CPanel / WHM Trial License change IP


I have test install cp/whm on public dynamic IP 213.189.xx.xx (this IP no exist now on my host )

Now i have Buy Public static IP for my Host

How change IP on this to new static IP

In info below i have still old IP

Trial License
This copy of cPanel & WHM is for trial use and will expire at the end of the trial period. Upgrade to a paid copy of cPanel & WHM to use the software after that period. When you purchase a license, you must provide the following information:
License Type: VPS
IP Address: 213.189.xx.xx

Change IP AddresscPanel/WHM
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24x7servermanagement answered 6 years ago
24x7servermanagement answered 6 years ago

cPanel is still detecting your old IP address for the licence which has been expired. Please make sure that your new IP address is added to the main Ethernet device and after that reboot the server.

Once done then give a try to update the license again.

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