How to Enable Audio Support on a Windows VPS?

If you have a Windows VPS and want to hear audio output from it, all you have to do is follow the steps below once you’re

logged on to the VPS via remote desktop.

  1. Click the ‘start’ button, select ‘run’ from the menu and run the command services.msc.

  2. Scroll through the list of services until you find the Windows Audio Service.

  3. Right-click the service and select ‘start’ to start the Windows Audio service (this should start Windows Audio Endpoint

Builder service as well).

  1. Right-click the service, select ‘properties’ from the menu and in the ‘General’ tab set the startup type to ‘Automatic’.

Do this for both services.

  1. Click the ‘Start’ button, select ‘administrative tools’, then ‘terminal services’ and finally ‘terminal services


  1. In the Terminal Services Configuration window, right-click the RDP-TCP connection and select ‘properties’.

  2. Go to client settings tab, untick the ‘Audio’ box in the ‘Redirection’ settings, click ‘apply’ and ‘OK’. You’ll get a

notification warning you that the settings won’t apply to this session.

  1. Close the configuration window and log-off your vps

  2. Start RDP on your client machine. Click the ‘options’ button, navigate to the ‘Local Resources’ tab and make sure that

‘Remote Computer Sound’ is set to ‘Bring to this computer’.

  1. Reconnect to your VPS, audio output from the remote machine should now be audible on your local machine.
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