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By : Andrei May 07, 2010
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“Great support! Good server speed and a fair price for the product services..”
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May 07, 2010
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6 Month

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Over the last few months so, it has been increasingly difficult to make contact with my previous hosting company support team. Most wait times on the phone or chat have been in excess of 45 minutes and if I opened a ticket online, it could take 10 - 24 hours before getting a response much less a answer. There have been times when PHP/MySQL board/DB was working incorrectly-not on my errors or any changes I had done. At the end they were not even able to provide me with the transfer info of my domain name so I had to register a new one. I filed for a divorce with my previous provider just a few weeks before my renewal with them! Hitched up with in a flash. Transferred all files to server and reset the DNS name servers. Host-ed control panel is basic on the front end but has good depth as you move into the needed functions. The support emailed me in 5 minutes after I signed up with all the needed DNS name servers and a login. Had a issue with PHP to the new site and need to change config.php file. Emailed support and in 10 minutes they were back with the correct link and in fact went in and did the edit of the file for me. Everything was up and running. Took no more than an hour for the domain name to resolve and show on Host-ed. Great support! Good server speed and a fair price for the product.

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