may come across like a small shop, but these guys have proven to me that the small shops can have the best performance and customer support hands down.


Jon Davis
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