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“By far they are the worst hosting They are scammers”


6 Month

VPS Hosting

Nothing, I can't recommend they, I payed for a service that never received and they say they can not offer me a refund because their TOS, really? I never recived the service how can you say that you can't offer me a refund for something that you know I never received? THEY ARE SCAMMERS

By far they are the worst hosting company I ever experienced, the service do not work at all, I bought a VPS Pool THAT NEVER WORKED, I contacted the support and they say that can't give me a refund for a service I never received, INCREDIBLE, how can that be possible? People, stay away of this "company" they are scammers. By the way there are a lot of people that have been scammed by them, just do a quick search on internet with "Nfp Hosting reviews" and you will know what i'm talking about.

Server Admin

Never go with they. THEY ARE SCAMMERS.


Fernando Olvera Razón
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