How to setup Reverse DNS in SolusVM Panel?


My VPS has just been allocated some new IP addresses and I need to edit my reverse DNS using SolusVM panel.

I no how to edit the reverse DNS but I am not sure on what to enter.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please

Any help is appreciated


Reverse DNSSolusVM Panel
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2 Answers

Mesas answered 12 years ago
Mesas answered 12 years ago

You can login to your client area, select the VPS you want to set RDNS for, under Controls you'll find an option Network, just click on that, select the IP and set the RDNS. Else the best thing would be to contact your host and have them set as usually this is done by the DC.

Motorola4gatrix answered 12 years ago
Motorola4gatrix answered 12 years ago

I would simply say that if its not something you're used to doing yourself, have your provider do it at the datacenter level, least that way you know it's done right.

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