How Do I Check Bandwidth Utilization for a VPS?

Windows VPS

To monitor bandwidth usage of each service individually, you will need to install third party bandwidth monitoring tools in your VPS.

  • NetWorx
  • PRTG

Linux VPS

To monitor bandwidth usage in Linux VPS machine, you can install following command line monitoring tools. These commands are very useful to monitor network and find bandwidth bottlenecks.

  • nload
  • bmon
  • cacti
  • iftop
  • iptraf
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3 Answers

Medivst answered 4 years ago
Medivst answered 4 years ago

You can use the command ifconfig to see what is the total amount of data that has been sent and received by the network card.
If what you need is to monitor the server from a remote location, then that is something completely different and there are i assume thousands of articles about that.

Oliverusselldev answered 5 years ago
Oliverusselldev answered 5 years ago

You can also use some server monitoring tool for that. Some of the most popular ones are Cacti and Nagios. They can be easily installed on a Linux server. Otherwise, like you mentioned, you can simply use the commands to monitor the servers.

WarnerK answered 4 years ago
WarnerK answered 4 years ago

To track your VPS's bandwidth usage, log into the member centre and click the arrow next to your VPS under My Services. You will be able to see graphs showing your VPS's bandwidth usage for the current month

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