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“They are highly expedient at tech support”


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For a professional photographer, a slick website is of immeasurable importance. For someone, who runs a small business, it must be a website that does not take too much time to manage. When I had yet another problem with my then hosting provider, I decided to look elsewhere. I had come across before (not as a client) and thought that I would at least talk to them. I was impressed from the outset. When you move an established website, you have a lot of technical questions - how does this work? Can you do such and such? What if? Even the sales staff, my first point of contact, had a really well founded knowledge of the technical details - that’s a rarity. I know now, after the move, that everything I had been told was perfectly accurate. The move itself was painless. Fozzy did all the work for me - they offer a free migration service - and, apart from a quick check that everything looked as it should, there was not much for me to do.

I had no website downtime nor lost any e-mails....



Jessica Harbour
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