Which Virtualization Technology to Choose??

Hello guys,
I run a small web hosting company past few years. I just offered shared hosting to my customers but now i want to offer VPS to them. I spent couple of days to find out which one to choose and I found both advantages and disadvantages on all the major one. But the only thing that confused me is which one will be best for me and my possible customers. The hardware details are as follows:

Processor : Intel Xeon i7 W3520
Frequency:2.66 GHz
CPU Cores : 4
Threads : 8
Cache: 8MB L2 Cache
QPI: 4.8 GT/sec
Turbo Boost: Upto 2.93 GHz
Architecture : 64 bits
Memory : 24GB ECC DDR3 RAM
Storage : 2 X 2TB SATA II
RAID : Software RAID 0/1
Data Transfer Rate : 3 gbps each
Network Connection : Gigabit
Operating System : CentOS

Please help me choose the best one for this server so that I can maximize my earning and provide best thing to my customers.

Thanks in advance.

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Mesas answered 9 years ago
Mesas answered 9 years ago

We are here to provide our customers with best Microsoft Hyper-V can offer. We want to give them full flexibility, so they can change OS any time they want, upgrade or downgrade plan, restore from backup. All our plans including VPS and reseller come with premium bandwidth with six different premium bandwidth providers.

We choose Hyper-V as our virtualzation platform because it completely isolates your virtual server from others, and basically its actually same as dedicated server, except it is more flexible. Unlike Virtuozzo, OpenVZ, and other virtualization platforms Hyper-V guarantees dedicated RAM, and you got yourself VPS server much stronger than dedicated one (similarly priced).

We offer completely managed support which alone costs more than complete VPS package at dedicated server providers!

We charge only month for month, so if anyone is not happy with our services he is not bound by any contracts. We will try to help you success, because your success means our success too!

Michael Druciarek answered 10 years ago
Michael Druciarek answered 10 years ago

I'm also interested in this thread. I'm interesting in offering VPS services but am still new to VPS hosting.

Judging from the machine specs the original poster has shown, how many low-budget VPS's are you able to host on one physical machine?

Also, what is the relationship between SolusVM and Xen?! From what I understand, Xen is the actual virtuallization engine, and SolusVM is just the front-end? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

ServerGurus.com answered 9 years ago
ServerGurus.com answered 9 years ago

I would choose Xen, which will undoubtedly be the most stable for your customers. We operate over 100 VPS nodes, and the 'problem' servers have historically used OpenVZ -- while the most reliable are all running Xen.

Another advantage of Xen is that you can run Linux and Windows containers on the same physical host.

Rahul Vaghasia answered 10 years ago
Rahul Vaghasia answered 10 years ago


You want to offer Linux based VPS or Windows based VPS ?

For the linux vps, I will recommend SolusVM with XEN virtualization.
For the windows vps, I will recommend Hyper V virtualization (WebsitePanel will be a helpful control panel for Hyper V.)

Rahul Vaghasia answered 10 years ago
Rahul Vaghasia answered 10 years ago

The main draw back in VPS hosting is DISK I/O. Without RAID hosting, you can barely hold good number of VPS on this machine.

A standard Dual Processor intel machine with RAID 10 and 64 GB RAM can easily hold 60 VPS with 1 GB RAM.

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