What are the benefits to using a Windows VPS?

What are the benefits to using a Windows VPS?

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Manohar Parakh answered 6 months ago
Manohar Parakh answered 6 months ago

Windows VPS Hosting –

Reliability – Less Reliable.

Uptime – Can’t permit 100% uptime.

Unique Windows Database Support – If you need to make use of Microsoft Access or MS SQL database then Windows is the only platform.

Expensive –Being a commercial system owned by Microsoft it’s more expensive than Linux.

Working with Other Programming Languages – Isn’t stronger as Linux when it comes to integrating with open source programming languages.

cPanel – Doesn’t work with cPanel control panel.

Anonymous answered 8 months ago
Anonymous answered 8 months ago

A Windows VPS allows you to, with full remote and administrative access, control, monitor, augment, and change your server at-will. There is absolutely no need to contact support if you must immediately alter an important configuration file or initiate the installation of an upgrade. Control is yours, utterly and completely. This is incomparable to a shared hosting solution where you are often required to engage in cumbersome processes for the simplest  idiosyncratic need, and the total cost is a miniscule fraction compared to the stratospheric expenditure for a dedicated server.

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