How do I set up a private proxy server on my web server (VPS)

I have a VPS Server which I use for web hosting, I would like to setup a proxy server for my own personal use. It does not need to strip out my original IP address or allow SSL although it would be a plus.

However, it MUST be private so that only I can use it.

What are the best software and how would I go in setting this up?

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2 Answers

Hostwinds answered 9 years ago
Hostwinds answered 9 years ago

I recommend 3 things to people who need a private proxy
1. (Linux) I recommend Squid it isn't the easiest to setup but works well
2. (Windows) I recommend ccproxy free version allows up-to 3 users has a very simple setup
3. (PHP) I recommend phpmyproxy and to make it secure I password protect the directory via .htaccess.

Mesas answered 9 years ago
Mesas answered 9 years ago

You can easily check your required solution in

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