Need a RoR host recommendation

I am in need of a RoR host. I'm currently with dreamhost, and am in my 45 day trial period with hostgator. I heard so many great things about them i went ahead and prepaid for 2 years.

Unfortunately, it is beginning to look like I may have to cancel that and look elsewhere for a RoR host.

Hostgator seems great elsewhere, and I really hope that I can get the problem resolved with their tech support staff, but it has been nearly 4 days now of trying to get a simple ruby site online

I'd prefer to have 300+ gb of storage, don't need high bandwidth, mongrel would be cool but not required. SSH, and SSL (Shared is OK) are nice as well.

I'm still working patiently with the hostgator team but wanted to see what else was out there.

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ServerSea answered 12 years ago
ServerSea answered 12 years ago

I suggests you also go through the offer section. But my suugestion is - stay with company you have been used before for a long time. On problem shouldn't be a reason to go.

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